Join the Almanac AFL Footy Tipping competitions – options galore

G’day Tipsters


Time to sort out your tipping season.

The Almanac runs a few competitions which you are, of course, welcome to join:


(1) The Footy Almanac Tipping Competition 2016 – highly prestigious – cash prizes – JOIN HERE

Competition name is Almanac 2016.

Kids under 15 (at March 24, 2016) are free if a parent is a paid-up tipper. We don’t want to break the family bank.

Last year’s winner was the Reverend Paul Bauer, but he fessed up to not paying. So he retains his amateur status. Lisa Lennon, Hawker of Brisvegas, snared the cash. Popps was second. If you want some advice on tipping or The Bloods, Popps can be found most afternoons at the North Fitzroy Arms, the Almanac pub for 2016. I think just less than half the tippers paid – so this year we’re seriously considering a no pay no play clause. (Just put the cash in the account). Also, very keen for you to make your photo symbolic of the team you follow so we can make something of the Teams Event. Geelong keeps winning it. Teams score is calculated by adding the top 4 tippers from each team.


(2) The Time-honoured Footy Almanac Tip the Top 8 Competition

– pick the Top 8 in order as you think they will finish at the end of the home and away season



– $10 a go (EFT  with your name and ‘Top 8’)

To Malarkey Publications

BSB 633000

A/C 154103428


The Almanac also brings to your attention other competitions we recommend:


(3) I Tipped This

– this is a novel approach to tipping where things can change pretty quickly

– you can tip conservatively and add a point at a time for a tipped winner

– or you can take a risk and tip at the line for double points, but one point comes off if you lose

– so highest score for the round is 18 points, and lowest is -9 points.



 (4) Gig’s Brilliant Ladder Ladder Competition Email Gigs for more info and joining




  1. Just joined comp (1) as the 24th member.
    Collingwood stripes dominating – with 4.
    Year of the Magpie starting well.

  2. John Kingsmill says

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