Please enough wada, asada

I have just found out the truth of the WADA, ASADA investigation. This footy fan is over it. I don’t barrack for Essendon, I’ve just had enough of the media barrage. On radio, TV, newspapers, sorry journos, I just don’t want to know. I’m sorry, but I’m bored by it. Totally. Really, I’m not joking, just bored out of my brain!

If the journos want to talk about the game, great. I’ll devour everything! And I’m a footy junkie, believe me. However, I’m telling you, wherever, whenever any of you start up again about waada or assada, or he said this, he said that, it’s goodbye from me. I’ve had enough of it. Now, whenever I hear anything, I change stations and some of the AM music stations have improved ratings, courtesy of me. Just to get away from the flamin’ wada, asada, blah, blah, blah!

Journos, next time you’re at the pub having a beer, which I know isn’t often, talking glowingly of awards and the next instalment of wada or asada, believe me, I’m not alone, people are over it guys .They really are. Nobody cares. talk about the game, the goals, the flag, the Brownlow, but please, I’m on my knees, no more, asada or wada.

People will turn off the AFL. They will. Think, today at Etihad 15,000. The MCG Wednesday, 95,000. Be careful journos, people will turn away. Asada, wada, I don’t want to know anymore. Thank you. A footy fan.


  1. The Wrap says

    Agreed Paibai. Schadenfreude has a used by date.

    Loved your analogy of the crowds pulled at Etihad and the one pulled by The Pool at The G – and on a school night to boot.

    But maybe lay some blame on the ringmaster in all this as well. The Report should never have taken this long to table. Once it was put off until the Home & Away season was nearing its conclusion, it was always going to become longwinded, messy and damaging.

  2. daniel flesch says

    This is stating the obvious , but seems to have been forgotton…. Essendon finished 11th. last year , so the drugs were hardly performance -enhancing , especially if it made the players susceptible to all those soft-tissue injuries they got. If they’d won the Flag all the investigations and allegations would be relevant. If they “cheated” and got nowhere they learnt their lesson. They are doing much better this year without the drugs or The Weapon (sic). Oh … good win last Frinight , Hawks !

  3. Daniel – [if it is found that performance-enhancing drugs have been used] every Essendon player who put on 5 or 10 kg of muscle last year that their tendons/ligaments couldn’t carry in the short term, still has that advantage gained from 6 months in the lab instead of 2 years in the gym. The same with the aerobic and endurance capacity gained. There were obviously short term side effects as there are with all drugs, but in the long term you have kept the benefits.
    That is why your club and its leadership needs to be heavily penalised with points and draft sanctions and disqualifications. And quickly – because the waiting is obviously creating its own burdens across the board. But I hope the players receive only minor penalties, because they were more sinned against than sinning.
    But don’t come this line of “we didn’t get any benefit from the robbery”. You have and still do. And anyway robbers who get disturbed before they can steal anything, still go to jail for the break in.

  4. Rick Kane says

    Dear Mr Paubai

    If I’m sick of anything then it is Essendon; it’s involvement in these activities being investigated and the way the club has conducted itself through this period. There’s a reason why this has taken so long (and appeared to drag on and on) and it’s because Essendon did not, in early Feb, declare openly what it had done. But if you want an idea as to the extent of Essendon’s failings in this imbroglio of its own making you need look no further than the Essendon commissioned, Switkowski Report. Here is a link:

    I don’t accept the premise that something like this will drive fans away from the game. Sports across the world, including football codes of all stripes, have dealt with issues of integrity greater and lesser than this and will again. I do however like your reference to AM music stations improving their ratings because fans like you have had enough of how the media is reporting on this matter. I didn’t know that there were still AM music stations on air.

    If you want something to take your mind off this year’s AFL headache, then find a copy of Monkey Business, a Cary Grant/Ginger Rogers/Marilyn Monroe film from 1952. In its own way it’s a morality play about risk taking with chemical substances to stay youthful and improve your, ahem, performance. 60 years later it still has something to say and is a hoot to boot.


  5. Thanks Rick, but I maintain that , sorry I am bored stupid by this asadawaada blah, blah! And Monkey Business, my good sir there is only one and that is the Marx Brothers version, where boring idiots are continually unseated by the Marx Brothers. Cheers!

  6. daniel flesch says

    ….Peter_B… thank you for the nfo. about the long-term beneficial effects of the drugs under question . However i am slightly offended at your comments about what you call “my” club and your inference i am “coming a line.” It was just my opinion. Had you read my comment a bit more carefully , or had i expressed myself a bit more clearly , you would have realised my last line “…good win… Hawks” comes from a Hawthorn supporter , which i have been since i was 7 years old, which was 57 years ago when- for those who don’t know – the Hawks had yet to make the Finals , let alone win a Flag.

  7. Mea culpa Daniel. I incorrectly assumed your comments were motivated by the wilful blindness we footy fans are often subject to. I apologise for the inference.

  8. Cannot. Get. Enough. Of. It.

    To all those who are sick of it, you may want to turn of your television and not pick up a paper for a while — we’re just getting started.

    Granted, there’s a bit of reverse Dufflecoat Syndrome here, but to hear some Essendon supporters say they are more appealing to sponsors now due to the profile the ASADA investigation has given them is just too delicious.

    On a more serious note, if there’s even an element of truth to the Barker/McKenzie story in Saturday’s Age, Essendon should hand in the keys.

  9. Phil Dimitriadis says


    I can’t remember a time when I’ve been less interested in footy. I don’t want to read about it and I have no passion to write about it. I hope this is a temporary malaise, but something is rotten in the game we grew up with.

  10. Andrew Else says

    Roll on August 5

  11. Paubai

    I beg to differ, although I take your point.

    I can see and understand why you and others are sick of it and bored with it, as it has been going forever it seems and there’s reams written about it. The little paper especially has had a field day, expecially with competing columnists with their own alegiances and leaks. The investigative work by the Age and earlier the 7.30 report has been very good too.

    But it is a really important matter.

    I take Litza’s point that there’s an element of anti-Essendon about some people’s pleasure in it and to me, that’s just good footy.

    But the issue is important to get to the bottom of and has wider implications. People’s jobs have been lost, with reputations beschmirched, some permenantly in their chosen profession.

    Meanwhile, a group of young athletes, kids many of them, still cannot be told with any certainity if, during 2012, they were administered with illegal drugs that could impact their short and long term playing opportunities, long term health and overall reputations.

    Litza’s right in that if you a bored now, watch out, because it is going to get bigger, uglier, longer, more litigious and worse all around, either way


  12. Mark Doyle says

    This Essendon Football Club vitamin and fitness supplements saga has become nothing more than a pathetic media ‘soap opera’ which is being choreographed by a number of garbage journalists whose written and spoken opinions are generally illinformed, meaningless and self-indulgent. These garbage journalists are also only interested in ‘bad news’ stories which result in people losing their jobs. This saga also demonstrates that Australian journalism standards are mostly very poor.
    It is also interesting that there has not been any response or public debate by these garbage journalists to an article in ‘The Age’ newspaper awhile back by Stephen Downes, which argued for not having any restriction on the use of supplements and drugs in professional sport provided that the use of any substance is always under strict medical supervision.
    It is also interesting that these garbage journalists always respond in an irrational and hysterical manner when they hear of people receiving substances either intravenously or by injection.

  13. MD, you remind me of Oscar the Grouch. maybe it’s the constant references to “garbage”

  14. Sean, I don’t doubt that it is important, but I would rather a front page story about Clarko’s bad temper than any more of the blah blah saga. I may be alone, but I reiterate that I am and remain bored by the blah blah asadawaada saga.

  15. Phil, thanks for the feedback, don’t worry footy will live and breathe again! I’m predicting a blockbuster finals series with nail biters all over the place and surprise results. Oh , and umpires who can pick out holding the ball against letting the game go on. I say, bring on the finals

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