Almanac Soccer: Why England’s football solution lies abroad

In the aftermath of England’s elimination at the 2016 Euros, Hamish Neal suggests that for England to really improve, more of their players must play abroad.

6-0. How two games eight years apart tell the story of modern football

Hamish Neal compares two games 8 years apart and the story within.

Almanac Soccer – Brendan Rodgers: So Close, Yet So Far

Dr Cruel has watched the going’s-on at Liverpool with great interest since Brendan Rodgers arrived at Anfield. After snatching defeat from the jaws of victory for the 2013/14 EPL title and some less than successful transfer calls, John W Henry and the boffins at Fenway Sports Group have decided that Rodgers is not the man to manage the Reds. As always, the good Doctor explains why he had to go. [Nicely balanced… for a Gooners fan! – Ed]

Almanac Soccer – The Goodfellas A-League and EPL Season Wrap (2014-2015)

With Melbourne Victory taking the local honours in the A-League and Chelsea claiming the EPL title, Dr Cruel and Stone Cold Steve Baker wrap up the seasons that were in Australia and English soccer. Gorn, GET IN!

City continues where it left off

By Tom Clarke Fans have barely regained their breath from the extraordinary ending to last season. But it is back again. Tom Clarke makes his Almanac debut as the EPL kicks off for Season 2012/13. He’ll keep us up to date with the world’s most popular League and invites comments and questions from readers. If [Read more]

Why May is the other September

I’ll admit straight off the bat that I didn’t see Manchester City’s winning goal last Sunday night. Even as a neutral observer with a leaning towards blatantly wanting to see Sir Alex Ferguson suffer I couldn’t take the tension and changed the channel to ‘Cheers’ where Sam had again got himself in to hot water [Read more]

For the love of professional sport

For the love of professional sport It’s easy to be cynical towards professional sport. I can be and I sense your average Almanacker (those old enough to be cynical) is a true believer who fears something is being lost. That our sports stars, clubs, franchises and competitions, have become distant, unaffordable, inaccessible, compromised, bastardised, less [Read more]

Hope and Glory

“The miserable have no other medicine.  But only hope.” William Shakespeare (not the glam rocker) Whoop it up Geelong and Manly fans.  And jubilant Sky Blues for that matter.  You may never see your team win the big one again! Ridiculous notion? Perhaps, but let me remind you lucky sods of the numerous dearly departed Demons [Read more]