Almanac Local Footy: Com Cup Runneth Over


Last Sunday, the annual Community Cup was held at Elsternwick Park to raise funds for disadvantaged Australians and indulge in Melbourne’s unique inner-suburban culture.


The weather was bitterly cold, but dry, and spirits were warm. In the middle of the oval was an old fashioned glue pot following a wet end to El Nino.


Ross Wilson kicked off the show with a rendition of anthem, Eagle Rock. The game was suburban, mixed-gender footy at its willing, uncoordinated best. The live commentary was cheekily wry and spared no player. A one-sided contest had the Rockdogs leading the Megahertz from go to woe, but that was largely immaterial to spectator camaraderie, kick-to-kick, kids and pet action.


Sadly, there was no gender equality among streakers – only the blokes braved it. They tried to involve themselves in the game, but the players were reluctant to be tackled by the tackle.


Total Giovanni were the musical half-time highlight and suitably ironic, and Regurgitator finished off with some old favourites as day descended into night.


Here’s a few pics.

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  1. Onya Paul.

    My favourite moment of the day – and probably the highest quality sporting moment of the day as well – was a dog at 3/4 time with a ball in its mouth being pretend chased by about 20 or 30 people and having the time of its life as it dodged each ‘tackle’ with a sensational side-step. When the owner eventually hauled the poor pooch to the ground the crowd on the hill – remember them! – rose and screamed as one ‘Ballllll!!!!!!’.

    Sadly the siren sirened and the real match had to get going again.

  2. Paul Spinks says

    Thanks, Patrick – you’ve perfectly captured a defining image of the Com Cup.

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