Poetry: Twilight by Andrew Gigacz

Twilight   by Andrew Gigacz     Footy is not for Twilight   Footy is for Highlights and Lowlights And Friday night Floodlights   Twilight is not for footy   Twilight is for Goths For Stephanie Meyer and Bella Swan   It’s not for footy   Twilight is for teenagers and Kristen Stewart It’s for [Read more]

Round 10: Gigs’ stat declaration

By Andrew Gigacz   With the World Twenty20 due to start this week, the mind of the sports fan is turning towards cricket. Of course in the quick-fix form of the game the focus is on runs, not wickets. And as if in anticipation of the event, Round 10 was full of runs of its [Read more]

AFL Round 9: What pain is that?

By Andrew Gigacz   When my son Oliver was about three, he took an interest in birds. Living near a park afforded us an opportunity to be exposed to all manner of feathered creatures. Many were easy to identify: magpies, kookaburras, rainbow lorikeets.   But Oliver has an eye for detail and he soon became [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Round 9

by Andrew Gigacz     Round 9 was officially Indigenous Round but it could have just as aptly been named Paradox Round. With St Kilda in danger of losing their first game of the season until deep in the last quarter against Brisbane, and Geelong relying on a post-final-siren miss by the Bulldogs Brad Johnson [Read more]

General footy writing: Away strips make me want to look away

By Andrew Gigacz It shouldn’t bother me but it does. On Friday night Hawthorn played away and wore a guernsey that was wrong on just too many levels. It was ugly – not just ugly to look at, but a representation of the ugliness that is modern footy marketing. Of course the AFL will tell [Read more]

Gigs’ stats: Round 8: Unbeaten pair in line for record

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 8 Stat. Declaration It appears that these are days of Dual Dominance. Last year, for the first time since 1936 and only the second time in history, we had two teams undefeated after eight rounds (Hawthorn and Geelong). It’s happened again in 2009, with St Kilda and Geelong both on eight wins. [Read more]

Gigs’ Stats: Gigs’ Round 7 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz     They say a week’s a long time in footy but what about 100 years? It was about this time last century that Geelong and St Kilda were the embarrassment of the VFL, becoming two of only three teams in history to lose to University by more than 50 points. Now, [Read more]

General footy writing: Chelsea’s pain is small fry for a Bulldogs fan

By Andrew Gigacz I’m not a big follower of soccer but I’m aware of the controversy surrounding Wednesday’s Champions League semi-final between Barcelona and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Conspiracy theorists say the referee was “encouraged” to assist in avoiding a second successive all-English final. Chelsea players, officials and fans clearly were in pain after getting [Read more]

You’ll be shocked by Richo’s anagram. Or maybe you won’t

  Andrew Gigacz’s Round 6 Stat. Declaration As we bask in the aftermath of the AFL’s (under-publicised) Star Wars Round (May the 4th, be with you) Geelong and St Kilda continue to dominate the data deliberation. Actually, when you think about it, there’s a strong link between Star Wars and the Saints. Luke Skywalker was [Read more]

The Bulldogs and that Other Side

by Andrew Gigacz Q. Why didn’t the athiest chicken cross the road? A. Because it didn’t believe in the other side.   At this time of year, it’s hard not to think about what lies on the other side. As we commemorate ANZAC Day and the leaves fall from the trees, thoughts turn to what [Read more]

How low can you go? Goals washed away in the rain

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 5 Stat. Declaration It’s only Round 5 but are we already seeing the men separated from the boys? Has the wheat already been sorted from the chaff? Has the cream already risen to the top? Can I use any more metaphors to say the same thing again? What I’m trying to get [Read more]

Round 1 Stat Declaration

By Andrew Gigacz Can we really glean anything from a Round 1 Ladder? Well if 2008 is anything to go by, the answer is yes. This time last year Hawthorn was on top and the Demons on the bottom. By the time the season was done and dusted, those two teams were still there. So [Read more]

Round 3 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz   The wash-up from round 3 is that we have 3 teams on 3 wins and 3 teams on 3 losses. For a man who was born on 3/3 at 3:33pm weighing 3.3kg (me), that can only be described as a beautiful set of numbers. (You see, I’m not a freak of [Read more]

Round 2 Stat Declaration

by Andrew Gigacz   It took 83 years before it happened for the first time and now it’s happened twice in a row. After the Bulldogs joined the League in 1925, there were no occurrences of St Kilda and the Western Bulldogs/Footscray both winning the first two games of the season until last year. Now [Read more]

Bulldogs not on free-to-air? No surprise there

By Andrew Gigacz Imagine if Adelaide were second on the ladder and they were playing in top team St Kilda in Melbourne. For Crows supporters it’d be a dream scenario. First v second live into their lounge rooms. Now imagine that the game was only available for viewing in Adelaide via Pay TV. You can [Read more]

Andrew Gigacz’s Round 4 Stat. Declaration

St Kilda dominated the stupid stats in this round. In a tribute to 100-gamer Sam Fisher, the Saints went postal. Their goal sequence across the four quarters was 5, 3, 4, 5. And of course we all know that 5345 is the postcode of Fisher in South Australia. Not only that, Fisher just happens to [Read more]

Hair we go again for Saints fans

by Andrew Gigacz St Kilda v West Coast. It’s over to Saint Ted’s house to watch the game. Arriving just before game time, I find the front door locked and no one inside. As I sneak into the backyard I am set upon by a big hairy dog with a leap at least as high [Read more]

Lyons’ monotone beats Swans monotony by Andrew Gigacz

One thing I’ve noticed about St Kilda’s playing style since Ross Lyon took over as coach is that it sort of reflects his vocal characteristics: a lack of flare. When Lyon speaks his voice lacks cadence. This is not to say what he is saying is not intelligent and insightful. Indeed, since he took on [Read more]

Beer and footy make for a pleasant Sunday afternoon

by Andrew Gigacz     Round 1 for the Doggies means a trip to Subiaco to play the Dockers. It also means I need to find a place to watch the game because it’s not on free-to-air. My moral compass (that, and my scabbiness) dictates that pay-TV is evil and shall never enter our household. [Read more]