Photo Gallery – Whitsunday Sea Eagles scoreboard

Sasha Lennon took some great shots of the Whitsunday Sea Eagles scoreboards. Always a lovely sight seeing the traditional scoreboards from community football teams. What are your favourites from around the country? Let us know and send in some photos.


A grey sky looms over the Sea Eagles scoreboard.

Photo by Sasha Lennon.


The Whitsunday Sea Eagles logo in full display.

Photo by Sasha Lennon.

The scoreboard and bench amongst the forest backdrop.

Photo by Sasha Lennon.


  1. There is a website dedicated to this very subject :

  2. Hi Gerry, Terrific website which is convened by two Almanac stalwarts Les Everett and Vin Maskell. I suspect you’ll eventually spot Sasha’s photos on that site too. Cheers JTH

  3. Hi John

    Yes I fritter away lots of time looking at that site, Vin Maskell operates the (now) electronic scoreboard down at my local ground, Burbank Oval, home of the Mighty Williamstown Seagulls

    Cheers, Gerry

  4. Good photos, Sasha. Keep ’em coming.
    Gerry, I bailed out of the scoreboard job at Willi a few seasons back, soon after it went electronic. I was spoilt in that old dusty, dirty tin shed on stilts scoreboard – king of my own castle.

  5. Mick Jeffrey says

    It gets it’s highest usage for the year in a couple of weeks in Mackay’s Lightning tournament which has often attracted Townsville teams (and we traveled up there one year, hard to do with 19 players).

  6. Ok didn’t realise that Vin, who has that important role now?

  7. Thanks Vin, I love a footy ground with a great backdrop. Regional Australia serves me well in that regard.

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