The Family Team

B: B.Cordy N.Cordy G.Cordy
HB: S.Bowden J.Bowden P.Bowden
C: G.Ablett G.Ablett K.Ablett
HF: J.Selwood A.Selwood S.Selwood
F: S.Morwood T.Morwood P.Morwood
R: C.Cloke T.Cloke J.Cloke
I/c: T.Daniher N.Daniher A.Daniher C.Daniher
Em: T.Selwood
Joint Coaches: B.Scott C.Scott

About Noel McPhee

Noel's background is in statistics including 13 years at the ABS. More recent employment has been at Deakin University and Services Australia. He has worked on every State and Commonwealth election this millennium plus a few Local Government Elections. His weekly article, 'The Stats Bench' appears in the EFL's football record - The Eastern Footballer. Noel's legacy as a sportsman is that he tried hard; two cricket fielding trophies, a tennis premiership and boundary umpiring about 80 EFL senior games.


  1. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Clever Noel

    I’d have Norm and Len Smith in charge.

    There’s a few Tucks to pick from also

    B Ebert, R Ebert, B Ebert would make a handy trio

  2. bob.speechley says

    What about the WHITTEN family?

    EJ junior, EJ, DON

    Formidable half-forward line!

  3. Hilarious! But aren’t you missing a Daniher?

  4. Luke Ball, Peter Russo, Felix Russo, Josh Kennedy, A distinct blood line!

  5. Interestingly in reverse order of birth the Daniher lads spell CANT
    Chris (1966)
    Anthony (1963)
    Neil (1961)
    Terry (1957)

  6. Warren Tapner says

    Heresy! No Silvagnis?

  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Great concept Noel,
    Pannams, Shaws, Twomeys, Roses at Collingwood would have to be contenders !!

  8. Off the top of my head…

    B: M. Twomey A. Collier D. Twomey
    HB: R. Shaw J. Cloke H. Shaw
    C: B.Twomey B. Rose C. Pannam
    HF: S. Coventry C. Cloke A. Pannam
    F: T. Cloke G. Coventry L. Richards
    R: D.Cloke T. Shaw Ray Shaw
    I/c: R. Rose, Bill Rose, P. Rose, P. Twomey
    Em: S Coventry Jnr, B. Shaw, H Coventry
    Coach: R Richards

  9. Thanks for the feedback. I should have made it clear that each line is made up of brothers. E.g Geoff and Gary Snr and Kevin.

  10. Cat from the Country says

    The article and the comments are fun.
    Thanks for taking the trouble

  11. Jennifer Muirden says

    How about brothers Darryl & Shane Wakelin and Nicky Winmar and his second cousin Nicholas Winmar now playing at Claremont? All worthy contenders. Maybe in the future, we could add Paddy McCartin and his younger brother Tom McCartin currently at the Geelong Falcons?!

  12. Great work.
    And excellent stuff from you, JD.

  13. JD. I like your Collingwood team although I can’t find Kevin Rose (who was actually the second best footballer in the Rose family) and I would have considered Neville Shaw. I wouldn’t have put Cameron Cloke in that team. He was the Gummo Marx of the Cloke family.

  14. Stan the Man says

    Lee Mathews had a brother Kelvin who was made out of granite and just as tough

  15. Update:
    Emergencies. Brayshaw, Brayshaw, Brayshaw.

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