Almanac Cricket: Black Caps can teach us a lot

Bob Utber was delighted to sit up half the night watching a great contest of cricket with a wonderful win by NZ over India in their ICC World Cricket Championship match in the UK.

ICC World Cup Final-Australia v New Zealand: Bring on Lords!

Luke Reynolds realised a long-held dream of being at an ICC World Cup final. The day – in almost every regard – didn’t disappoint.

It’s the Black Caps’ division of labour I really enjoy

Brilliant teamwork has fostered the self-belief that has taken New Zealand to the cricket World Cup final for the first time, says Peter Cresswell. [Good to publish a Kiwi view – JTH]

2015 ICC World Cup – New Zealand v South Africa Audio

Missed the action from Eden Park in last night’s thrilling ICC World Cup semi final? Fear not! Keiran Deck’s summation of one of the most exciting semi finals will have you up to speed in no time.

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v Australia : “You’re Worse than England!”

It was a pretty special day at Eden Park, Auckland on Saturday… if you’re a Black Caps fan, that is. The ICC World Cup match between New Zealand and Australia had a classic finish. Peter Cresswell provides a much-needed Kiwi perspective of the match.

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v England: Who is Partying after the Match?

For all of the words you’ll read about England’s humiliating defeat at the hands of the New Zealand Black Caps in their World Cup match in Wellington yesterday, none will highlight their capitulation as starkly as this rookie cricket fan’s view of the match. “From the mouth of [cricketing] babes…”

ICC World Cup 2015 – New Zealand v Scotland: Thinking of My ‘Home Country’

Yoshi reports on todays ICC World Cup pool match between New Zealand v Scotland from the Shaky Isles. [Having a crack. Lovely to see – Ed]

Brendon’s Black Capped Imposter’s Set to Get Smashed by a Bunch of Sporran-Wearing South African Scots in Downtown Dunedin Before Dark

Archie delivers a magnificent overview of the Scottish side who are in the process of smashing the Black Caps at home…. possibly.

Blackcaps for Boxing Day

Looking ahead to next summer’s cricket fixturing, Pomborneit CC’s finest – Luke Reynolds – presents the case for the Windies to be relegated to support act, and for the Kiwis to be promoted to the big stage on Boxing Day.