Really happy for you, Rich

I got a call from my old mate Rich on Saturday night. He was at a party and you could hear all the music and cheering and laughing in the background, some inner-city affair. Rich had some pretty big news he wanted to share with me and even though he’d had a few drinks and I was under my doona on the couch by myself watching a repeat of a film from the mid-60s (first one in colour!) I thought I’d talk to him. He’s been down for a few years, beating himself up about not being happy since his last good relationship, so I was used to drunken phone calls from him. This time, though, he sounded really happy.


Sure, he’d got close a few times, a couple of years when he thought ‘this is it, it’s gonna happen again’, but then he’d do something embarrassing and the whole thing would fall apart. Even worse were the few bad relationships that Rich went through. You know the ones, where everyone is laughing at you cause they can see it’s going nowhere. Some friends had even told him to pack it in and give up trying to find happiness, just settle for things being ok. I reckon deep down Rich thought they may have been right a few times, too, but he kept his head up and kept believing.


So this phone call was to tell me that he’d finally met someone after all these years. Rich couldn’t believe it. It took a few weeks to ask her out and it was touch and go for a while as to whether it would actually happen. Then the big day came and he took a deep breath and, well, it was kinda hard to tell what he was saying, what with all the drinks he’d had and the noise from people swanning about the party and the talk about finally getting his hands on something beautiful again. Suffice to say, he’s over the moon.


I’m happy for him, I guess. When he told me the news on the phone I said all the right things. He deserves to be happy, he’s been through a lot.


But so have I and frankly I’ve been waiting a lot longer than Rich to be truly happy again. It’s almost like I wasn’t even alive the last time something that great happened, that’s how long ago it was. I’ve also had my fair share of wobbly moments where the bounce of the ball didn’t go my way. Certainly had a few toxic relationships over the years, too. Not to mention that one week where twice I almost … yeah, let’s not go there again.


Anyway, it was like Rich didn’t even care how long it’s been since I’ve had a night like that, where everything is awesome and you just can’t stop laughing cause you finally got that one thing that you thought you’d never ever get again. Like, never ever ever. I mean, even real dogs seem to have more luck than me these days.


So now Rich is out there partying on like a tiger. And I’m sitting at home by myself behaving like some kind of loser saint.


Anyway, I’ll let him enjoy himself and I’ll smile when we meet up for a beer again and tell him ‘yeah, that’s really great, yeah good one, so happy for you, Rich, and Mega and Mick are so awesome, seriously, yeah you know the Ashes are coming up, hey, yeah Ben Stokes, ha ha’.


Reckon I’ll leave it for a bit, though, let things settle down. And keep waiting.


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  1. Joe De Petro says

    I hope you guys get a shot at it soon, Patrick. It will be another people’s flag.

    The AFL Plastic club, GWS, has made two consecutive Prelims, only to go down to the Bullies and the Tigers, who both then went on to win the big one. Maybe this is their Groundhog Day? Saints, Demons waiting in the wings.

  2. Brilliant, Patrick.
    I really thought the Saints would make the finals this year.

  3. Jennifer Muirden says

    If it’s any consolation, Saint Patrick I share your sentiments. I have a brother named Richard, Richo, Rick or Rich and he is still on cloud nine after the Tiges breakthrough Premiership win. Given the Doggies and Tigers fairytale Premiership wins in 2016 and 2017 respectively, I cannot help but feel hopeful and buoyant about AFL Season 2018. Go you mighty Sainters!

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