Almanac Lacrosse – Under 19 World Championships: Australia 14 England 13 in quadruple overtime

Sudden victory or sudden defeat: coming to terms with a monumental struggle and its denouement.

Audrey Fithall (Australian Lacrosse player) fundraiser in Williamstown on June 19

Audrey Fithall has been selected in the Australian Under 19 Lacrosse side which is heading to the World Championships in Scotland. It’s an expensive exercise when there is no institutional support, and the girls are doing some serious fundraising. Here’s news of a cracking night in Williamstown on June 19.

Bec Lane Prepares to Take On the World

Scotland hosts the under 19 Women’s Lacrosse World Championships in July this year. One of Australia’s stars, Bec Lane, needs your help to get there. Andrew Fithall brings Bec’s story to the Almanac. [Hear Bec and others on 774 ABC Melbourne tonight – March 31]

Upcoming lacrosse finals around Melbourne

With footy finals going on all over the place, I thought I would bring to your attention another sport which has finals scheduled over the next couple of weeks. Lacrosse. Over the next couple of weeks, there will be lacrosse finals played all over Melbourne. Check out the roster to see if they are playing near you.

Lacrosse Under 18 National Championships

Sam Pang has been heard to describe netball as “basketball with all the good bits taken out”. Lacrosse is like hockey, but with a lot of good bits thrown in.

Cricket the social climber

You know what cricket reminds Peter Zitterschlager of these days: a school kid that’s desperately trying to make itself popular.

Lacrosse Under 15 Nationals

The women’s under 19 lacrosse world championships were held earlier this year in Hannover Germany. Of the twelve competing nations , the eighth placed was Haudenosaunee. This “nation” comprises players from the six nations of the Iroquois confederacy, and thereby represents the Native American origins of the sport. In the championship  final, at half time, [Read more]

2011 Grand Final: Anyone for Lacrosse?

“Oh. Is that all?” Helen wants some more to read. Monday morning. October 3. Helen and I have been for a walk along the foreshore – Scarborough to Trigg Beach. Perth. Western Australia. Our bodies and minds are still operating on Victorian time so when you wake at six o’clock in the morning, you may [Read more]

Victorian Women’s Lacrosse

Lacrosse is a very small sport in Australia. There are two forms – men’s and women’s – and the rules are quite different, with the men’s game being much more physical. My exposure to the sport has been limited to the women’s game, through my children’s participation, so this article is confined to that form [Read more]