Everday Obituaries: John Dalton O’Donnell

I was at this funeral, to send off John O’Donnell. It was a magnificent day. Dips O’Donnell’s eulogy of his much-loved father is one of the finest I have ever heard. JTH

Round 16 – Geelong v Sydney Swans: Kerplunk!

Dips, with old mates and exchange student in tow, watches the Crème Caramel served up by the Cats and decides that the Great Ocean Road is much better viewing.

Round 11 – Geelong v GWS: The Cats, a Cuppa and the Couch

Sunday morning bliss for Dips, a cuppa and watching the Cats replay when you know the score, oh and also being entertained by Stevie J.

Round 10 – Carlton v Geelong: If Shakespeare were a Cats fan

The Bard is back! Dips eyesight must either be the one sense that’s not working, or else it’s the only one that’s working right.

If James Joyce Followed Geelong

He always makes the right choice, does Dips O’Donnell.

The Call of Stawell

Dips continues the time honoured tradition of Stawell, the gift, family, friends, good yarns.

A Conversation With Eddie

Dips encountered logic in a Hawks v cats conversation with Eddie that is priceless

The Queen is Dead. Long Live the Queen.

The angst of a youthful loss is not lost on Dips

The Martian

Dips has been reading. And thinking. And teaching. When our moment comes, how will any of us perform under pressure? Can we prepare for it? Can we teach for it? [All the best, Kate – Ed]

Geelong’s Best Side in 2016: Discuss

With the recent signings of Dangerfield and Selwood, Cats supporter Dips O’Donnell names his best 22 for the Cats next year, thoughts Cats fans?

The Dartslow

It was a gala night. Or maybe just a night for galahs. The Almanac Brownlow Darts competition has again been run and won. Could anyone knock off the Champ?

Finals Week 1 – Western Bulldogs v Adelaide: Dog Day Evening

Dips knows “football as it should be played” when he sees it. It’s a game that sparks spontaneous eruptions of noise. It’s a game that crackles with the possibilities of David Campese, of Keyser Söze, of Dirk Diggler, of Mohammed Ali…

Smokie Dawson (or Smokey Dawson)

Dips O’Donnell lays down a challenge to all Almanacas to get a table at the Footy Almanac Grand Final lunch full of Smokey or Smokie Dawson’s.

Old buggers’ footy: To the Punt Road end

It’s never too late. Dips O’Donnell plays a proper game of footy on the MCG (before the North v Melbourne match). Here’s how it came about and how it unfolded. [Classic – JTH]

Round 18 – Geelong v Brisbane: Forgotten Pleasures

School hockey, Marty Ward’s Mum’s oranges, icepacks. They all held more interest for Dips O’Donnell than a regulation win by the Cats last weekend.

The Ashes 2015 – Third Test, Day 2: Aussie shirts need more Starc

Dips O’Donnell reviews Day 2 of the Third Ashes Test at Edgebaston, another distasterous day for the Aussies.

Round 12 – Geelong v Melbourne: Purgatory. It’s a Little Detour.

Cats supporter Dips O’Donnell has come to the conclusion that the Geelong Football Club are in purgatory, after their loss to the Dees.

The Story of a Cat

Footy is about many things. For many it is about family. As Dips O’Donnell goes to watch his Cats this weekend he reminisces how he became a Cats supporter and the intriguing story behind it.

Round 6 – Collingwood v Geelong: Observations from Friday Night

Dips O’Donnell was flat out observing his Cats last Friday night. There was a lot to see.

Round 4 – Geelong v North Melbourne: Mr Potato Head

Dips O’Donnell releases some of the frustration of watching the Cats in recent times.