Round 14 Fantasy Game – Adelaide versus Geelong.

Paul Spinks shares with us his match report for the game that never was: Geelong v Adelaide, Round 14, 2015. Well played Paul.

Round 23 – Geelong v Adelaide: Show Time at the ‘K

Paul Spinks headed to where the banners fly, high from dawn to dark as three champions in an era of Geelong greatness said farewell on Saturday. The carnival is over.

Round 22 – Geelong v Collingwood: A night of insults as the season and era end with a whimper – is Chris Scott a better politician or coach?

The era is dead! Long live the era! What of this Geelong we see before us?

A Goodes look to Kardinia Park

Ordered and clear discussion of the booing issue from Paul Spinks who tried to keep his head out of the papers and TV. [Very balanced – Ed]

Round 6 – Collingwood v Geelong: A Surprised Pies Night

Paul Spinks brings a Portuguese good luck charm along to see his Cats vanquish the Magpies.

Round 5 – Richmond v Geelong: A Ball at the Ball with Balls

Dancing With The Stars. Mirror Balls. Glam Rock. Paul Spinks goes nuts with this account of his family feline faceoff.

Round 3 – Geelong v Gold Coast: When the supposedly crumbling Cat Empire overcame King Rodney and his Knights of the Oval Table

With Kardinia Castle under siege from the marauding Suns, the Black Knight Cats, losing limbs but refusing to fall, declare, “NONE SHALL PASS.” Paul Spinks, your metaphor game is strong.

Has the AFL Missed a Chance to Attract New Fans?

Paul Spinks thinks the AFL may have missed a promotional opportunity to show off the indigenous football code during the final weeks of the cricket World Cup. Have other codes stolen a march?

AFL Round 18 – Greater Western Sydney v Geelong: Vale the Australia Network

Paul Spinks laments the demise of the Khmer Empire, the Corio Empire and the Australia Network. He fights through the monsoon in Cambodia to find a bar with AFL on tv. Unfortunately his Cats showed less dedication.

AFL Round 12-Geelong v Carlton: A Pun Night of Blue and White Magic

Cats fan Paul Spinks doesn’t quite put the ‘Moz’ on Geelong in their Round 12 clash with Carlton. A must read tale full of clashing scarves and mid-strength beers.

AFL Finals Week 1 – Geelong v Fremantle: Upsets everywhere …almost

Paul Spinks was worried the talk and controversy about a home final would prove to be a distraction for the Cats, but it was Fremantle’s hunger that saw them victorious.

AFL Round 1 – Hawthorn v Geelong: Old Rivalries and Chance Encounters

A chance encounter with a fellow Geelong fan leaves a lasting impression on Paul Spinks.

AFL Round 3 – Geelong v Carlton: The clash of Blue and Whites

Unknown to many, the ACCC kept a close eye on the outcome of Saturday night’s game at Etihad.

The time I found they shrank the Sherrin

Paul Spinks discovers the size of the Sherrin has indeed been tampered with, leaving him to ask: Who has the right to fiddle with heritage? (He also finds out Don Chipp was a lovely exponent of the drop kick.)

AFL Grand Final: When Desire wore red and white

Paul Spinks has an everyman’s day at the Grand Final, and his fine observations and insights are testimony to the depth of connection fans have to the game.