The Merger Coda: The Birth of the Brisbane Lions

William Westerman concludes his account of the Fitzroy Lions/Brisbane Bears merger by placing it into its historical context and finds that, although it was ‘a tragedy, it was also the birth of something unique and special.’

The Merger Trilogy: The Room Where It Happened

The ultimate fate of Fitzroy in the AFL was decided by a group of middle-aged men in suits at Punt Road Oval, as William Westerman recounts in this conclusion to his trilogy marking 25 years since the first (and hopefully only) merger in VFL/AFL history was confirmed.

The Merger Trilogy: A Man Walked Into a Bar

It was 25 years ago that one of the most significant and earth-shaking events in the VFL/AFL’s 124 year history took place. William Westerman (author of ‘Merger’) has a three-part series on the machinations around Fitzroy’s path from proud original club to subject of administration and economic rationalisation. This is the first part of the trilogy.

Book Review – Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the tragedy of 1996 by William Westerman

Craig Horne reviews William Westerman’s book, Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the tragedy of 1996.

Almanac Books: The Fateful Season – Remembering the Fitzroy Lions and the Tragedy of 1996

William Westerman explains his motives for writing his book about the Fitzroy FC: ‘Merger: The Fitzroy Lions and the Tragedy of 1996’. Details for purchasing the book are provided.