Second Test, Day 5 Preview

by Andrew Gigacz

On a ground that has produced its fair share of tight finishes, the Second Test is poised on a knife-edge. My rule of thumb is that a team batting second in a Test needs a lead of 100 in the first innings to break even. On that basis, the Windies are well ahead and I’ll stick with them to cause an upset. Australia all out for 184 is my tip. What’s yours?

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Well, here we are. The Bulldogs have won a flag. What do I do now?


  1. Neil Belford says

    I am with you Gigs, I think the Hubris that surrounds the Australian cricket team will yet again be shown for what it is.

    I think the Windies should declare now though. There is no point them playing for a draw, they have to give Australia a sniff.

  2. Agree that they should’ve declaared, Neil. My controversial theory: Gayle batted on because he wanted to achieve the distinction of “carrying his bat”. If so, he’s got what he wanted but will it cost him the Test Match?

    My slightly updated tip: Aus all out for 217.

  3. With the Windies now out and Aust. needing 330 they will get them. Just like a one dayer now. Watch the ‘Boy Pont’n’. The wicket is still ok.(Australia aren’t that bad, they’re just not that good at the moment)

  4. Chasing 330, Australia 1/33. Multiply that by 10 and we’re in for a close finish!

  5. Ponting’s tactics and demeanour are worth criticism. His strength as a skipper has been big tons. The winning captain will be man of the match.

  6. Line ball at lunch

  7. Agree, Phantom.

    Gigs’ Lunchtime forecast: Australia 7/196 at stumps.

  8. I’m not sure Aust has the talent to chase the runs at 2/80. But the Windies probably don’t have the talent to bowl them out. Stumps: Aust 5/248. First ‘no chase’ since Melbourne 1974-75 when, by today’s standards the Aussies made an amazing decision not to go for it.

  9. Nearest the pin at stumps? I reckon 6/226

  10. Phantom’s Bid.

    Stumps will be when the umpire draws the bails. Anyone better that.

  11. Yes I can Phantom. Stumps will be when the umpires draw the STUMPS.

  12. Nerves jangling now.

    GIGS’ 4:44 4CAST: 7/206.

  13. Gigs, I think I have stumped you. No second prizes.

  14. I haven’t been stumped since Under 16s.

  15. Peter Flynn says

    Reasonable predictions above. It’s hard to chase (and score quickly) on Day 5.

    I reckon this has been a good 5-day Sheffield Shield match.
    Good because it has been competitive and close.

    Conservative declaration from Gayle who otherwise has captained rather well.

    The Aussie bowling attack is popgun. This is made worse because the part-timers are unable to bowl through niggles.

    It’s all about seizing the initiative. Neither side (at the time of writing) have been quite good enough to accomplish this.

    I don’t like the referral system. Howlers will still occur.

  16. Gayle has called it. As the fielding captain, I’d never give up a match until there were less balls remaining than wickets required.

    I reckon Channel 9 paid him so they could go to the News.

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