The Blessing of the Season (March 17 – all welcome)

Percy Jones cross legs


Malarkey Publications and The Footy Almanac invite all Drop-kicks, Misfits and Ratbags to huddle at the North Fitzroy Arms this coming Thursday (March 17) to be blessed by bon vivant (second) ruckman and pub philosopher, Percy Jones. You can see from the photo that Perc was a thinker from the start, right from the days when he called Hobart home.

The evening will include:

The Blessing of the 2016 football season.

The launch of the new edition of Play On, John Harms’s celebrated collection.


St Patrick’s Day festivities.

It will feature John Dunne who single-handedly turned the Geelong Cup into an international event, Lofty Longden who made the calling of the quaddie approximate an art form, and Percy Jones who’s lost count of how many premierships he’s played in at Carlton.

Come and enjoy a Guinness or two, sign up for the footy tipping, and the Tip the Top Eight comps, and be blessed. Stay for a countery.

6-7.30pm (and kick on), Thursday, March 17, North Fitzroy Arms Hotel, corner of Reid and Rae Streets, North Fitzroy. [email protected]  

Play On is available now. To purchase a copy:      [email protected] 

Join our Footy Tipping Comps.

                         Play On front cover final



  1. See you all there. My first Almanac function in far too long. The season launch is always a ripper! Can’t wait.

  2. Really looking forward to hearing from Percy. John Dunne and Lofty will be doing the Play On honours. Good to have the book out there again.

  3. On this day, upon the occasion of the 2016 season launch, and upon that of St Patrick’s Day, and upon the significant occasion of the launch of JTH’s Play On, let us celebrate and give thanks.

    Let us celebrate these terrific things. Moments; achievements.

    Let us celebrate all that brings us together and all that has been and all that is yet to come.

    To JT Harms and his vision of the Footy Almanac and his stewardship of the Footy Almanac and his ongoing efforts, let us give thanks.

    To readers and writers and comment-leavers, let us give thanks.

    To the spirits of thought and reason and creativity and story-telling and daring to have a go, let us give thanks.

    To all that is good around us, our families and friends, let us give thanks.

    Go pies.

  4. Neil Anderson says

    Amen to all that. We are indeed blessed.

  5. I used to work alongside Lofty. It will be great to catch up with the voice of Melbourne Racing Radio tote calls. He has a wealth of stories and is a magnificent bon vivant/raconteur. JTH – It probably goes without saying that he would have called the across the line Divs when Courting Pleasure saluted.

    @E.regnans: today of all days you choose Go Pies instead of slàinte to sign off with?

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