The First Ever Almanac Psychological Profile and Questionnaire: 100 Quick Questions (No fence sitting allowed)

As we all know, the world is divided up into three groups of people; those that can add up and those that can’t.

I’m sorry, I’ll read that again.

The world is divided up into two groups of people; those that believe the world can be divided up neatly into two groups of people and those that think that this sort of stereotyping and categorising is overly-simplistic, naive and just plain silly.

Nonetheless, psychological profiling, used in many parts of corporate life, recruitment and personal analysis, is now forming a large part of areas like pre-draft testing to assess profiles, attitudes and reactions and give an insight into how a person should or could be managed.

Often, these tests ask people for a preference, usually between two options, occasionally both favourable but sometimes both unpalatable or difficult choices.

To assess the Almanac’s psychological profile and those of individual Almanackers, please see below a set of questions for your consideration.

There are no wrong answers, only your preference. (Actually, that’s not strictly right. For some, there are definitely wrong answers!)

Ginger or Mary Anne

Watts or Scully

The Godfather 1 or 2

Obama or Josiah Bartlett

Judd at West Coast or Judd at Carlton

Dim Sims Steamed or Fried

Life of Brian or Holy Grail

Lions 2001-2004 or Cats 2007 – 2011

Billy Ray or Miley

Cahill or Kewell

Oasis or Blur

Leggies or offies

Pacman or Space Invaders

Bruce or Dennis

Pete or Dud

JD Fortune or Jon Stevens

Chicken or Beef

Bill or Hillary

Turf or Matting

Pink Floyd pre-Wall or post-Wall

Prost or Senna

Springsteen or Dylan

ODI or Twenty20

Leno or Letterman

Pavlich or Nick Reiwoldt

Blackadder or Fawlty Towers

Led Zep or The Who

Corbett or Barker

Cake or Death

Nirvana or Foo Fighters

Mayweather or Pacquiao

Dickens or Twain

Saints ‘66 or Bulldogs ‘54

Clooney or Pitt

The Beatles or The Stones

Stewart or Colbert

Manning or Brady

James Brayshaw or Brian Taylor

Bill or Ted

Roger or Rafa

David Lee Roth or Sammy Hagar

Tiger or Phil

Clarke or Smith

Gronkowski or JJ Watt

Stone Roses or Happy Mondays

Man U or Man City

Cherry Ripe or Bounty

Bush Senior or Junior

Ablett Senior or Junior

Billy Bragg or Wilco

Flake Battered or Grilled

Murray or Henman

Judd or Hodge

Sgt Peppers or Revolver

City or Victory

Affleck or Damon

BBQ Sauce or Tomato

Tambling or Buddy

Scott or Norman

Lyon at Freo or Lyon at St Kilda

Burger with Beetroot or no Beetroot

Joy Division or New Order

Tuck or Bartlett

Tarantino or not

Slats or Heals

Rogers or Any other opening partner for Warner this Ashes series

Kobe or LeBron

Hawaiian or Capricciosa

Liam or Noel

Asteroids or Galaga

Ayers or Langford

The Bends or OK Computer

Giants or Suns

Colonel Blake or Colonel Potter

Hewitt or Rafter

Steve Waugh or Mark Waugh

Crowe or Jackman

Eddie Izzard or Louis CK

Dal Santo or Hayes

Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones

Rose Byrne or Cate Blanchett

Kanye or Jay Z

Heal or Gaze

BJ or Trapper

Chappell I or Chappell G

Mets or Yankees

Ingles or Exum

The G or Etihad

Dermie or Dunstall

Klay Thompson or Stephen Curry

Maccas or HJs

Perkins or Hackett

Bogut or Longley

Tomic or The Poo

Rabbitohs or Roosters

The Office UK or US

Woody Allen or not

Ponting or Steve Waugh

Red or White

Warner or Watson

About Sean Curtain

"He was born with a gift of laughter, and a sense that the world was mad". First line of 'Scaramouche' by Sabatini, always liked that.


  1. Ginger (and twice on Sundays), Scully, Godfather 1, Jed Bartlett, Juddy WCE, Fried Dim Sims, Life of Brian, Cats 07-11, Billy-Ray, Kewell, Oasis, Leggies, Space Invaders, Dennis, Pete, Jon Stevens, Chicken, Bill – the original Big Dog, turf, pre-Wall Pink Floyd, Senna, Springsteen, ODI, Letterman, Riewoldt, Blackadder, Led Zep, Barker, Cake, Nirvana, Pacquiao, Twain, Bulldogs ’54, Clooney, Beatles, Colbert, Archie Manning every day (nyuk, nyuk), JB, Bill, Roger, DLR, Tiger, Smith, The Gronk, Stone Roses Man City, Bounty Bush Sr., Ablett Sr., Bragg Battered flake, Henmann, Hodge, Revolver, Victory, Damon, BBQ sauce, Buddy, Norman, Lyon at St Kilda, WITH Beetroot, New Order, Tuck, Tarantino, Heals, Rogers, LeBron, Hawaiian, Noel, Galaga, Langford, The Bends, Giants, Potter, Rafter, S Waugh, Jackman, Izzard, Hayes, Breaking Bad, Rose Byrne, Kanye, Gaze, BJ, Chappell I, come on out and MEET THE METS, baby!, Excum, The G, Dermie, S Curry, who doesn’t love some HJ?, Perkins, Bogut, the Poo, Rabbitohs, the Office UK, Woody Allen, S Waugh, Red, S Watson.

    Good luck collating these…

  2. Dave Brown says

    As a vego I am unable to answer three of these questions. Is neither allowed (also handy to use for Victorian and Mancunian soccer teams)?

  3. Thank you Steve, I’ll see where you fall on the profile

    Dave, respect your inability to answer on cultural grounds, happy to mark you out of 97. However, others must be completed!

  4. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ripper Sean

    And when you are finished playing along at home, you might try this one

  5. Georgie Howitt says

    Ginger; Scully; Godfather 1; Judd @ Carlton; friend dimmies; Holy Grail; Cats; Billy Ray; Kewell; Oasis; Offies: Space Invaders;Dennis; Dud; Jon Stevens; Chicken; Bill; Turf; Pre-Wall; Senna; Springsteen; ODI; Letterman; Reiwoldt; Blackadder; The Who; Corbett; Cake; Fooies; Mayweather; Dickens; Saints 66; Clooney; Beatles; Stewart; Brady; BT; Bill; Roger; David Lee Roth;Phil; Smith; Watt; Stone Roses; Man U; Cherry Ripe; Bush Snr; Ablett Jnr; Wilco; Battered flake; Murray; HODGE; Revolver; Victory; Affleck; BBQ; Buddy; Norman; Lyon at St Kilda; No beetroot; new Order; Tuck; Tarantino; Heals; Rogers; Le Bron; Capricciosa; Noel; Galaga; Ayers; The Bends; Suns; Colonel Blake; Rafter; Steve Waugh; Jackman; Eddie Izzard; Hayes; Game of Thrones (that’s a Sophie’s choice if ever there was one); Cate Blanchett; Jay Z; Gaze; Trapper; Chappell I; Mets; Exum; The G; Dermie; Stephen Curry; Maccas; Hackett; Longley; The Poo; Roosters; Office UK; NOT Woody Allen; Ponting; Red; Watson.

  6. Swish, oh dear, my apologies for any unwitting plagarism. (Can give you a song writing credit like Tom Petty got last week?)


  7. Phillip Dimitriadis says

    Sean, a veritable myriad of pop culture references here. Great work compiling this list. It’s somewhat biased, but what list isn’t? Here goes: Mary Ann (The Shorts), Scully, GF1, Obama, West Coast, Fried, Brian, Cats, Billy Ray, Cahill, none, Leggies, Space Invaders, Dennis, Dud (The Laugh), Chicken, Bill, Turf, Pre-Wall, none, Springsteen, none, none, Riewoldt, Blackadder, The Who, Barker, Cake, none, none, Dickens, Bulldogs54, Clooney, Beatles, none, none, none, Bill, Rafa, DLR, none, Smith, none, Happy Mondays, none, none, none, Ablett Snr, Billy, Flake battered, none, Hodge, Sgt Pepper, none, Damon, Tomato, Buddy, none, none, Hold the Beetroot, New Order, Bartlett, Tarantino, none, none, none, Capricciosa, none, Galaga, Ayers (Player only), none, none, Potter, Rafter, S.Waugh, Crowe, Louis CK, Hayes, none, Cate B, none, Heal, BJ, T Chappell, none, none, G, Dermie, Curry, Maccas, Perkins, Bogut, The Poo, Rabbitohs, none, Woody Allen, Waugh, Red, Warner.
    The none’s were not fence sitting. Just a case of really disliking them equally! PHEW !!!

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    The more the merrier Sean, great minds think alike/fools never differ.

    And hardly any overlap, any up for a Venn diagram ?

  9. Neil Anderson says

    Too much Sofie’s Choice and ‘which child do you love the most’ questions for humble Almanackers to answer. I feel you’re messin’ with our minds.
    The only answer I was sure of was Bulldogs 54, and even then I thought it was a trick question.

  10. Had to do some googling: Mary Anne, Watts, Godfather 1, Bartlett, West Coast, Fried, Holy Grail, Lions, Miley, Cahill, Blur, Leggies (talking footy still, right?), Pacman, Dennis, Pete, Stevens, Pass, Hillary, turf, post-Wall, Prost, Dylan, Twenty20, Letterman, Pavlich, Blackadder, Led Zep, Barker, cake, Nirvana, Pacquiao, Dickens, Dogs ’54, Clooney, Beatles, Colbert, Brady, Brayshaw, Ted, Rafa, Lee Roth, Phil, Clarke, Watt, Stone Roses, Man City, Cherry Ripe, Bush Senior, Ablett Junior, Billy Bragg, Battered (is always better), Murray, Hodge, Revolver, City, Damon, Tomato, Tambling, Scott, Lyon at St Kilda, Beetroot, Joy Division, Tuck, Tarantino, Heals, Rogers, LeBron, Pass, Noel, Galaga, Ayers, The Bends, Giants, Potter, Hewitt, Steve Waugh, Jackman, Izzard, Hayes, Game of Thrones, Rose Byrne, Jay Z, Gaze, BJ, Chappell I, Mets, Exum, The G, Dunstall, Thompson, HJs, Perkins, Longley, The Poo, Rabbitohs, UK, Woody Allen, Steve Waugh, Red, Warner

  11. Thank you Sean for allowing me to mess with my mind and for including a wealth of Hawks references. Here are my considered responses:

    1. Ginger 2. Who are they? Have they done anything of any significance? 3. The Godfather 1 4. Obama (The West Wing, like Mad Men was over-rated to the extreme) 5. Couldn’t raise my interest to even consider 6. Have never had a dim-sim 6. The Meaning of Life 7. Lions 2001-2004 8. Miley 9. Cahill (this week) 10. Blur 11. Offies 12. Who cares 13. Dennis 14. Pete (can Dud even be compared to him) 15. This is surely a joke question, and by offering an answer you are immediately disqualified from having a serious opinion on anything 16. Beef 17. Hillary 18.Turf 19. pre-Wall (but barely worth considering … a Rush question would have been more enlightening) 20. Proust 21. How can you compare these two? It’s obviously Dylan. Dylan’s only comparison in music is surely Hank Williams. Next time compare Dylan to Dylan Thomas or Ezra Pound or Proust 22. Twenty20 (it goes faster and is over sooner) 23. Leno couldn’t clean Letterman toilet 24. The Pav 24. Fawlty Towers 25. Having finally ‘got’ Led Zep after listening to the Jimmy Page remastered albums released in 2014 it’s a no-brainer. 26. Barker 27. Cake 28. Nirvana 29. I lost interest in people smacking the shit out of each other a very long time ago, about the same time I started to laugh at religion 29. Twain 30. Bulldogs ’56 30. Clooney 31. The Beatles 32. Jon Stewart 33. Brady (only because the Dolphins player wasn’t in the comparison) 34. This is surely another joke question. Get them both outa my sight and out of my hearing range 35 Great question! Keanu played Ted right? Him 36. Rafa 37. David Lee Roth coz he’s a right funny fucker 38. Tiger 39. Smith 40. No idea who they are 41. Happy Mondays coz they weren’t earnest (like, at all) 42. I don’t care 43. I don’t care for either 44. It would be an insult to our collective intelligence to respond to this question 45. Ablett Junior 46. Shouldn’t Wilco be compared to Son Volt? 46. Flake Grilled 47. Murray 48. Hodge 49. Revolver 50. Victory 51. Really? I have no opinion whatsoeva 52. See 51 53. Buddy 54. See 51 55. See 51 56. Okay, we’re back, it’s Burger with Beetroot 57. New Order 58. Tuck 59. Tarantino (his early efforts) 60. Raffle them 61. Rogers 62. LeBron 63. Capricciosa (presuming this question imagines we are still living in 1992) 64. Noel 65. Don’t care 66. Langford 67. OK Computer 68. Suns 69. Colonel Blake 70. Rafter 71. Steve Waugh 72. Crowe (one can act the other is called Jackman) 73. Eddie Izzard 74. Dal Santo 75. Breaking Bad (but def not if it was up against Justified) 76. Cate Blanchett 77. Kanye 78. Yawn 79. I’d prefer a question about Cheers or F Troop 80. Chappell I 81. Who did Costanza work for? That one 82. No idea 83. Are you kidding me? This is even being asked? The G 84. Considering I reckon the Hawks had a better 23 in Buddy play for them up until he hiked it to the Swans I’m gunna go for Dunstall 85. WTF? Is this a Who magazine quiz? Don’t give a toss 86. Obviously a question for those living outside Melbourne which is the best eating out city in Aust. A better question would be, Dannys or Mr Burger 87. Shane Gould 88. You can pick for me (I think me personality is coming through loud and clear) 89. The Poo 90. You can pick for me (I think me personality is coming through even louder and clearer) 91. The Office US (without a doubt) 92. Popular culture would be poorer without Woody Allen 93. Steve Waugh 94. Red 95. Dave Warner (musician and Almanacer)

  12. Ginger
    GF 1
    Judd EAGLES
    STEAMED Dimmies (only way to eat them)
    Life Of Brian
    Lions 01-04 (without it there wouldn’t be a Gold Coast Suns)
    Billy Ray (lesser of 2 evils)
    Oasis (at least their signature song isn’t flogged to death)
    Offies (both to bowl and to bat against)
    Pacman (prefer Tetris personally)
    Jon Stevens (especially pre INXS)
    POST Wall (just)
    Senna (Murray always said it better than he ever said Prost)
    ODI (haven’t watch a ball of the domestic T20 since it went franchise, don’t regret it)
    Letterman (just because he part owns a race team with Bobby Rahal)
    N.Riewoldt (if you took a kid to teach him how hard a CHF works, you’d watch him every time)
    Fawlty Towers
    Led Zep
    Foo Fighters
    Paq man
    Doggies 54 (think about why!)
    Stones (not that I would like to choose between them)
    Brady (Dan Marino was better, just never won it all)
    BT (he at least wants the Dogs in the competition)
    Clarke (think Smith may be another Ponting as a captain)
    Stone Roses
    United (if I really had to choose)
    Cherry Ripe
    Bush Senior (by that far it requires Morphine. Junior makes Abbott look like Churchill)
    Ablett Junior
    Battered (but I don’t eat fish)
    Judd (more dynamic)
    Sgt Pepper
    BBQ (particularly on a meatlovers pizza with additional chicken, pineapple and double cheese)
    Lyon at Saints (weren’t as stuck up as Freo are)
    NO Beetroot
    New Order
    Slats (by even further than the Bush answer)
    LeBron (I’d prefer Carmelo)
    Hawaiian (double topped)
    Suns (and that was before they poached a pig shooting ex-captain)
    Stephen Rodger
    Rusty (I mean, he’s an example of how to own a famous sporting team, not Mr Tinkler)
    Breaking Bad
    Jay Z (if I really had to choose)
    Gaze (at least he has an NBA ring, even if he sat in street clothes on the bench against the Knicks)
    GS Chappell (based on field as opposed to com box)
    The Hallowed Turf of the G (which I’ve been on, and barring injury will be on again this year on October 18)
    The Chief (that’s how retired footballers should look)
    Maccas (you get your order on the same day you order it)
    Luuuuuuuuuuuuuc (he did survive being with Dennis Rodman for 3 years after all)
    Poo (the chicks he pulled were better looking)
    Wusty’s Wabbits
    Office US
    Stephen Rodger Waugh (he never needed a night watchman in the last days of his test career)
    Warner (simply because Candice confiscated the hair gel)

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