What’s the difference between Swans and a flag?

Port Adelaide’s first quarter.

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  1. Earl O'Neill says

    Given how even these teams were supposed to be, that could be the most dominant AFL GF win I’ve seen.

  2. Still trying to make sense of what happened today. Your answer is as plausible as any. Like you I cannot remember such a resounding upset. The vindictive Crow in me says the answer is the two quality players that Tippett’s salary could purchase.

  3. I think that player Lou Codge was fantastic!

  4. Malcolm Rulebook Ashwood says

    The game was a win for ruckmen , S Mumford would be a happy man tonight

  5. But the Power only kicked 2.2 in the first quarter of their last GF appearance of 2007, which was one point less than the 2.3 the Swans managed in the first quarter of yesterday’s GF. Yep, a Power first quarter GF performance would have made all the difference yesterday – not!

    The Hawks were too good and too hard over the whole match. But at least the Swans didn’t roll over, put the cue in the rack, go into their shells, raise the white flag, run for the hills or go down by a record GF losing margin of 119 points.

  6. Love it Nyb!

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