A day of surprises

Saturday was going to be a long day. For two reasons, the first reason is that I was playing tennis and the footy was that night. My second reason is that my plans to watch the footy were smashed when I realised I was going to my sister’s dance concert! After the biggest upset of the year (GWS versing Gold Coast), I was hoping another upset tonight with Essendon v West Coast game. I was leaning towards Essendon because of West Coast’s injuries.

I couldn’t worry about that though as I had to get ready for the concert. The conversation for clothes with my Mum was a bit like this:

“Can I wear my long sleeve top and cargo pants?” I knew I was fighting a losing battle.

“No, wear your good pants and nice shirt.”

“Can I at least wear my top?”


So as I dressed in smart clothes for the concert, I bemoaned the fact that I couldn’t watch the game especially since it was live and on to free to air TV. After a frantic search for car keys (which we found after the concert) we headed off.

The theme for the concert was Things that go bump in the night! A lot of decorations were meant to look scary, but they didn’t scare me. We brought some supper and by the time the concert started, the Essendon West Coast game was underway.

The first quarter was a titanic struggle with Essendon and West Coast tackling and kicking to perfection. Their goal kicking though left something to be desired; six behinds before Essendon kicked their first goal with nine seconds left – Essendon by three at quarter time.

The concert was dancing and comedy. The three presenters were so funny sometimes and the dancing was pretty good too. At the interval, one of my mum’s friends kindly lent me her iPhone for me to watch the game. Shortly afterwards it was half time and the score was 40 to 23.

The second half was great. We won a prize in the raffle which was four free bowling games. The hosts were hilariously funny and the dancing was good. While this was happening, Essendon were dominating and got a standing ovation at three quarter time. Near the end someone whispered to me that Essendon were winning by 10 goals. Little did I know how convincing it was.

On the way home, we were trying to find a channel that summed up the Essendon game. We eventually found 774 had switched to the Essendon game. They gave Watson and Stanton two and three votes. Great for my Supercoach!

Next morning after giving my Mum my present for Mother’s Day, I checked my Supercoach. 2033 points! I was in for a win. It was three from three wins on Saturday, tennis, raffle and footy. What more could you want!


  1. Dancing and comedy. That about says it all Max. And I’m talking about the game and not the concert. Well done. Your Bombers were way too good. You have added a lot of strength to your speed in the midfield, and that makes you a very good side. I still fancy us if we can get our best team on the park against you in September, but you will get a lot to cheer for this year. Do you play tennis indoors in the winter? I think Etihad should be turned into lawn tennis courts.

  2. Max Wiggins says

    Hi Pete,

    No we don’t play indoors in winter. We tough it out. Its either a washout or freezing cold!

    Your team doesn’t stand a chance against us in September.

  3. Ian Hauser says


    Even up here in Redcliffe, I’ve got a few fellow Bombers supporters at church and at work. Martin even wore his Essendon polo shirt to church yesterday – we high fived accompanied by big smiles. My visiting sister-in-law wore my Bombers cap when she went out for a walk yesterday afternoon – but I don’t think she recognised the significance.

    I thought it might be 2013 before the Bombers made their mark, but sitting pretty in second place at the moment is enough to make us all dream of what just could be. Next year will be even better.

    As for the tennis, I recall at your age playing on cold winter afternoons in Toowoomba with icy westerly winds ripping in off the Darling Downs. Being the northern dry season, there was no escaping the cold. But it kept us occupied in boarding school.

    As for the dance, put it down to experience and the thought that your sister owes you one for the sacrifice you made!

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