Bombers rule Etihad

After a drought breaking win over Fremantle last week, I was predicting that Essendon would win over the hapless Dogs. With Hurley back to form, Watson running rampant in the midfield and Dempsey off half back, what could stop us now? (Not trying to boast, but we have a good team). The Dogs, after getting smashed by the Lions last week, needed to have a big performance if they were any chance. The Doggies had the advantage in time though; it was still Essendon’s hoodoo month. June 30th. One more day until July, but we have enjoyed a very successful record in section one tennis in June, capped off with a five sets to one victory. Top of the ladder!

We had friends for dinner on Saturday and some lovely Thai food. By the time we had finished that, had a chat and dessert, I had missed the first five minutes. “Wow we are belting them,” was my first thought. Twelve to two was the score.  Nine minutes from the end of the quarter, 36 to 2. Hurley and Crameri were ruling the forward line as Watson had 14 touches. Brownlow beckoning, (touch wood). The Doggies got their first goal from Will Minson, but the score showed it was going to be a long night for the Dogs.

The only concern for Essendon was that Crameri had got a leg injury. Even though he has missed heaps of open goals, he is a very crucial part of our forward line. That didn’t affect Essendon’s performance though as we kicked five goals to two to set up a 56 point lead. Minson was the Dogs’ only saviour in their forward line, two goals and an assist.

The Dogs fought back for a chunk of the third quarter kicking three goals in succession, but Essendon wasn’t going to surrender a lead this big with Hurley Watson and Heppell kicking goals. Essendon extended their lead by a point.

The last quarter was class. Six goals to two in Essendon’s favour sprinkled salt in the wounds of the Dogs.  Essendon by winning by 84 points have done two very important things, one they have won two matches in June and two kept our spot in the top four. Hurley finished the game with five goals and Watson 30 possies and three goals. With Essendon firing, we will win the premiership -if June doesn’t thwart our plans, or Hurley, Watson and Ryder get injured, we will be fine!


  1. Well Max, things are looking good and you have a great coach.

    He was terrific at the Cats and he now has the opportunity for that third one he missed last year.

  2. Andrew Else says

    Loving your work Max.

    Great to hear of such swagger from a young fan. None of this Cats-like approach of treating every win like a pleasant surprise and proclaiming ourselves as being above the game.

    Saints are next Max. Another win for sure. Are all these Saturday night games wearing you down? I know they’re not helping my home life!

  3. Great summary of the match Max. My first, enjoyable read of your work. Well done.

  4. pamela sherpa says

    Phantom no doubt Bomber Thompson and Hird are a good team but I take offence at the people who claim that Bomber Thompson alone is coaching Essendon. The Bombers are playing with James Hird written all over them

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