Almanac People: Memo – North Melbourne players

I was listening to the radio this morning and they said Drew Petrie had better lift his game or he’ll be out of the North team. Then, it hit me. Wait a minute, he has to lift? I would say all the players have to lift for him. This poor bugger has given his heart and soul in the true Shinboner Spirit, so I think it is time, now, that the others lifted for him. He has battled his body through over 300 games for the Roos. Do you think he was ever tired and ran hard, had a sore knee and pushed on, had a knee in the back of the head, had sore ankles and legs but ran on?


Of course he did. He has done it for the Roos for over 15 years. Now, it is pay back time, North Melbourne.


Get this warrior, this true Roo into a winning team and get him on the stage at the MCG on Grand Final day. I could think of no greater reward than to see Petrie get up on the dais and receive a premiership medal.


By God, he will have deserved it. Imagine how the rest of the players would feel, to be able to say, I was part of the team that helped Drew Petrie get a premiership medal, despite everyone kicking him, we stood up for him, like he has stood up for our club for 15 years and we helped the warrior get that medal. What a proud bunch of players that would be in the history of North Melbourne. We owe him goddammit, we owe him.


So, go to it Roos, it is time for the players to stand up, take the hits, take the knocks and win with courage and determination the way Petrie has done for North all his career. The whole team has to get him there, carry him if you have to, but get him there.


He bloody well deserves it.


  1. Agree wholeheartedly. He has been a champion for us.

    Come on, Roos!!

    Talia was all over him like a cheap suit in Adelaide and it was Drew who copped the criticism

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