The truth about North Melbourne

If you are an optimistic North fan, read no further, you won’t like this. If on the other hand you are a realist who likes the truth, then here is the truth on North Melbourne.

I am very concerned that North are about to plung the ladder in 2014. About 13th or 14th at years end I wouldn’t be surprised. I think there is unrealistic expectation in a lot of areas.

Petrie is 30 or 31 and he won’t be able to help them anymore. He never performed in big games anyway, and most certainly should not be captain in Swallow’s absence, that should go to a younger person like Ziebell. It wouldn’t be good for the team to have an old man as captain.

Secondly, there can no longer be any reliance on players like Wells, Harvey, Firrito, McMahon or Thomas. They are either past their best or too unreliable.

I would not be surprised to see  all out the door at the end of the season, and if they are, I’m fine with that.

Thirdly, the hope for Daw I fear is not founded. He doesn’t seem to be good enough in my mind. I fear he won’t make it.

My next point is that I think the future for Brad Scott is not rosy, and if he goes I think Brayshaw should go with him. They have had a shot at it, so someone else should have a go. We need new blood and new ideas, not blind optimism based on people who played their best football seven or eight years ago.

In some respects, if we slide this year and get rid of the old staggers, it will be good for the club. We are after all at North a place that likes team success, it has never been about the individuals. Further to this, I want the young ones to take charge and the older ones to step back . If not, we can never grow as a club.

If what I have said is wrong and we don’t slide this year, I’ll be happy to eat my words, but I am worried I am right about this situation.

Until then, Go Roos!


  1. Plung the staggers should be a euphemism. Probably for 70s fashion.

  2. I am reminded of Jeff Kennet’s unwise calling for the sacking of Alistair Clarkson after the first game of the 2013 season. Scott will be a good coach – if he can recruit wisely. He needs 5 years to make a difference. I would not judge Nth Melbourne on one practice game against Hawthorn – although they are probably overweighted with older players. They fought the game out fairly well – although well beaten. Majak probably wont make it – as he does not impose himself on the game for a man with his strength, size and athleticism. He is starting to contest in the packs – but drops marks, does not recover quickly, and does not position himself well. I suspect the backline is a better (and possibly, final) option.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Each to there own yes , Norths pre season form is a slight concern but I would be far more bullish if I was a , North supporter a tad more luck and yes better coaching re game awareness in a crunch situation towards the end of the game and you guys finish top , 4 last season . I rate , Petrie enormusouly give me him over , J Riewolt every time . North have a good young midfield which , Trent Dumont will add significantly too in time . North have a team that can well and truly make the , 8 . In what is going to be a very even season it is going to be a fine line who makes it . I am a crows supporter having picked up serious inj to , 2 key players already it won’t need much more to end there season that is the fine line that will separate teams in the end

  4. True a bit tough on Drew, has been a good player for North but still think they should give the captaincy to Jack Ziebell as a younger man

  5. In Ballarat North spent a whole lot of possession doing not much.

    Might be some cause for concern.

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