Almanac Footy Teams: I’ve been everywhere

The team from the towns and suburbs of Australia:


B:       Clayton      Sutton        Foster
HB:    Carroll         Hay         Hamilton
C:       Hawker     Mitchell         Bourke
HF:     Young         Ryan             Osborne
F:        Stanley     Tomahawk     Denham
Foll:   Newman       Butler         Newhnam
I/C:    Wellington  Nicholson    Clifton Hill


About Noel McPhee

Noel's background is in statistics including 13 years at the ABS. More recent employment has been at Deakin University and Services Australia. He has worked on every State and Commonwealth election this millennium plus a few Local Government Elections. His weekly article, 'The Stats Bench' appears weekly on the Eastern Football Netball League's website. Noel's legacy as a sportsman is that he tried hard; two cricket fielding trophies, a tennis premiership and boundary umpiring about 80 EFL senior games. He has completed over 35 parkruns in quite slow times in the last three years.


  1. G’day Noel, where’s Tomahawk?

    Other player names/ place names: Mansfield, Seymour, Winton.


  2. Hey Glen. Found it while looking over google maps, on the NE coast of Tasmania.


  3. Hawker in SA

  4. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Nice one Noel. A few nominations:
    Keith Warburton – Carlton/Victoria
    Ron Kingston – Collingwood/Tasmania
    Mal Seddon – Collingwood/Victoria
    Andrew Macleod – Adelaide/Victoria
    Peter Somerville – Essendon/Victoria

  5. Dave Nadel says

    Why stop at towns and suburbs when you can have whole countries?
    Andrew Ireland and Heath Scotland.

  6. Keith Forbes played for Essendon between the wars.

    As a variant of Dave’s theme former publican of Hart’s hotel in Footscray, and North Melbourne half forward flanker Peter German, is an option.


  7. Noel I know you didn’t mention Queenstown in your team, though I can’t recall if Lucky Starr sung about it. I was there this week, visited the famous grassless oval; a sight to behold.

    I never knew Ian Stewart was from there.


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