Upcoming lacrosse finals around Melbourne

Lacrosse Finals Preview

With footy finals going on all over the place (except the Westpac Centre), I thought I would bring to your attention another sport which has finals scheduled over the next couple of weeks. Men’s and women’s lacrosse is played across the suburbs of Melbourne on winter Saturdays and Sundays. Over the next two weekends, the season culminates in grand finals across all junior and senior divisions.

This Saturday has the boys and men’s grand finals for all divisions except for State League (which is the top level) and under 18s, who will play their preliminary finals. The venue is Eltham Lower Park on Main Rd Eltham. Williamstown is well represented, playing in all seven games – five grand finals and two prelim finals. The day begins at 9am with the Under 13 grand final and culminates with the Division 1 grand final at 3pm.

At State League level Williamstown went through the season undefeated but as so often happens, lost in the first week of finals to Footscray. They have to win their prelim against Surrey Park to earn the rematch.

My interest is more in the women’s game – every Sunday I have been touring the suburbs along with my two 17-year-old daughters, Audrey and Ursula, who play for Williamstown. On Sunday two junior divisions and A and B grade seniors have their grand finals. The venue is Chadstone at the Percy Trevand Memorial Park in Chadstone Rd. First game (Under 13s)  at 9.30, the day concludes with the A grade grand final at 3.30pm.

My daughters have two preliminary finals to play. Their first is under 18s against Footscray. Footscray is another team who went through the season regular without a loss but were defeated in the second semi. Their valid excuse was the loss of arguably the best player in Australia for her age Bec Lane, with an ACL rupture suffered just a week ago. This is Bec’s second such injury (same knee) and she is going under the knife this week as the first step in being available for the under 19 world championships in Scotland next July.

My girls’ second game, immediately following the first, is the State League preliminary final against Newport. Williamstown defeated Caulfield in the first semi on Sunday while Newport went down to Footscray in the second semi. It would be a major upset if Williamstown got up, but they are there. If you would like some alternative sporting entertainment get along on Sunday.

Next Saturday, 20 September, the grand finals for under 18 girls and boys and State League women and men are all played at the same venue on the same day – back at Chadstone. The under 18 girls start proceedings at 9.45am and the final game, men’s State League, is scheduled for 3.00pm.

If you happen to come along this Sunday for the women’s games or next Sunday, 21 September, for the S/L and under 18 grand finals, seek me out. I would be happy to explain the rules and the game in general.

And just as I am when I watch the Pies, I am an expert and completely unbiased.


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  1. Andrew, Many years ago while teaching Phys. Ed. at Yarraville Primary School I was introducing a children’s version of lacrosse to the senior students. Soon after the start a car pulled off Francis Street and four young chaps got out and watched the class. After a while they came over to where we were and introduced themselves to me as members of the Footsray Lacrosse Club and could they help? I was rapt as they were fantastic, not only did they take that particular class, they took the other three I had planned that day, and they came back later that week and the next week as well. They were great and the kids loved it and at the time I think five or six loved the game so much they joined the club.
    I used to introduce lesser known sports to the kids every two weeks and get specialised help if it was possible from the state organisations like hockey, golf,rugby bowls and even Trugo with help from the local club, but those local lacrosse lads were the best.

  2. Andrew Fithall says

    Great story Rod. My girls were introduced to the sport as a factor of geography and friends of our family and have revelled in it. The Western suburbs are strong. Footscray well represented in finals in men’s and women’s finals. Williamstown is a bit different in that the men’s and women’s clubs are distinct entities. Both strong and well represented in the forthcoming finals.

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