Almanac Teams: The (not-so) Magnificent Seven (1980- )

From myopic sharpshooters to cross-code game winners, there’s plenty in Rodney Boyd’s team of more obscure Number 7s since 1980 this week.

The Final Grade for Karmichael Hunt

Callum O’Connor sizes up Karmichael Hunt’s AFL career and finds that the positives outweigh the negatives.

Karmichael Hunt’s Future In The Game

What should Karmichael Hunt do? He’s an elite sportsman and we should be seeing him at his best, writes Jackson Clark.

AFL Round 6 – Gold Coast v Fremantle: Saturday night’s for fighting, bad decisions, skill errors and 10km on Sundays

Once upon a time Fremantle were once known as a team of turnover merchants thanks to their high risk possession style in the early Gerard Neesham era. It seems that mantle has been passed on to the Suns.

The view from Shepparton

Karmichael Hunt you bloody ripper! I reckon that any one with an ounce of sporting blood in them would have thrilled at this great after siren winning goal. And I’ll be the first to admit it, I had argued, particularly last year, that the Suns were always going to be a team of seventeen carrying [Read more]

Round 16 Winners and Losers

After a two week absence Winners and Losers has returned bigger and better than ever*. Round 16 saw  Richmond take Richmondness to unfathomable levels as Karmichael Hunt snatched pole position in the “did that really just happen?” awards from Chris ‘arms aren’t meant to go that way’ Judd. *This is in no way a guarantee. [Read more]

I’m mad as hell… but will probably continue to take it

By Cheryl Critchley I’m on a girls’ weekend in beautiful Maldon with three of my favourite people in the world. Great company and plenty of junk to feast on while lounging in a gorgeous old renovated Victorian home in one of Victoria’s best preserved gold rush towns. What could be better? But this special weekend [Read more]

Going troppo

By John Green It doesn’t seem right. Australian football was originally meant for “gentlemen interested in keeping the muscles in full vigour during the winter months”, as stated in an article in Bell’s Life on July 31,1858. Thomas Wills, one of the founding fathers of the game, wrote in a letter to the same publication [Read more]

This code-hopping marketing nonsense is beyond a joke

This code-hopping marketing nonsense is beyond a joke  OR for christ’s sakes are we really THAT stupid?   Last week AFL’s head honcho, Andrew Demetriou, came out and said something abhorrently dodgy.   Here’s the relevant quote:   “I’m on the record as saying both Karmichael Hunt and Israel Folau have returned our investment in [Read more]

Karmichael, I take it all back. What a goal!

By Sasha Lennon Saturday night provided us with one of those ‘momentous occasions’ in footy. The Gold Coast Suns played their first real ‘home’ game at the redeveloped Carrara. Amidst the fanfare marked by the ‘shock and awe’ style fireworks which burst above the crowd prior to the opening bounce, the punters were giving the [Read more]