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Stereo Stories Three guitars

Also, we’ll continue to feature yarns from Stereo Stories: A Song. A Place. A Time. edited by Vin Maskell. This caters for the specific writing genre – the music and memoir style Vin prefers – outlined on the Stereo Stories site. It’s an excellent idea on an excellent site. Check it out.

In search of a winning score

By Jeff Dowsing It’s fair to say the rocky relationship between sport and music is an obvious yet strangely elusive one.  Venture into any changeroom and protagonists will be plugged in, psyching themselves for battle.  What are they listening to?  I dare say nothing that relevant to sport.    Sure, rousing abstract tunes made for [Read more]

Bring on your wrecking ball

  by Rick Kane I received a text from my sister’s daughter’s husband or as I like to call him, Glenn. They live up in the dry dusty heat of Port Headland. This is what he said. “How’s life in the big V? Wish I was there right now. I bet Melbourne is getting that [Read more]

Comfortably Numb

  A slow boat to China creeping southward from Keelung to Manila, slicing through the inside of the South China Sea, on the outside of the typhoon season, a long time ago.   Alone, together on a traditional but unique honeymoon, cocooned within a quaint two and a half thousand tonne refrigerated rust bucket carrying [Read more]

The flat white chord

  by Vin Maskell At first I thought the voice was coming through the speakers of the large, neat café, trying to be heard above the burble of lunch orders and the boiling, bubbling and steaming of the baristas at work. Then I wondered if a busker, carried away mid-song, had strayed in to take [Read more]

Link: Soul Train Tribute

Courtesy of Rick Kane. Don Cornelius, creator and host of Soul Train, has passed away aged 75. For a stroll through black American music and styles of the last 40 years just click below:

Into temptation: the extended mix

Vin Maskell presents an extended mix of a music pilgrimage story.   I’ve got to be careful when I visit the CD shop at lunchtime. I’ve got to make sure I don’t reach for my wallet every time I make my weekly visit. Down from the 16th floor, along Queen St, into Little Lonsdale, then [Read more]

Echoes and regrets: notes on 2011

Vin Maskell reflects on a handful of music moments   1 Seeing Clare Bowditch.  Hearing Clare Bowditch.  Seeing and hearing Clare Bowditch singing songs recorded by the late Eva Cassidy. Call it a tribute concert. Call it cover versions of cover versions. Call it a fine night of music. A very fine night, tinged inevitably [Read more]

Top Australian Albums of 2011

  by Andrew Fithall Last year I wrote about my top ten albums for the year, but there were no geographical boundaries. For some reason (probably the influences of my radio station of choice) this year my music perspective has become a bit narrower. This list is following that trend. My top twelve (couldn’t settle [Read more]

Off Season Odyssey Pt.5: Dreams, and One in 5,000,000.

  The trouble with an Off Season Odyssey is you don’t get a real break from footy. A day in Melbourne and I’m over it. My old mate, Gianpi, lines me up a week on a demolition crew, which is good, then we have a kick, because we’ve had a kick for 30 years, no [Read more]

Music and Melbourne Venues

The Tote goes on. This iconic music venue in Collingwood, previously closed and now re-opened, is celebrating thirty years of live music. On the other hand, the Prince of Wales Hotel in St Kilda was sold and so another live venue has a future under threat. But as former Age journalist and now Executive Officer [Read more]