AFL Round 12 – Fremantle v Brisbane: A Black day for Brisbane

This game was all about Simon Black, so the decision to sub him off left Lions fan Andrew Weiss ropable. Maybe it’s time to hand Voss the red vest and sub him out of the coaches box, he writes.

What will my memory be like in 10 years’ time?

I am one of those amateur football players who has been concussed on numerous occasions. What is my likelihood of ending up with a degenerative brain disease because of what occurred whilst I played football?

An editor’s cut that caused substantial bleeding

You have been led to believe that Andrew Weiss barracks for Adelaide in the AFL. He desperately wants you to know this is not the case.

Should footy fans take responsibility when things end badly?

After what has happened with the Kurt Tippett saga, Andrew Weiss asks Crows fans should take some of the blame for what has occurred.

I Introduce the Father – Daughter Rule

I introduce the Father – Daughter Rule In this day and age where there are at least two, three or four rule changes every year I have been thinking about something that maybe even the AFL have never considered (and probably never will consider) to help even up the game and probably change the game [Read more]

Simon Black – Champion bloke and a Champion Footballer

The word champion is used quite a lot in sporting circles these days, so much so that some commentators may say that someone is a champion player even though they have only played a handful of games. To try and distinguish between high quality players people will not just use the term champion anymore but [Read more]

Oh what a night……….

Oh what a night, late in March back in 91. That’s when the Crows story had began What a game and what a night…………..   Okay it’s not quite as good as the Four Seasons song but on an autumn Friday night at the end March it  was not only the beginning  of the 1991 [Read more]

There’s nothing like a prediction to get people talking

  by Andrew Weiss So the NAB Cup has finished and everyone is looking forward to the start of the season kicking off on Saturday night with a real blockbuster to start the year off, that being the Coathanger clash (well that’s what I am calling it) where the new boys in town the Giants [Read more]

Captain Oh Captain

by Andrew Weiss  Over the past few months there have been announcements of captains for various teams in the AFL, Australian cricket teams and even this last weekend in the A-league. For some it was just a temporary appointment, for others hopefully a long term position. Whenever captains are announced there is often quite heated debate [Read more]

A unique life member

  by Andrew Weiss In sporting clubs around Australia on honour boards within clubrooms there are names of people who have been given life membership at that particular sporting club. For some the achievement of becoming a life member may have been because of playing so many games at a particular level or playing for [Read more]

Optimism and hope are wonderful things

Optimism and hope are wonderful things As the new football season approaches and practice matches (that’s really what the NAB comp is) are about to begin every football supporter is optimistic about how their team is going to go in the coming year. Hopes of their team making the finals or even taking out the [Read more]