Round 7 – Brisbane v Port Adelaide: You’ve gotta love an upset

You’ve gotta love an upset

Brisbane vs Port

Gabba 4.40pm


There is nothing better than a big upset to get people talking about the weekends’s footy. For many they are cursing as they have lost a valuable footy tip whilst for others there is cheering as they have come good with an ‘out there’ bet that has reaped some big rewards. For the supporters of the teams that have created the big upset there are high fives all round, whilst for the supporters of the favourites, they lament a loss that could cost them a position or two on the premiership table at season’s end.


Over the last couple of weeks there have been some big upsets with the likes of the Western Bulldogs winning away at Sydney only to be topped by the GWS beating the reigning premiers the Hawks. So as I was getting cosy on my couch ready to watch the Lions and Power Sunday twilight match, I was hoping that my Lions may cause the upset of the round, but deep down thinking that if we were competitive and didn’t lose by more than 5 goals it would be a respectful performance.


During the week new Lions recruit Dayne Beams gave a press conference emphasising that the Lions can learn a lot from their opponents this week, the Power, especially how they have turned things around quickly over the last couple of years from being premiership table cellar dwellers to premiership contenders. There is no doubt that Beams was trying to look for positives from what has been a poor start to the year by the Lions, whilst also trying to justify that his move up north will still see him playing finals soon.


Even before the start of the game was it was interesting from a Lions supporters perspective. Gone was the traditional banner for the players to run through, replaced by a new inflatable Lion archway named Brion. Not sure whether it increased fan engagement but it definitely gave the Lions cheer squad a couple of hours off this week rather than sticking crepe paper together with sticky tape. James Aish was also a late inclusion which added even more intrigue to whether he will stay with the Lions at the end of the season after what could only be called peace talks occurring between his manager, himself and the Lions earlier in the week.


The first quarter was fairly predictable. The Power playing with more system, run and flow whilst the Lions are being competitive but their skill level is letting them down when going into their forward line. It is apparent that the Power have more options up forward compared to the Lions and are the more skilful and talented team. It is only some inaccurate kicking by the Power and a late goal by Green near the boundary line that keep the Lions close at quarter time.


Coach Leppitsch must have said something during the break because the Lions are starting to run the ball a lot more at the start of the second quarter and their tackling pressure is high. Their intensity at the ball is excellent which causes the Power players to rush their disposals and make mistakes. Some Lions players like Zorko, Taylor and Green that have been missing since the start of the season, are getting their hands on the ball and running hard. Rich is playing a pivotal role as the link up man and is involved in some form or another with the goals the Lions score. The Lions kick five unanswered goals whilst Port are missing easy shots. It has been the best quarter of footy by the Lions this year and they lead by 21 at half time. There is a standing ovation as the Lions run off the field.


It would be expected that the Power would come out hard at the start of the second half but with the rain lightly falling the Lions have picked up where they left off in the second term pretty much dominating the play. When Jed Adcock bombs a goal from 60 metres out the Lions are up by 27 points. I now start to believe we can upset the Power and I think the Lions players think they can too. This thought is quickly extinguished as Angus Monfries kicks two goals. The Power are coming back like a so-called premiership contender should, whilst the Lions are starting to make some mistakes around the ground like a team at the bottom of the ladder does. Even though Lester is tagging Gray, he is still getting plenty of possessions and clearances, keeping Port in the match.


There is still belief in the Lions players as they continue to go in hard. Daniel Rich typifies this with a huge hip and shoulder on Wingard. The Lions are placing intense pressure in their forward line which enables Mitch Robinson to kick his second goal. There is some feeling in the game with some spite between the players. The Lions are playing with some spirit tonight. They are not going to be bullied around. A crumbing goal to Dayne Beams after Zorko tries to take mark of the year and the Lions hold their advantage. The Power have their chances at the end of the quarter but miss some easy shots to be 25 points behind at three-quarter time.


The Power again miss some chances at the start of the final quarter. This could be the Lions’ night. The Lions continue to run, apply pressure around the contested ball and are showing what they are capable off when they take the play on. Cracks have again appeared in the Power’s game plan when pressure is applied to them just like last week when they played the Eagles. Lester takes a strong grab and scores a goal. Rich follows on soon with his beautiful left foot sending it through the two big sticks and then Lewis Taylor kicks around the corner to score another goal. The Lions are up by 44 points. It is party time at the Gabba with the Lions causing a huge upset. Rich has played his best game for the year, as has Mitch Robinson, Leuenberger and Lewis Taylor. And James Aish has found form again. Harris Andrews has shown why he will be a player of the future down back. Stefan Martin has been ever reliable and a linchpin in the ruck and Dayne Beams has had another workman like performance being the leading possession winner on the ground. Even Zorko has found some of his zip and run again.


As the final siren sounds the upset has been completed. It has been a great win by the Lions. At the end of the game Leppitsch says it has been the best win he has had as coach of the Lions and Hinkley suggests it is his worse loss as the Power coach. That is what upsets bring – jubilation from the underdogs and absolute despair from the favourites. Let’s hope there are plenty more upsets by the Lions this year.


Brisbane              1.2          7.6          11.8        15.12 (102)

Port                       2.3          3.9          6.13        8.17   (65)



Brisbane: Rich, D Beams, Robinson, Taylor, Martin

Port: Gray, Wingard, Boak, Monfries, Lobbe

About Andrew Weiss

Andrew is one of the few Brisbane Lions supporters that lives in the Adelaide Hills. He still has bragging rights over any Crows or Port supporter by mentioning the back to back to back premierships the Lions achieved in 2001-2003. After playing for over a decade for the mighty Adelaide Lutheran Football Club better known as 'The Doggies' he now spends his Saturdays running around footy ovals as an umpire, getting abuse no matter what decision is made. Coaching is probably next on the agenda as his two sons have started to play the great game of AFL. Andrew is a sports fanatic who when not watching or reading about sport is teaching secondary students about Biology, Nutrition and Psychology.


  1. Comprehensive account of a surprise result (which proved rather expensive). Great to see the impact of Brion.

    No Brion, no Brisbane, I say.

  2. Brion, get stuffed! Well I suppose that he, she, it,

    Meanwhile, looking forward hugely to the Brisbane — Essendon clash this round.

  3. Peter Edwards says

    The Lions also have a name for the new mascot Lion – Roy (as in Fitz Roy).

    Great game – sad to see most of the Power supporters leave during the third quarter.

    Umpiring was OK – just inconsistent – decisions changed dependent on where it occurred n the ground.

    The whole team were at least 6 inches taller after the third quarter break.

    Harris Andrews is a champ – no wonder Eddie is screaming about the Academy players – wait till he sees the Hammer and Dawson!

  4. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Weissy a very enjoyable result and hopefully the stupidity of playing Aishy in the res is over.Port got ahead of themselves attitude wise,missed some easy goals,Brisbane got some confidence and all of a sudden the upset was on.Re the lion if acheer squad wishes to make a banner they deserve the opportunity otherwise use the lion which surely must be called Roy,thanks Andrew

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