Women’s AFL: Women’s league post postscript

In the spirit of a recent email from Rulebook regarding FA promoting, and in light of the AFL’s announcement about the women’s national league it might be timely to draw attention to a post I wrote about a month ago, which may have gone through to the keeper as a no ball (excuse the mixed sporting metaphors). See below link.




Samantha Lane seems keen on the affiliated scenario in her article today. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/womens-league-a-gamechanger-for-afl-20160614-gpilu4.html


Recently, we saw a precursor example of gender-conflict with some Adelaide Crows players accused of disrespect for practicing while a women’s exhibition match was in progress. But potential for confusion and gender political battles, even though the latter will likely provide much media fodder, is not reason for an independent league (though I imagine, in the distant future, one will eventuate).


The AFL, at time of posting, has yet to explain the rationale behind its club choices, though on the surface, Melbourne and the Bulldogs aside, it could be seen as being as much about advancing/defending the code as anything.


But, we have to start somewhere and, in keeping with men’s competition, those fans without an affiliated female team to follow, after a brief period of neutrality, will probably barrack for anyone playing Collingwood.


In any case, I’m looking forward to seeing some great women’s footy.

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