The Sport and Enlightenment Debate: Angela Pippos

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  1. Thanks Angela
    I thought Michelangelo could have made it at Carlton had it not been for the draft penalties. He certainly had the prerequisite number of vowels to fit in at Princes Park.

  2. Hi Angela,

    It’s a good article to read and interesting! You describe positively about art and make distinction between sport and art.

    I’m thinking about writing an article about sport and art on this website, so reading relevant articles here. It’s good to see different points of views.

    All the best,


  3. Don Meadows says

    Good stuff Angela.
    But I reckon David could do with a decent preseason.

  4. Great work Ms Pippos. So many good lines, so many good arguments. I followed you, wanting more wine, then pizza, then I wanted to listen to Elton John (the early stuff of course).

    So much humour, wit and insight (and your editor has indulged you no, with as many semi/naked men as you can fit on a pin?)

    Most of all, you delivered a great punch line. How could the judges not vote for your argument?

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