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Definition of ‘Blockbuster’:


1 – A large hammer used to splinter a solid ice block.


2 – A game of AFL Football. The game could be played anywhere between any teams for any reason in front of people or in an empty stadium. For example, derivation:  ‘Chinese blockbuster’ – a game played in China.


From the ancient Greek word ‘bloc’ – meaning a group of people or things. And from the ancient Hebrew word ‘bustum’ – meaning a funeral pyre. Literally – a group of funerals.


Colloquially – a pile of faeces.


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  1. Antsy today Dips?

    I conclude that you are not a fan of the blockbuster tag.

    If I can make an admission, I’ve never really understood it. When is a game deemed a ‘blockbuster’?

    And while you’re at it,what do you understand by the term ‘marquee player’? Cananyone help me with that?


  2. I’m with you Dips.

    When I was a boy there were models, like Elle. Now these don’t exist and there are only “supermodels.” Can you imagine the shame of turning up to the pub with only a “model” on your arm?

  3. “Blockbuster” means an old footy star like Gary Ablett Snr or Peter Knights now seen only on old VHS tapes.
    “Marquee Player” is a star player who often goes missing in big games. Like Buddy in Grand Finals. “He’s out the back in the marquee”.

  4. JTH – marquee is a French word meaning tent. So a marquee player is a player in the tent, or more precisely in on the joke, part of the scam, “in the know”.

    Hope that helps.

  5. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Does anyone know the way, did we hear someone say
    (We just haven’t got a clue what to do)
    Does anyone know the way, there’s got to be a way
    To blockbuster

  6. Swish, I think the appropriate retort is…’Sweet!’

  7. “Block” = to defend.
    “Buster” = broken; stuffed; had it.
    Collingwood Richmond Blockbuster. Thank god for truth in advertising.

  8. PB yes last night’s blockbuster was not much chop as a spectacle. But wait until tonight’s BLOCKBUSTER between the Geelong Cats and the Hawthorn Hawks..

    Its going to be SCHUGE!

    I’m tipping 6 goals each.

  9. Daryl Schramm says

    Very droll Dips. Very droll.

  10. Kevin Densley says

    Disarmingly left-field, Dips!

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