Little Decisions Are The Kind I Can Make

Where do you stand on the Big Decisions of Life (past and present) ??

Pepsi or Coke
Public or Private
Rent or Own
Walk or Drive
Tram or Train
Choc Top or Popcorn
Boxers or Briefs
Chicken or Beef
Foxtel or Free-To-Air
AM or FM
Mac or PC
Bruce or Gerard
Kermit or Miss Piggy
Beatles or Stones
Meldrum or Wilkins
Elle or Karen
Benny or Dick
Faithful or Unfaithful
Heavy or Light
Red or White
White or Brown
Poppy or Sesame
91 or 95
Target or Big W
Coles or Woolies
Myer or DJs
Levis or Wrangler
Basia or Suzanne
Hitch or Mitch
CD or Vinyl
Manual or Automatic
Ford or Holden
Uni or TAFE
Scabble or Monopoly
Ian or Greg
Movie World or Dream World
Surfers or Noosa
Elvis or Elvis
Waverley or Colonial
Qantas or Virgin
Amscol or Peters
Big M or Farmers Union
Senior or Junior
United or City
Victory or Heart
Tigers or Giants
Tests or T20
Fish or Chips
Top Load or Front Load
Tomato or BBQ
Twisties or Burger Rings
Left or Right
Twitter or Instagram
Facebook or LinkedIn
Plasma or LCD
Stay or Go
Cat or Dog
Cup or Cone
Bradman or O’Reilly
Keith or Peg
Hird or Demetriou
Panini or Traditional
Trots or Dogs
Win or Each Way
Poached or Boiled
Fertilized or Unfertilized
Robert or Grant
Johnny or Joey
Blanket or Doona
Sandals or Thongs
Red Delicious or Granny Smith
Skinny or Full Cream
Pulp or Pulp Free
Butter or Margarine
Razor or Electric
Boards or Carpet
Reverse Cycle or Evaporative
Brick or Weatherboard
Knock Down or Renovate
Starsky or Hutch
iOS or Android
Tissue or Hanky
Spray or Rollon
Caro or Robbo
Birdman or Saints
Julia or Brian
Tea or Coffee
Cereal or Toast
North or South
Balanced or Growth
Contract or Permanent
Tote or Bookies
Cook or Takeaway
Flinders Street or City Loop
Smooth or Crunchy
Sugar or Sweetener
Pie or Pastie
Chocolate or Fruit
Make or Buy
Repair or Replace
Punter or Pup
Oasis or Blur
Gough or Malcolm
Fixed or Variable
Family or Career
Persist or Quit
Love or Hate
Illegal or Welcome

About Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt

Saw my first SANFL game in 1967 - Dogs v Peckers. Have only ever seen the Dogs win 1 final in the flesh (1972 1st Semi) Mediocre forward pocket for the AUFC Blacks (1982-89) Life member - Ormond Netball Club -That's me on the right


  1. Is ‘Bruce or Gerard’ the early dementia test question? Surely ‘Ford or Holden’ is redundant. “Benny or Dick’ means ‘drugs or sex’ right?
    I would suggest adding ‘Harms or ERegnans??’ as a question, but I want to continue being published.
    Great questions that surely reveal the secret of life, Swish. There are at least a half dozen that require ‘please explain’, but I guess that is true for all of life’s great mysteries.

  2. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Interesting as always Swish debate and conversation which could last a life time !
    Thanks Swish

  3. mickey randall says

    Swish. Brilliant. Very funny.
    With regard to Pie or Pastie, I’d argue that Sausage Roll is an equal consideration! Or does this reflect only upon my upbringing?

  4. Rick Kane says

    With your title I would have expected Paul Kelly or Don Walker, no? Speaking as a post-structuralist I would think we could have our cake and do any number of things with it. As Mr Randall observed in his response, I’d take the sausage roll.

    Great list, particularly for a myers-briggs personality test (popular culture edition) .

    Did I miss The Sopranos vs The Wire? Rocky vs Raging Bull? And so on.

  5. Ginger vs Mary Ann

  6. Ginger vs Mary Ann? I resign myself to be a Mary Ann man as I could never hope to keep up with Gingers pace. And that reminds of a great line from ‘Peep Show’. In sizing up two ladies he desires, ‘Stalingrad’ reading Mark strategises, “Tony is like Russia … vast, mysterious, unconquerable; whereas, Sophie is more like Poland … more managable, won’t put up too much of a fight.” Genius.

  7. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Peter – Hill or Emery (is everything sex or drugs to you?)

    Mickey – I’m with you on the sausage roll – Balfours or Gibbs? But the old bloke who was always on the exit gate at Richmond or Globe Derby only provided the other choices.

    Rick – never warmed to Chisel, Barnes lived on the wrong side of the Elizabeth Town Centre

    Sean/ T Bone – waddya got against Mrs Howell ?

    Book – Chokka or Bob?

  8. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Geez Swish you are talking about my hero and mentor v the man who’s name I have said more than any other in my life and I may have helped to publicise a bit over the years result 2 super stars in my book

  9. Luke Reynolds says

    Gerard easily over Bruce and definately Red Delicious over Granny Smith. Undecided on chocolate v fruit.
    Very entertaining list Swish.

  10. Thunder Road – original or acoustic?
    Now there’s a conundrum for every Bruce fan. I’m coming around to acoustic, with Jungleland as my choice for the full blown sax epic.
    I clearly prefer the steel guitar ‘unplugged’ version of Born in the USA. The drama without the bombast.

  11. Duck or God?

    Neither – always Lethal for me!

  12. Fantastic list Swish. Here’s my backup attempt…some from days gone by, most ridiculous.

    Spindry or wringer
    Cate or Nicole
    Geoffrey or Huge
    The money or the box
    Cask or flagon
    Wooded or unwooded
    Bill or Hillary
    Classic fit or slimline
    Cork or screwtop
    Chess or draughts
    Sydney or the bush
    Piers or Andrew
    Rooboy or duck
    Sea or tree
    Hawke or Keating
    Blanche or Hazel
    Bar or bistro
    Pipe or cigar
    Colour or B & W
    Deck or patio
    Clayderman or Kenny G
    Abbott or Costello
    Tim or Peter
    Fish or fowl
    Belt or braces
    Fried or steamed
    Manufactured or roll-your-own
    Fresh or frozen
    Happy Hammond or King Corky
    Bach or Handel
    Seaspray or Rosebud
    Tram or train
    Dome or the ‘G
    Collar or rollneck
    Plain or salt and vinegar
    Rain or shine
    Kevin or Julia
    Sink or swim
    Mouse or keyboard
    Monarchy or republic
    Death or glory
    Above or below ground
    Spa or jacuzzi
    Kardinia or Simonds
    Orange or green
    Pick a Box or Coles Quiz
    Beard or mo
    Wig or transplant (cough)
    Tabloid or broadsheet
    Jacko or Jacko
    Eddie or Joffa
    BT or Rex
    Bob Dyer or Jack Davey
    Cap or hat
    To be or not to be
    Pot or schooner…..

    So many difficult decisions & conundrums. Now I’m really confused.

    Cheers, Burkie

  13. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Ripper Burkie

    Don’t get me started on the number of times I’ve accidentally bought the Van Heusen slim-line instead of the classic fit.

    In the 70s it used to be
    Ram or Juke

    Now it is
    Uncut or Mojo

  14. The last two lines, Mark, are the most telling lines of all.

  15. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Vin, I’ve got a sh*tload of Roadrunner, Ram, Q, Uncut, Select and Mojo that I have never re-read, but would be happy to offload to a good home if you know one.

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