Martin Tighe in the running for Archibald Prize

Congratulations to artist Martin Tighe on being short-listed for this year’s Archibald Prize.

Martin’s portrait , A familiar stranger,  is of ABC Classic FM  presenter Emma Ayres.

Also amongst the 54  finalists this year are portraits of  Adam Goodes, Nick Cave, Tom Uren, Torah Bright and Les Patterson.

Martin’s work has graced the covers of The 2007 Footy Almanac  (Paul Chapman’s Grand Final mark), The  2012 Rugby Almanac (Ben Barba running free) and Paul Daffey’s 2001 book, Local Rites (a lone player about to goal).

Martin  has entered the Archibald Prize on seven occasions; this is the first time he has been selected to be a finalist.


  1. E.regnans says

    G’day Martin,
    Congratulations on your recognition.
    It’s quite a leap, I imagine, to throw yourself into such a competition. Congratulations on submitting a piece in the first place. Good stuff.

  2. Cheryl Critchley says

    Congratulations Martin, that’s brilliant news and well deserved. Best of luck.

  3. Great work Martin

  4. Paddy O'Peace says

    Hearty Congrats Martin. To be sure, your painting of Chapppy deserved to win in 2007. Good luck this time. Emma is a great Broadcaster; my fav after Gerald Whately.
    Presumably unrelated to Gary.

  5. Congratulations Martin… look forward to seeing the painting when it comes to MPRG later this year.

  6. Joe and Anne Toscano says

    Happy for your success Martin You deserve it

    God Bless you and your endeavours

    Joe and Anne Toscano

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