AFL Grand Final: Go St Killdog! Having two teams leaves me doubled up in pain

By Andrew Gigacz If there’s one piece of advice that’s been delivered ad nauseum to investors, it’s that they should diversify. Put all your eggs in a single basket, they say, and you’ll be regretting it when that basket falls under a steamroller. But put a little here and a little there and if one [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Rats, Cats, why did you have to spoil a good sequence?

Andrew Gigacz’s Grand Final Stat. Declaration CONGRATS TO THE CATS Well done to Geelong on winning the flag. Apart from transforming the house I was at from being one of the noisiest in Melbourne to one of deathly silence in a matter of minutes, here are some other statistical fur balls the Cats’ coughed up [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Cold reception suits Saints and Cats just fine

Andrew Gigacz’s Finals Week 3 Stat. Declaration SAINTS CAUSE FAINTS WHILE CATS PILE UP STATS Now that it’s all over bar the shouting, it remains only to be seen who’ll be shouting the bar – Saints supporters or Cats clappers. Let’s see what could be gleaned from the two games. LAKE, BLAKE AND DOGGY HEARTACHE [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Wins is a four-letter word

Andrew Gigacz’s Finals Week 2 Stat. Declaration I WAS JUST TESTING YOU OUT – NO, REALLY! No sooner than last week’s Stat Dec had hit the presses, the emails and phone calls started rolling in. The Almanac switchboard went into  meltdown as people queued up to point out that the attendance figure from the St [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Saints primed to put their number in the frame

Andrew Gigacz’s Finals Week 1 Stat. Declaration IT’S PRIME TIME FOR THE SAINTS While none of this week’s final scores were prime numbers, if you add them all together you get 761, which IS a prime number and it seems to me the Saints are primed to take their first flag in 43 years. 43 [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Season’s highest score, flag omens and much, much more

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 22 Stat. Declaration A PLEASIN’ SEASON FOR MORE THAN ONE REASON Everyone knows who won and we know who’s playing who and where and when next week, so let’s get straight down to the stats that really don’t matter:

Gigs’ Stats: Make-up of the eight is not as clear-cut as you think

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 21 Stat. Declaration FINALS PERMUTATIONS ABOUND IN FINAL SENSATIONAL ROUND As the man who inspired Ben Cousin’s torso markings once said, “so it’s come to this”.  The Pies will finish third, the Bulldogs will finish fourth and Essendon and Hawthorn will play off in a virtual elimination final.

Fifth Test, Day 1: Gasometers and elephants make for intriguing final Test

By Andrew Gigacz The Oval is a ground that always makes me think of the North Melbourne Footy Club. It was the scene of the so-called “Battle of Britain” in 1987 when Donald McDonald, Alistair Clarkson and their North mates “went the knuckle” in the post-season exhibition match against Carlton. Ian Aitken’s jaw is still [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: St Kilda loss marks four weeks in a row that games have been decided after siren

TEAMS KEEP TRYIN’ EVEN AFTER THE SIREN By now most footy fans area aware that St Kilda’s dream of a lossless season came crashing down on Sunday evening when Nick Riewoldt’s post-final-siren shot sailed wide. What many may NOT be aware of is the fact that Riewoldt’s last-ditch attempt was the fourth time in successive [Read more]

Gigs’ stats: Easton, Western and all points in between

MAKING UP THE NUMBERS Making up the numbers is something I’m often accused of doing but it’s looking increasingly likely that one of Port Adelaide, Sydney, Essendon or Hawthorn will be doing just that come the first week of September. And the battle to avoid the top eight is really hotting up between those four [Read more]

Fourth Test, Day 1: Australia dominates as Marto has eyes for only victory

By Andrew Gigacz With Australia 1-0 down, and two Tests to play, in preparation for Day 1 at Headingley I asked myself what are the important issues confronting us? I came up with four. Will it rain? Will Freddy Flintoff be fit enough to play? Will the Aussie selectors finally see the light and give [Read more]

Fourth Test: Australians dominate as ‘Marto’ has eyes only for victory

  By Andrew Gigacz   With Australia one-nil down, and two Tests to play, in preparation for day one at Headingley I asked myself what are the important issues confronting us?   I came up with four. Will it rain? Will Freddy Flintoff be fit enough to play? Will the Aussie selectors finally see the [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Tigers, you can still make the eight; Seven, you can jump in the lake

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 18 Stat. Declaration STATITORIAL – SEVEN PLUS TEN EQUALS A PRIME TIME NUMBER How do I hate thee, Channel Seven? Let me count the ways. Too many ways to count probably, but 10 seems like a good starting number. Presented with their second opportunity of the season to show a game live [Read more]

Third Test, Day 5, Parts 1, 2, 3: Credit to the Australian batsmen. Now about the bowlers …

By Andrew Gigacz It’s a seemingly lost cause for Australia as Day 5 begins: 25 runs behind, 2 wickets down and 28 overs gone, which means it’s going to be Swing O’Clock for the English bowlers as soon as play gets under way. PART 1: TWELVE HOURS BEFORE STUMPS I’m writing this at 3:45 pm, [Read more]

General Footy Writing: This solution to the problem of tanking is way out of left field. But it might just work

By Andrew Gigacz Last Sunday Melbourne became the first team to drop out of the finals race. Mathematically speaking, that is. Yes, for Freo or North or a bunch of others to make it, an extraordinary sequence of events would have to unfold. But the fact is that right now, before Round 18 commences, only [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Hey, 4.16, did anyone ever tell you you’re mathematically beautiful?

RIVALRY ROUND LOSERS PROVIDE A TOUCH OF NOSTALGIA With St Kilda providing stats and facts galore in their record-breaking season, it’s nice to be able to report that the beaten Blues, the down-and-out Demons and the wasteful West Coast provided some statistical news for us this week. The three sides provided us with some classical [Read more]

Gigs being Gigs: Bad puns are a way of life

Andrew Gigacz   In the latest edition of “The Monthly Knacker” we pull no punches and ask the hard questions about footy:   What makes Darren Jolly? Crumbling bones. Is there Dust in Fletcher? Why doesn’t someone mark McVeigh? Will Thurs field? Is it true that Eddie Betts? Was Luke Beveridge’s middle name really Warm? [Read more]

AFL Round 16 – Gigs’ Stats: the stuff of dreams

by Andrew Gigacz   The last two weeks have had it all with several important pieces of the statistical jigsaw falling nicely into place. Last week it was the first one-point game of the year and the first 100+ point result and this week we had every stat-head’s dream: the draw!   TIGERS AND NORTH [Read more]

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 15 Stat. Declaration

THIS IS WHAT I WANTED. BUT IT’S NOT WHAT I WANTED. Regular readers of this column will be aware that I have been lamenting throughout the season the fact that we have had no one-point margins. Well my prayers were answered on Friday night. The one point game finally arrived. BUT DID IT HAVE TO [Read more]

The Richmond Question: What are you afraid of Caro?

By Andrew Gigacz   Caroline Wilson’s call for Kevin Sheedy to remove himself from the running for the Richmond coaching job (The Age, 8th July, 2009) highlights a number of issues. Firstly, Wilson suggests that Sheedy’s decision to put his hand up for the job is potentially divisive to the club. If that is so, [Read more]