Mid-season fever

The week started off good and then spiralled downwards. On Tuesday morning, I woke up feeling sick as a dog and my parents after a short time decided that I shouldn’t go to school. Wednesday I felt worse. My Dad took me to the doctor and what we knew was true. I had the flu. [Read more]


This is my first report in a long time. Over the past two weeks, I have been busy playing tennis tournaments  and  I went up to Queensland for a week. I have had very successful holidays getting a dozen ranking points and three trophies! In my first tournament, I defeated four people before coming unstuck [Read more]

Bombers rule Etihad

After a drought breaking win over Fremantle last week, I was predicting that Essendon would win over the hapless Dogs. With Hurley back to form, Watson running rampant in the midfield and Dempsey off half back, what could stop us now? (Not trying to boast, but we have a good team). The Dogs, after getting [Read more]

Victory is ours

Before Saturday it had rained and rained. Some parts of my school were flooded. Just when we were about to confirm tennis was off, it stopped Friday lunch. We were able to play! We played away at a club we have played every season. We had a great percentage boosting win. Just what Essendon needed [Read more]

Both Extremes

Sorry my report is a bit late! Here it is. After school on Friday, you would drive home right? We usually do that but today it was different. We drove up to Bendigo to play in the Association and Regional Challenge. I was playing for the second year in a row for the PTA. It [Read more]

WOW (not good)

Saturday I hoped was the end of the hoodoo. We always lose to Melbourne in the middle of the season. I hoped it wasn’t going to happen again. Essendon’s performance last week was average and Melbourne pushed Carlton to three quarters last week. Jetta had come back from staging to give our forward line a [Read more]

Essendon breaking new ground

“ Hi Tania. We expected that. Thanks for calling. Guys, it’s off,” said my dad. After the rain on Friday, I would have been very surprised if our tennis game was on. It was the first washout of the season, but it meant a quiet day before gearing up for an almost certain win for [Read more]


Dreamtime, Essendon and Richmond slug it out. The Indigenous round, is a special round for all Aboriginal players, their chance to shine and deliver. Recently, I have become involved in a student Reconciliation group. I have helped promote Reconciliation Week and learnt so much about a side of Australia I barely knew.

A day of surprises

Saturday was going to be a long day. For two reasons, the first reason is that I was playing tennis and the footy was that night. My second reason is that my plans to watch the footy were smashed when I realised I was going to my sister’s dance concert! After the biggest upset of [Read more]

No Foxtel? No problem! There’s always the radio

Saturday mornings are frantic. Filling up water bottles, treating any niggles and getting a tennis bag ready, it isn’t easy! As My Dad, brother and I get in the car, we get half way along the neighbouring street until Dad says, “Max do you have any tennis balls?” We turn back.

So Close So Far

  ANZAC Day, the day that soldiers first landed on Gallipoli April 25th 1914. The day we remember our soldiers who fought against the Turks and now fight the Taliban.  April 25th is also the day of the second most famous game of the season, Essendon vs. Collingwood. This tradition has been going on since [Read more]

Essendon win twice

Today was the first tennis match of the season. We were versing old rivals on a cold wet Saturday morning. As I am number one in my team, I play the first singles and don’t get the luxury of warming up in the doubles especially with my sore shoulder. The courts were wet under foot [Read more]

Clash of the Titans

This is the Clash of the Titans, Dustin Fletcher vs. Gary Ablett junior. Both play completely different game styles yet both equally important for their team. Dustin Fletcher is Essendon’s hero in defence, always there to stop a goal, get a match-saving tackle or spoil the AFL best defenders. He played for Essendon seven years [Read more]

Ugly Footy ( Essendon vs Port Adelaide)

For the second time in two years, we saw Essendon vs. Port Adelaide at Etihad Stadium. Both came off close wins in the first round and both were eighth and ninth respectively. Last time these teams met, Port was up by 34 points in the last quarter and Essendon won by seven points. It is [Read more]

Bombers (and Max) overcome obstacles

Saturday was one of those days. School had finished for the term and Saturday sport hadn’t started yet and because I was playing in a tennis tournament at Bendigo in two days time both my parents said I needed to rest. The only thing I was looking forward to today was the game between my [Read more]