No Foxtel? No problem! There’s always the radio

Saturday mornings are frantic. Filling up water bottles, treating any niggles and getting a tennis bag ready, it isn’t easy! As My Dad, brother and I get in the car, we get half way along the neighbouring street until Dad says, “Max do you have any tennis balls?” We turn back.

We were playing a derby today. My team were versing another team from my club. We were playing away but playing at home because we were versing my club. Dark clouds loomed in the sky as I walked on court. The weather had to wait though as a high quality standard of tennis was played against my team and the other team. We won five sets to one but the score didn’t reflect the standard of play.

When I got home, I checked in the TV guide to see if the Essendon v Brisbane game was delayed on Channel 7. Geelong v Melbourne it said. I wasn’t too disappointed though; I got out my Dad’s radio and turned it on to Grandstand. All set up for a great game.

Right from the outset, Essendon dominated. Crameri kicked the first goal and then the second. Lonergan and Crameri again kicked goals before Brisbane got on the board. After Brisbane kicked their first goal, the game went goal for goal to the siren in which Essendon were winning by 26 points at quarter time. Crameri had 4 goals to his name.

By this time, it is very hard to follow a game on the radio let alone write a report. The commentators speak so fast and it is hard to keep up. The same could be said for the game. The second quarter was a see-saw affair with Essendon kicking 4 and Brisbane kicking 3 for the quarter. Stanton after his horror game last week was playing well and Lonergan was playing a blinder. For the Lions though, they were fighting a losing battle. Essendon by 30 odd at half time.

The third quarter Essendon defence pulled through. For my Supercoach, Stanton 100 points at three quarter time, Watson 80 0dd and Heppell having the top disposals, on 60. Dempsey having a good third quarter got subbed off and so did Longer for the lions. In the Geelong Melbourne game, Bartel subbed off. All in my Supercoach team! Essendon by 56 points which sealed up the game.

The last quarter score tells it all, 129 to 62 Essendon’s way. Stanton finished with 154 points, Watson 134 and Heppell 80. Jetta and Davey three goals while Crameri gets a knee injury. For Brisbane, Jonathan Brown kicked 2. Brisbane has to rebuild their stocks if they hope to compete for the top 8, while Essendon shore up a top 4 position. For stats, Essendon killed Brisbane in inside 50’s and clearances. Bring on West Coast!





  1. Max, you make me feel old. I eventually got ‘versing’. In my day it meant writing poetry. Dream Team points are a total mystery to me. I grew up in the country with very sporadic B&W TV reception. So radio was my first love, and still is. The players are so much better in my imagination. I love your passion. Bad luck that my Eagles will dampen it this weekend.

  2. Phantom says

    ABC Radio is an acquired taste Max. If you want to know all about footy start with the Coodabeens.

    (Eagles unbeaten for season 2012. The flag is in the bag. Will win 10 straight flags. An incredible team PB. No one will get near them)

  3. Peter_B says

    Welcome on board Phantom. My support for the Wynyard Cats and yours for the WC Eagles seems like a fair trade. Your scarf is in the mail. I picked it up off John Harms at the Standard Hotel years ago.

  4. Andrew Else says

    Don’t listen to them Max. I’m so confident, I’ve gone for the dons in my tontine (ask your Dad)

    I remember having to lean on the radio to hear a game. Rex Hunt and Shane Healy were my favourite team. I remember listening to the 95 Anzac Day game. I still get shivers when I think of Rexy yelling ‘Rocca bye baby!!’

    Radio is still torture though. Especially when it’s tight.

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