Round 6 – Fremantle v St Kilda: Go north and multiply …

‘Go north and multiply’ ….  was the incredibly ‘witty’ headline I prepared a few days before the Saints’ big win over Freo up on the Goldie. A lock in, if ever there was one!


I even had some incredibly ‘witty’ banter with Good Friend of the Almanac and Number 1 Purplies Supporter, Neil (who, by the way, has a lot more reasons to be a Purply than ScoMo, who let’s just say would probably have to Google ‘Ettingshausen’ if asked, has to be an extremely – EXTREMELY! – recent ‘passionate Sharkies supporter’™ Credulous Oz Media, but that’s another story). Neil wasn’t feeling great about Freo’s chances. I empathised kindly with him as is my style, even adding the incredibly ‘witty’: ‘Yep, even Arsenal would win this one.’


Oh, how I love to be in St Kilda! Even with #lockdown2 casting its miserable pall over the whole area. Even with the cold rain steadily driving my mood into a new, darker recess of hell I was surprised to find existed. Even with these, a good win would lift my spirits back up to the regular level of hell I’ve become quite accustomed to.


36 points up! Yes!


30 points up! Never mind.


24 points up! Ratts’ll sort it.


18 points up! Um …


12 … 6 … scores level …. Freo in front! Um … RATTS!!!!


I guess I shouldn’t have mentioned Arsenal. Neil confirmed this with a simple: ‘Yep.’


Here’s a story. I social-distancedly met a fella on the Number 12 today who played under-19s for the Saints. Says he has a friend, a County Court judge if you please, who has four or five still shots of THAT Milne bounce, like the Zapruder film. To this day he takes them out regularly to grieve what could have been.


Anyway, four points lost, you’d have to say. I congratulated Neil on a good win for the Purplies and added the incredibly ‘witty’ comment: ‘Ah well, let’s hope Arsenal don’t do a Saints in the North London Derby on Sunday. Should be an easy win, actually.’


I don’t really need to, do I?




You’re right, the first step is acceptance.


Sigh, here goes.


I woke Monday morning to a cold, wet St Kilda sky and checked the match report. Arsenal go 1 nil up only to lose 2-1 to a late goal. A microcosm of the last decade at New Highbury.


I didn’t text Neil.


Oh, how I love to be … ah f*#k it. Is swapping the Lions for the Saints enough to get me into Queensland on compassionate grounds?



FREMANTLE    1.2       6.4       9.7       12.7 (79)
ST KILDA         7.2       8.5       8.5       11.7 (73)


Fremantle: Taberner 2, Fyfe 2, Schultz 2, Darcy, Lobb, Bewley, Tucker, Serong, Banfield
St Kilda: Membrey 3, Jones 2, Billings, Kent, Butler, Lonie, King, Gresham


Fremantle: Walters, Brayshaw, Taberner, Fyfe, Lobb, Tucker
St Kilda: Steele, Membrey, Billings, Jones, Battle


Fremantle: Young (ankle), Darcy (concussion), Cox (hip) replaced in selected side by Duman.
St Kilda: Nil


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  1. Neil Belford says

    As a fellow Arsenal supporter, I noted that score with the blank lack of hope I give Arsenal these days. No reply to POB, my fingers were numb.

    The Saints efforts against Calton had tricked me into thinking they had a forward line but I had underestimated the capability of our new Freo coach to commit genius acts. After quarter time they didn’t get a look at the ball. Putting Fyfe in the goalsquare – and keeping him there through the Saints rebound totally messed with Rattan’s head – such that he pulled no levers at all, he stuck to his knitting in a Lyon-esque manner. The Saints were unable to compress the ground and Freo were able to play two and a half quarters with the ball predominantly in their forward line.

    The game was a ripper, the best of the round easily, but no crowd, time of the game, and no/low media interest in either club meant it went largely unwatched and unreported – other than to lambast St Kilda retrospectively informed only by the score worm. It might just be that under Longmuir Freo are good. Happily, some careers are being forged – we have a group of young players who can play, all clubs have really, but we also have a coach who is letting them play on instinct and that is something new.

  2. Peter Fuller says

    There’s always next week, Patrick & Neil. I give you Arsenal 2 Liverpool 1.
    I don’t know if any other long-suffering Saints fans saw the tweet (?) from a fellow tragic:
    When I die I want to be lowered into my grave by St. Kilda FC players, so they can let me down one last time.

  3. Patrick O'Brien says

    Ha ha! That’s great! Knowing my luck they’d miss from right in front …

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