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Stereo Stories Three guitars

Also, we’ll continue to feature yarns from Stereo Stories: A Song. A Place. A Time. edited by Vin Maskell. This caters for the specific writing genre – the music and memoir style Vin prefers – outlined on the Stereo Stories site. It’s an excellent idea on an excellent site. Check it out.

Swans are live

With the Sydney Swans experiencing a somewhat unseen resurgence it feels appropriate to mention another bunch of Swans also making their own understated comeback this year. Born in the bowels of NYC in the early ‘80’s the band Swans, led by Michael Gira, have been unleashing their genre-defining sound on the world for thirty years [Read more]

Football writer

Apologies to Lennon/McCartney (I think it was the latter) Dear Sports Ed, won’t you read my stuff I can make a sentence, so I’m good enough Never really played much footy before Failed first-year law And now I wanna be a football writer Football writer Irony drips from my poison pen I can do cross-promos [Read more]

It was ‘A Hard Year’s Plight’

I wrote this piece last year during Richmond’s ‘winter of discontent.’ Losses to Port Adelaide and the Gold Coast had overshadowed some good early form in the season, and we were facing another lowly finish…. “It’s been a long cold lonely winter.” These words, penned by the late George Harrison, the ‘quiet’ Beatle, have been [Read more]

The battle for Melbourne’s soul: Sporting Capital or International City of Culture?

AFL Grand Final day 2009. A young Japanese tourist wandered down Spring Street, Melbourne, dressed in a fashionable clinging top with blue and white horizontals. She was quickly surrounded by Geelong fans, vying to have their photo taken beside her. An observer described her as “utterly, utterly perplexed”.

Vale Jimmy Little

I first heard Jimmy Little on the radio in 1963 singing Royal Telephone. I hated the song (which struck me as 3rd rate country gospel) but even then I recognised that Jimmy had a great voice. Royal Telephone wasn’t the first Jimmy Little song to be played on the radio. In NSW he had had [Read more]

Music and the footy – they go well together

  by Andrew Fithall “I love football and I love music. But I don’t like music at the football.” These were the words of the founder and self-appointed head of the Floreat Pica Society, Steve Fahey, when I had the privilege of sitting next to him at the Round 1 Collingwood Hawthorn game at the [Read more]

The Danihers

  by Rod Oaten It’s a long bow to draw the Port Fairy Folk Festival with the Essendon Football Club via the Danihers but seeing Anthony at the recent Festival, as I have for the last four or five years, sparked  up the grey matter and the writing bug. I’ve been a regular at PFFF [Read more]

Deeper Water

  by Andrew Starkie Growing up in the south-west, Labour Day weekend used to signal the end of summer.  The first icy rains and wind would sweep up from the Southern Ocean, turning the camping grounds at the Port Fairy Folk Festival into a sodden, bleak mess. This long weekend, Linda and I put the [Read more]

Tamworth 2

by Andrew Starkie   Our hostess has her head on the counter and appears to have nodded off.  Suddenly alert, she grimaces, runs her hand through her bed hair and focuses bloodshot eyes. Sorry darls… I’m a bit hungover…where was I? That’s right, here’s your key.  Towels are in your room. 

In search of a winning score

By Jeff Dowsing It’s fair to say the rocky relationship between sport and music is an obvious yet strangely elusive one.  Venture into any changeroom and protagonists will be plugged in, psyching themselves for battle.  What are they listening to?  I dare say nothing that relevant to sport.    Sure, rousing abstract tunes made for [Read more]