Bombers (and Max) overcome obstacles

Saturday was one of those days. School had finished for the term and Saturday sport hadn’t started yet and because I was playing in a tennis tournament at Bendigo in two days time both my parents said I needed to rest. The only thing I was looking forward to today was the game between my Bombers and the Kangas.


This was shaping up to be a very exciting game of footy. Start of a new season for both of these clubs which are pretty even in the league and Andrew Swallow’s first game as captain, I couldn’t wait till the game started so I could watch.  As this game was in Melbourne, not Perth like the Geelong game, I was expecting this game to be on free to air TV. However, because of the new Foxtel deal with the AFL, I sat in dismay as I realized this game was on Foxtel and I couldn’t watch it.


The only way you can access the Essendon vs. North Melbourne without Foxtel or the 3G Telstra network is the AFL Match Centre. The AFL Match Centre is pretty hard to follow. The screen hardly moves and you can only watch the live scores but you can check on live stats, which is good. The first quarter was see-swaying affair from the bounce going goal for goal with Jetta, Heppell and Ryder all scoring goals for the Bombers and Leigh Adams kicking a couple of goals for the Roos. Heath Hocking got concussed early for the Bombers and was subbed for Lovett-Murray but the Kangas held the edge by seven points at quarter time.


The second quarter the Roos kicked away with two quick goals to be ahead by 12 points. Then another one by Boomer to go 16 points up but the Bombers fought back with two goals by Nathan -Lovett Murray a goal by Michael Hurley to be right back in the hunt.  Essendon scored six goals to the Kangas four to be leading at half-time by nine points.  As I am twelve  and I have a tennis tournament on and this was a night game, I went to bed at half time.


Next morning I woke up eager to find that the Bombers had nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory but won by two points. I checked out the highlights and found out that the Bombers were ahead by 25 points and nearly lost but Hamish McIntosh missed a shot after the siren. Brett Stanton was fabulous with 35 disposals and Paddy Ryder played a fabulous game. While for the Kangas, Andrew Swallow topped the disposals with 26 and Brett Harvey kicked three.


A blow to the Bombers however was Heath Hocking getting concussed and getting subbed for Nathan Lovett-Murray while Robbie Tarrant pulled a hamstring in the frantic last quarter.


This was a extremely good game and it was really annoying I couldn’t watch it all. The Bombers didn’t get the start they wanted, but got a win; while the Kangas were left to rue what might have been.  Despite having to stay at home all day and having to go to bed early, it was a good day. The start of the footy season, it was a great match and the mighty Bombers won. Not a bad start to the season.



  1. Thanks for the report Max. Doubtless we will read more from you about the Bombers when you can see them on TV – or better still – live at a game. Let us know the tennis result.

  2. Pamela Sherpa says

    Max , I’m a Bomber fan living in NSW and we got the Freo- Cats game on free to air TV. It was a good game . I kept checking the Herald-Sun website for score updates and like you , didn’t know we’d won because of a missed North shot til the highlights came on after the finish of the Freo game. Bombers would be happy to escape with the 4 points that’s for sure . Our last quarter fade outs obviously still a problem. Good luck with your tennis.

  3. Max,

    Good work – keep ’em coming.

    All the best with tennis!


  4. Andrew Else says

    Great work Max.

    I remember being 12 when Wanganeen won the brownlow and we were in Qld on holiday so I couldn’t watch it. Shattering.

    Definitely let us know about the tourney

  5. Phil Dimitriadis says

    Great debut Max, the Bombers will be exciting to watch this year. Love seeing Ryder and Hurley play the game.

  6. Helen & Lindsay says

    Great job Max. Written like a pro! Enjoy the live game next weekend.

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