VFL Grand Final – Port Melbourne v Richmond: The Borough win the VFL Grand Final

The Borough win the VFL Grand Final


I only saw the last five minutes of the VFL Grand Final, but what a courageous win it was for this proud “stand alone” club.


To think that Port Melbourne almost ceased to exist at the start of the 2017 season is a tribute to the whole club, especially the players and coaching staff who took a pay cut. And what about their fantastic supporters?


I presume most of the Port players have jobs to get to each day, as opposed to the professional Richmond group, and I’m sure their facilities don’t compare with Richmond’s, but they won by four points, a truly remarkable effort.



  1. The VFL grand final was an enthralling encounter, Rod.

    When Richmond kicked their last goal to go 13 points up I said to my son “That’s game over.”
    But the Borough kept coming and coming. Three late goals to snatch a memorable victory showed the importance of never giving up!!

    It pains me to say it, as an old Willy boy, but….well played Port Melbourne. A wonderful win.

  2. yep, and Dylan Conway kicked three goals in the last quarter after hardly having a touch in the first three quarters & Anthony Anastasiou kicked a nice long goal & bobbed up a few times during the game, both ex-Willy players, shades of 2011 when they beat Willy with Patrick Rose, Dean Galea & Shane Brewer all playing for the Borough against their former club, grrrrrrr

  3. Great to see the Burra win. talk about the phoenix rising from the ashes, with the club being skint at the start of 2017, finishing the year with a flag !!!!

    The VFL is not the VFA, the great competition that it was, but i still have a strong affinity with the Burras. That marvellous run of six flags in eight years, is a memory,but what a great memory. The years since 1982 have brought a few grand final appearances, but more so as runners up. Anyhow 2017 saw a triumph.

    Go Burras !!!!!


  4. It pains me to say it too but If you judge it on effort, desire and persistence, Port absolutely deserved their win. Richmond played in fits and starts as thought expecting that at any point they’d be able to shrug off their challenger. Big mistake in a GF. I know Sam Lloyd won the medal for best afield but I don’t think any of the Richmond players pressed a strong case for promotion this week.

  5. A famous victory!

    With a few notable exceptions not giving up was the hallmark of the Borough’s season.

    I was looking for changes in body language when Richmond went 13 points up, but the players remained composed and trusted each other and the game plan that got them to the GF.

    Bloody nerve wracking as a spectator though!

    I loved the comment from Port Melbourne’s captain Toby Pinwill in his victory speech: ‘There are two things Port Melbourne does well, play footy and celebrate!’

  6. Keiran Croker says

    I was there for the second half of the game. A famous win for The Borough! I was with a friend and his son who are Tigers supporters. I said to them that the better team won. It came down to belief versus talent. Port believed and never gave in. Top efforts from Toby Pinwell, Robbie Nahas and Woofinden. And clutch goals from Dylan Conway. Go the Borough!

  7. I grabbed The Age , Monday morning. The grand final write up spoke about Richmond; who played well, who was under a cloud, who missed a shot. You might surmise it was an interclub practice match because Port Melbourne ,and it’s players, were not mentioned. Compounding it the page with scores had a range of scores from different matches on the weekend, but NOTHING on the VFL Grand Final.

    Yes The Age is probably on its last legs, but this was PP. The Tuesday Age i obtained today does not have the Brownlow results, saying much about the demise of this paper.

    Port Melbourne, worthy premiers, sadly The Age can’t even cover it.

    Go Burras !!!!


  8. It was absolutely amazing to see Port Melbourne win. Brilliant to see a stand alone club take it out. Dylan Conway was pivotal when needed and Gary Ayres continues to show his worth as a coach.

  9. On ya Glen.

    I agree wholeheartedly with your comments about the media coverage, specifically Fairfax (Merde-och lite).

    When I was involved at PMFC we provided the media with as much information (statistics) as we possibly could to assist them in filing their stories. Invariably the following days print/on-line piece would gush about Player X (AFL aligned, returning from suspension/poor form/injury) pressing their claim for a spot in the “senior” team next weekend.

    Sadly those responsible for covering the VFL do not care for the stand alone outfits such as Coburg, Williamstown or Port Melbourne and makes Sunday’s win all the more sweeter. I’d go as far as saying it’s the best of the five premiership victories I’ve been fortunate enough to witness in my 39 years following this magnificent football club.

    Take a bow fellas your efforts this season have been sensational.

    September 24 2017, 1 October 2016 and March 13 1993 – a hat-trick for the true believers.


  10. Great to see Port manage to buck the inexorable trend of the VFL turning into the AFL reserves.

    What a cracking finish.

    We could only pray for something similar on Saturday.

  11. I got a letter in The Age today complaining on their coverage of the GF.

    Thanks for your comments

  12. Joe De Petro says

    Agree, Rob.

    Port is an old club with such a fantastic history and tradition. The AFL just doesn’t get it, Port had more fans there on Sunday than another club attracted to the G on Saturday.

    It was a well-deserved victory, even if I watched it through beer goggles.

    Well done to the Borough. It is a shame that the custodians of their club pulled the wrong rein in 1896. I have no doubt that they would be one of the biggest clubs in the land if that decision had been different.

  13. If I were a recruiter I would be recruiting ports entire back line or at least the back line coach to North Melbourne. Ports backs were stunning in that victory, so courageous and strong.

  14. Keiran Croker says

    Yes. The Age coverage was pathetic as was the ABC’s on Sunday night.

  15. The ABC didn’t promote the VFL even when they had the TV rights

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