Away and away

Paul Spinks looks at the issue of more home games for Geelong at Kardinia Park. He compares the Cats home games to other teams in the comp in light of the Qualifying Final being played at the MCG.

Supporters Review Panel

Paul Spinks has taken issue with the staging taking place in the AFL.

Round 2 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Caps, Cats and Kangaroos in Krungthep

On a Thai summer’s morning and missing his hat, Paul Spinks travelled to an expat sports bar to watch the Geelong v North Melbourne game.

Should the Cats have had a review last year?

2016 proved to be another great year for Geelong but a disappointing preliminary final loss to Sydney put them and their coach Chris Scott on the pressure cooker. Phil Spinks asks whether a season review was needed like the one in 2006.

Number Five

Paul Spinks takes us back to 1985 where he watched a Geelong pre-season inter-club game in Anglesea. His South African friend Samantha didn’t know much about the game, but she couldn’t help but be impressed by a certain number 5.

A Festival of Football

Paul Spinks has a novel idea for football – all of football. This is an edited extract from his piece which will appear in Long Bombs to Snake 2 (which is almost ready for release – Ed]

Grand Final 2016 – Sydney v Western Bulldogs: Not so Bleak House

When Buddy was seen berating team mates it suggested a side on the verge of becoming rattled. As Paul Spinks articulates so well, it was indeed a great win for the Bulldogs.

Finals Weeks 1 – Geelong v Hawthorn: Finally Unsociable (and seeking answers to shepherding on the mark)

Enjoy Paul Spinks Friday night as Geelong falls over the line against Hawthorn, his report also has a clarification on the contentious man on the mark rule that Hawthorn exploit so beautifully!

Round 21 – Richmond v Geelong: Automaton Cats …wait a minute!

Paul Spinks was worried about Geelong before Sunday’s clash with Richmond. Eventually the Cats got over the line, but the performance did nothing to allay his fears for his finals-bound side.

Round 16 – Geelong v Sydney: Appreciation Night

Paul Spinks with some sharp observations from the Cattery standing room.

Almanac Local Footy: Com Cup Runneth Over

Paul Spinks made it down to Elsternwick Park last week to watch the Community Cup and managed to resurface with some photographic evidence.

Round 14 – St Kilda v Geelong: GroundCat Day

Paul Spinks ponders if Pivotonian Phil will predict a prosperous pointy end to the season for Geelong or a Winter of discontent.

Women’s AFL: Women’s league post postscript

The AFL announced 8 new Women’s Teams for inaugural 2017 season, Paul Spinks suggests if you don’t have a team barrack for everyone playing against Collingwood

Chris Scott the Diplomat

Paul Spinks is impressed with Geelong coach Chris Scott and his communication skills.

I’ll be damned, Pies upset Cat cart again, and our tempo

From his Hua Hin guesthouse Paul Spinks reports on Geelong’s inability to play tempo footy, it’s a feline failure. Bring back fast flowing tussles.

Women’s Footy: A league of their own?

Should the mooted women’s Australian football competition be affiliated with the AFL and clubs or be a stand alone venture? Paul Spinks on gender, politics, power and fandom.

Round 7 – Geelong v West Coast: Prostrate in Prachuap (as Pussies Pounce Eagles)

Recovering Plantar Fasciitis victim Paul Spinks injures his achilles while on location in Thailand following the Cats v Eagles game.

Almanac Surfing – Bells Beach: Women’s Final

Paul Spinks shares his photos from the Women’s Finals at Bells. [Now with “click to enlarge” – Ed].

MCG sell-out – voice your concerns here

Paul Spinks isn’t happy with the MCG handing over its name for lucrative sponsorship dollars from McDonald’s. Are you upset by today’s announcement of the name change to the Mc’G?

Contrary about the Cats

Paul Spinks is optimistic about his Geelong Cats and season 2016