Fantasy Fixture 2010: Steve whets his appetite for next season

We have come to the end of the footy season, which means that all minds turn to the release of the upcoming fixture. I have made my own fixture, while keeping in mind of the rules that the AFL uses (no teams play each other twice within seven rounds, one game at Subiaco per week, etc.) I have tried to give each club a fair break between games where possible.

Remember, this is the last chance for us footy fans to make a real fixture. Things will change when the Gold Coast come in to the competition in 2011.


Round 1

Thursday, March 25

Collingwood V Carlton (MCG) 7:40


St.Kilda V Geelong (MCG) 7:40


Richmond V Sydney (MCG) 2:10

Western Bulldogs V North Melbourne (ES) 7:10

Brisbane V Essendon (G) 7:10


Adelaide V West Coast (AS) 1:10

Melbourne V Port Adelaide (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V Hawthorn (S) 4:40

Round 2 (Easter)


Geelong V Collingwood (MCG) 7:40


Carlton V Western Bulldogs (MCG) 2:10

St.Kilda V Brisbane (ES) 7:10

Sydney V Fremantle (SCG) 7:10


Hawthorn V Adelaide (AU) 1:10

North Melbourne V Essendon (ES) 2:10

West Coast V Melbourne (S) 4:40


Port Adelaide V Richmond (AS) 3:10

Round 3 (Rivalry round)


Fremantle V West Coast (S) 8:40


Geelong V Melbourne (SS) 2:10

Collingwood V Richmond (MCG) 2:10

North Melbourne V Hawthorn (ES) 7:10

Brisbane V Sydney (G) 7:10


Western Bulldogs V St.Kilda (ES) 1:10

Essendon V Carlton (MCG) 2:10

Adelaide V Port Adelaide (AS) 4:40

Round 4


Essendon V Western Bulldogs (ES) 7:40


Melbourne V North Melbourne (MCG) 2:10

West Coast V Collingwood (S) 4:10

Sydney V St.Kilda (ANZ) 7:10

Brisbane V Adelaide (AS) 7:10


Geelong V Fremantle (SS) 1:10

Hawthorn V Richmond (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Carlton (AS) 4:40

Round 5 (Anzac Day)


Adelaide V Melbourne (AS) 7:40


Sydney V West Coast (SCG) 1:10

Richmond V Geelong (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V North Melbourne (S) 4:10

Carlton V Brisbane (ES) 7:10

Western Bulldogs V Port Adelaide (MA) 7:40


Collingwood V Essendon (MCG) 2:40


Hawthorn V St.Kilda (MCG) 7:20

Round 6


Melbourne V Carlton (MCG) 7:40


Collingwood V Western Bulldogs (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Sydney (AS) 3:10

Essendon V Hawthorn (ES) 7:10

West Coast V Brisbane (S) 7:40


Geelong V Adelaide (SS) 1:10

Richmond V Fremantle (MCG) 2:10

St.Kilda V North Melbourne (ES) 4:40

Round 7


Brisbane V Collingwood (G) 7:40


Richmond V Melbourne (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Geelong (AS) 3:10

St.Kilda V Essendon (ES) 7:10

Sydney V Carlton (SCG) 7:10


Hawthorn V West Coast (AU) 1:10

North Melbourne V Adelaide (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V Western Bulldogs (S) 4:40

Round 8


St.Kilda V Collingwood (ES) 7:40


North Melbourne V Sydney (ES) 2:10

West Coast V Richmond (S) 4:10

Brisbane V Melbourne (G) 7:10

Hawthorn V Carlton (MCG) 7:10


Adelaide V Fremantle (AS) 1:10

Geelong V Western Bulldogs (MCG) 2:10

Essendon V Port Adelaide (ES) 4:40

Round 9


Collingwood V Hawthorn (MCG) 7:40


Carlton V Richmond (MCG) 2:10

Western Bulldogs V Sydney (MO) 2:10

Essendon V Geelong (ES) 7:10

Fremantle V Brisbane (S) 7:40


North Melbourne V Port Adelaide (ES) 1:10

Melbourne V West Coast (MCG) 2:10

Adelaide V St.Kilda (AS) 4:40

Round 10 (Indigenous Round)


Hawthorn V Western Bulldogs (ES) 7:40


Carlton V Adelaide (ES) 2:10

West Coast V North Melbourne (S) 4:10

Essendon V Richmond (MCG) 7:40

Port Adelaide V Brisbane (AS) 7:40


Sydney V Geelong (SCG) 1:10

Collingwood V Fremantle (MCG) 2:10

St.Kilda V Melbourne (ES) 4:40

Round 11


Western Bulldogs V Richmond (ES) 7:40


Geelong V West Coast (SS) 2:10

Fremantle V St.Kilda (S) 7:40

Adelaide V Sydney (AS) 7:40


Hawthorn V Port Adelaide (AU) 1:10

North Melbourne V Carlton (MCG) 2:10

Essendon V Brisbane (ES) 4:40


Melbourne V Collingwood (MCG) 2:10

Round 12 (Split Round)


Carlton V Essendon (MCG) 7:40


North Melbourne V Geelong (MCG) 2:10

St.Kilda V Western Bulldogs (ES) 7:10


Melbourne V Hawthorn (MCG) 1:10

Adelaide V Brisbane (AS) 4:40


Richmond V Port Adelaide (ES) 7:40


Sydney V Collingwood (ANZ) 7:10


West Coast V Fremantle (S) 4:40

Round 13


Port Adelaide V Collingwood (AS) 7:40


Melbourne V Essendon (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V Carlton (S) 4:10

Western Bulldogs V West Coast (ES) 7:10

Brisbane V North Melbourne (G) 7:10


Sydney V Hawthorn (SCG) 1:10

Geelong V St.Kilda (MCG) 2:10

Richmond V Adelaide (ES) 4:40

Round 14


Western Bulldogs V Collingwood (ES) 7:40


Melbourne V Fremantle (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Adelaide (AS) 3:10

Essendon V North Melbourne (ES) 7:10

Brisbane V Geelong (G) 7:10


Sydney V Richmond (SCG) 1:10

St.Kilda V Carlton (ES) 2:10

West Coast V Hawthorn (S) 4:40

Round 15


Hawthorn V North Melbourne (MCG) 7:40


Richmond V Brisbane (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V Essendon (S) 4:10

St.Kilda V Port Adelaide (ES) 7:10

Adelaide V Collingwood (AS) 7:40


Melbourne V Sydney (MO) 1:10

Western Bulldogs V Geelong (MCG) 2:10

Carlton V West Coast (ES) 4:40

Round 16


Collingwood V North Melbourne (ES) 7:40


Hawthorn V Geelong (MCG) 2:10

West Coast V Port Adelaide (S) 4:10

St.Kilda V Sydney (ES) 7:10

Brisbane V Carlton (G) 7:10


Adelaide V Essendon (AS) 1:10

Melbourne V Richmond (MCG) 2:10

Western Bulldogs V Fremantle (ES) 4:40

Round 17


Carlton V Collingwood (MCG) 7:40


Richmond V North Melbourne (MCG) 2:10

Geelong V Sydney (SS) 2:10

Brisbane V St.Kilda (G) 7:10

Essendon V West Coast (ES) 7:10


Adelaide V Hawthorn (AS) 1:10

Western Bulldogs V Melbourne (ES) 2:10

Fremantle V Port Adelaide (S) 4:40

Round 18


Richmond V St.Kilda (ES) 7:40


Hawthorn V Brisbane (MCG) 2:10

West Coast V Adelaide (S) 4:10

Sydney V Essendon (ANZ) 7:10

Carlton V Melbourne (ES) 7:10


North Melbourne V Fremantle (ES) 1:10

Collingwood V Geelong (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Western Bulldogs (AS) 4:40

Round 19


Carlton V Geelong (MCG) 7:40


Collingwood V Melbourne (MCG) 2:10

Fremantle V Richmond (S) 4:10

Brisbane V Western Bulldogs (G) 7:10

North Melbourne V West Coast (ES) 7:10


Sydney V Adelaide (SCG) 1:10

Port Adelaide V Hawthorn (AS) 3:10

Essendon V St.Kilda (ES) 4:40

Round 20


Richmond V Carlton (MCG) 7:40


Western Bulldogs V Adelaide (ES) 2:10

Geelong V Essendon (SS) 2:10

Hawthorn V Fremantle (MCG) 7:10

Port Adelaide V North Melbourne (AS) 7:40


Melbourne V Brisbane (MCG) 1:10

Collingwood V Sydney (ES) 2:10

West Coast V St.Kilda (S) 4:40

Round 21


Carlton V Hawthorn (MCG) 7:40


Essendon V Melbourne (MCG) 2:10

Sydney V Western Bulldogs (SCG) 2:10

Brisbane V West Coast (G) 7:10

Fremantle V Collingwood (S) 7:40


Geelong V Port Adelaide (SS) 1:10

North Melbourne V Western Bulldogs (ES) 2:10

Adelaide V Richmond (AS) 4:40

Round 22


St.Kilda V Fremantle (ES) 7:40


Geelong V Brisbane (SS) 1:10

Richmond V Hawthorn (MCG) 2:10

Port Adelaide V Essendon (AS) 4:10

Sydney V Melbourne (SCG) 7:10

Collingwood V Adelaide (ES) 7:10


Carlton V North Melbourne (ES) 2:10

West Coast V Western Bulldogs (S) 4:40

About Steve Healy

Steve Healy is an entity of a Melbourne supporter.


  1. Awesome work :)
    i love round one, what a way to start a season with Collingwood vs Carlton.

    Crunichie :)

  2. Michael Allan says

    Where’s Richmond v Carlton Round 1?
    It’s the only thing we’ver got and you’ve taken it away!
    Good job btw

  3. Hey Steve. You forgot to add which networks are covering which games!

    I’ll just assume that all interstate Dogs games WILL NOT be on free-to-air – just like the SIX this year and the SEVEN last year. Not that I’m bitter about it or anything…

    And a bit rough sending the Doggies to Perth in Round 22 on a Sunday! Still, I expect us to be something like 21-0 at the point, so we’ll probably rest a few…

    Great job! Send it to Andrew D now and see what he’ll pay for it.

  4. Thanks Gigs,

    I was going to put the networks in but never got around to it. Judging by my fixture I think there would be more than 6 or 7.

    I think the AFL will like, I had in mind what they would do when I was making the fixture.

    The funny thing is, the club I treated the most harshly was Melbourne. A Melbourne interstate trip seemed to make every round work- how ironic. The Dees go to Adelaide twice, Canberra once, Brisbane, Sydney and Peth once.

    Michael, sorry but I thought I’d toss it around a bit this year. After Richmond’s embarrassing lost last year, they don’t deserve that slot.

    Thanks Crunchie, it will be a blockbuster game in front of an even bigger crowd than the 86,972 that saw Richmond V Carlton this year.

  5. I’ve starting filling in fake results for your season Steve, as well as goalkickers for each game.

    Sorry Gigs but i have North beating the Bulldogs in Round 1 by 44 points, 20.7.127 to 12.11.83. Also Richmond 20.15.135 to Sydney 11.10.76 haha

  6. Have you done Melbourne V Port Adelaide? I might do the quarter by quarter scores, all the stats from the game and the goals and behind kickers lol. That’d take me a while

  7. Usually takes me 2 weeks to complete one like i sent you, i think i sent you one…

    I’m up to Melbourne v Port Adelaide now..

  8. Melbourne
    9.5 16.8 25.12 37.18 (240)
    Port Adelaide
    0.2 3.4 6.6 8.7 (55)


    Melbourne: Watts 6, Jurrah 6, Bate 5, Jones 3, Wonaeamirri 3,Martin 3, Jamar 2, Valenti 2, Meesen 2, Green 2, Moloney, Grimes, Garland.

    Port Adelaide: Thompson 3, D.Motlop 3, Cassisi, K Cornes.

    My prediction ^

  9. Nice Steve, that MIGHT happen..but maybe this is a bit more realistic…

    Melbourne 4.1—6.5—9.8—12.10.82
    Port Adelaide 3.5—6.8—8.13—11.15.81 (MCG)

    Sylvia 3
    Jurrah 2
    Watts 2

    Port Adelaide:
    Tredrea 4
    Ebert 3
    M. Motlop 2

  10. Gee Josh you’ve got a lot of faith in Marlon Motlop- he kicked quite a few goals in your 2005 fixture predicition.

    That’s the same score as Melbourne V Richmond this year- except only if Jordan McMahon missed instead of kicking a goal.

  11. He’s a gun i reckon. Also putting faith into Stefan Martin, he’ll kick around 20 goals i beleive.

    Your prediction was almost the Melbourne v North Melbourne score in Round 19 last year hahahaha

  12. Hahahaha. I did 240 so it would break the record set by Geelong in 1992 of 239

  13. I don’t think that’ll ever be broken Steve. Those big scoring days are over. I like to bring them back though in my fixtures.

  14. Maybe. The 222 from Geelong two years ago came out of no where. But yeah, over the last few years, footy has become quite a bit more low scoring.

  15. Do you prefer a big blow-out in the score or a tight, low scoring game like the Grand Final?

  16. Damian Watson says

    Awesome work Steve,
    It looks very realistic although I think the AFL are beginning to trial more Monday night games next year, but I might be wrong.

    I like the look of Round 1, everyone knows the Blues would win by 13 goals if we played Richmond again LOL

  17. This look about right Damo?

    Collingwood 4.1—7.5—8.9—13.11.89
    Carlton 3.0—7.2—10.8—12.12.84 (MCG) (N)

    Thomas 3
    Medhurst 3
    Reid 2
    Sidebottom 2

    Simpson 4
    Judd 3
    Betts 2

  18. Ahhh, Just got home then after being out all day.

    Josh, thanks for the message mate. I would reply to you on facebook but I can’t get on to it cos of my internet.

    What round are you up to on my fixture? Was Fevola playing in Collingwood V Carlton?

  19. Tony Roberts says

    Don’t apply for a job with the Lions any time soon, Steve.

    It’s possible that you made an error with one Crows match-up, but two sets of three consecutive plane trips around the continent before Round 10, four away matches in Perth and Adelaide, two Sunday twilight games and a return from Perth to front Collingwood on a Friday night would render you persona non grata in 4102 (you seem pretty good with postcodes).

    Aargh, you’ve made me a fan of Adrian Anderson!

  20. Steve Healy says

    Yes, you’re right. Brisbane V Adelaide in Round 4 was meant to be the Gabba but I wrote AAMI stadium.

    Sorry Tony, but I’m open to criticisim since this is my first full fixture. I just tried to make everything fit in place and some teams may have been harshly done by.

  21. Josh Barnstable says

    I’m up to Round 5 Steve. I’ll get back to you on this later with my current ladder positions, and my rule with writing scores for fake fixtures is i stick with the team’s list that it has when i started, so Fev will be kicking more goals for Carlton and Gibson might even kick a couple for the Roos despite both going to new clubs.

  22. Steve Healy says

    Cool. I’d probably use the list from the start of the year if I did that.

  23. Michael Allan says

    How long do you expect it will take Scott to get North Melbourne back into the finals?

  24. Josh Barnstable says

    Shouldn’t be too long, 2012 i think. And you should see Blue and White up on the premiership dais by 2014

  25. Do you want to continue this Michael?

  26. Steve Healy says

    3 years is a long time in footy Josh

  27. It is, back then Fevola was still playing, Hall was still playing, West Coast were on top of the ladder after winning the premiership, Melbourne were in the finals and St Kilda was falling out with their coach.

  28. Steve Healy says

    And Freo were good as well. I think North might have a chance at finals next year. You never know, everyone said they were done in 2006 before they made the finals in 2007 and 2008.

  29. Read the comments of my Grand Final report Steve, i almost say the same thing lol

  30. Steve Healy says

    Yeah lol I wish I could say that the Dees are a chance for the finals. A good omen for the Dees is this sequence.

    1997- wooden spoon
    1998- Made the prelim
    1999- Didn’t make the eight after losing the last 9 games of the season
    2000- Made the GF
    2001- Didn’t make the eight
    2002- Made the eight
    2003- Didn’t make the eight
    2004- made the eight
    2005- made the eight
    2006- made the eight
    2009- all crap years.

    2010, 2011, 2012: Finals!

  31. Lol i remember that sequence during the mid 00’s. They would be good one year, shocking the next, then good, then bad, then good again and i thought they would finish low the year after but made it to the EF, the game Jeff White had his face smashed by Steven King.

  32. Michael Allan says

    Who will be the first to make the 8, Melbourne, Richmond, North Melbourne?

    Sadly in my opinion it will be atleast 3 years maybe 4 before one of these temas do.

  33. I think North will make the 8 before any of them, and i’m not biased when i say that, and it definately could be next year, as long as injuries don’t distrupt our season like this year.

  34. Michael Allan says

    I think Melbourne. The other two have new coaches who will be learning players, strengths, weaknesses and teaching a new game plan. I think the year will be 2011 when this happens.

  35. Steve Healy says

    North Melbourne first, Melbourne 2nd and Richmond 3rd I think.

    Jeff White was a champion in his time. I have an old tape of Melbourne V Adelaide in 98′ (QF). As a 21 year old his skills were incredible. There was one stage in the game where he marked at the 50, missed, and from the kick in he jumped and marked strongly again and kicked a thumping goal from 55. At only 195 centremeters his jump made up for it.

  36. Yeah he was my favourite player for the Dees before he retired, then my favourite was Yze but he fell out of favour and retired, then it was Robertson and he did his achilles lol i’m gonna play it safe and make sure Jurrah is never my favourite player.

  37. Michael Allan says

    IF Fev goes it puts alot of pressure on them round 1. If Richmond win the headlines will read No Fevola, No Judd, No Carlton

  38. Steve Healy says

    I do have a feeling about Melbourne, not a biased one, but that the club could put in a remarkable year next year. Some good form at the end of 09 may be a factor. North Melbourne found form, they won their last 3/4. That’s where Richmond are a worry. They lost their last four games by an average of 68 points.

  39. Well this is my opinion after Round 5 next year based on Steve’s season:

    1st St Kilda (pts 20)
    2nd West Coast (pts 16)
    3rd Collingwood (pts 16)
    4th Adelaide (pts 12)
    5th Geelong (pts 12)
    6th Brisbane (pts 12)
    7th Richmond (pts 8)
    8th Melbourne (pts 8)

    9th Western Bulldogs (pts 8)
    10th Essendon (pts 8)
    11th Hawthorn (pts 8)
    12th North Melbourne (pts 8)
    13th Carlton (pts 8)
    14th Fremantle (pts 8)
    15th Port Adelaide (pts 8)
    16th Sydney (pts 0)

  40. Those emotions are supposed to be 8’s and a closed bracket haha

  41. No Michael, if Richmond wins the headline would be:



  42. Steve Healy says

    Hahahaha that’s hillarious.

    7 to 15 with 2-3. It’ll be interesting to see how that unfolds. Josh, do you work out the percentages on the ladder to determine the positions?

    I think I’ve got 7 favourite Melbourne players: Jurrah, McDonald, Grimes, Petterd and Watts, Green and Bruce (because he has the same birthday as me)

  43. Steve Healy says

    Hope you get better Jim,I hope the brain tumor goes away.

  44. My favourite North is Anthony or Ziebell.

    Nah i can’t be stuffed working out the %’s, i just put one team higher if they had a big win on the weekend.

    Round 5, Western Bulldogs 33.18.216 to Port Adelaide 13.5.83

  45. Michael Allan says

    My Richmond top 7 (in no order) Newman,Deledio,Collins,Morton,Foley,Richardson,Cousins

    Steve I know we had a dissapointinbg end to the nyear but wwe had some shocking injuries. I think we’re a better team then what we put out for those games.

  46. I second that Steve.

    By the way, is your msn working peoples? Coz mine isn’t, says the MSN thing is currently broken or something.

  47. Michael Allan says

    Mine’s up and running. I’m on it now.

  48. Hmm seriously, why is Richo going on for one more year? I just don’t see the sense in it.

  49. Grr not fair.

  50. Michael Allan says

    Umm, maybe because he’s good. He’s still a huge contributor to the team. Abnd there’s no way he’s bowing out because of injury.

    And beleive me, if Coughlan and Brown get a farewell game Richo will get a farewell game.

  51. Yeah but he’s what? 34? It’s time to give it up, you watch he’ll have a shocker next year, and people will question why he didn’t retire when he was at his peak in 2008.

  52. Steve Healy says

    I like seeing Richo play. I don’t want him to retire.

    Mines working, I hadn’t been on it in ages but you just reminded me.

  53. Michael Allan says

    I doubt it Josh. And people wont say that because who quits something when they’re at the top of their game. Especially when many thought that Richmond would make finals this year.

  54. Steve Healy says

    I found it hillarious that Richo got the most brownlow votes for the Tigers, after only playing five full games for the year.

    Ablett just leads Geelong’s B & F count after 17 rounds, I heard on the radio

  55. Hmm i just think he’s sorta being selfish by sticking around too long when the Tigers should be employing a young list.

  56. Michael Allan says

    No he’s not. If Hardwick wanted him to go he would”ve happily go.

  57. Steve Healy says

    It’ll definitely be his last year unless he has another super year like 2008.

  58. Michael Allan says

    I’m off to bed now. Goodnight.

  59. Steve Healy says

    Good night.

  60. Cya Michael

    I just don’t see Richo having the year he did in 2008, and i think we all know he’s sticking around so he can win a Brownlow. That’s what i reckon anyway lol

  61. Steve Healy says

    Josh, are you on msn now cos I added you.

    Yeah not for a premiership lol. It was ridiculous last year how he came third in the B & F

  62. I can’t beleive i was actually cheering for the Cho to win the Brownlow haha.

    Nah it’s still not working, i’ll try again though

  63. Ablett and Corey Enright tied for the B&F. First time in Carji Greeves history there has been a tie. Jimmy Bartel was next best, 111 votes behind the winners.

  64. Damian Watson says

    That’s interesting with Corey Enright, he had a great season but I didn’t expect him to win the Best and Fairest, my tip would have been Joel Selwood and Ablett.

    Who knows maybe one of those struggling sides can make an impact next year. Remember the Bulldogs in 2005 they sacked their coach the previous year and under Rodney Eade they almost made the finals, they had to win their last 5 or 6 games but they lost the Round 21 game against the Dees when Jeff White kicked the winning goal in the dying seconds.

  65. Josh Barnstable says

    I remember that weekend. 3 games were decided with a kick on the siren in the same round. Justin Longmuir won the game off his boot with a goal after the siren against the Saints on my birthday, Jeff White kicked a late goal to win the match and Kayne Pettifer snapped a goal in the goalsquare against Hawthorn to give the Tigers the lead and the win.

  66. Steve Healy says

    Wow, Josh you remember 2005 a lot better than I do.

    Anyway. cya guys, I’m off to the pool now

  67. Josh Barnstable says

    The pool? It’s not that hot Steve lol

  68. Damian Watson says

    Yeah and I think the Ablett brothers starred for the Cats in their win over West Coast and Sydney smashed your mob up at the SCG.
    The next week was exciting too the Dogs needed to beat Collingwood and for Port to defeat Freo as well as Melbourne losing against Essendon. I think the Dees won by 10 or 11 points.

    The pool? isn’t it 16 degrees today?

  69. Josh Barnstable says

    Yeah Nathan kicked 4 goals, and West Coast were held to a score of 5.3.33.

    The next week i was at North Melbourne v Carlton at the Telstra Dome. The Blues got a good start but the Roos came back with Sav Rocca and Nathan Thompson firing and won by 30 points, 113-83. And remember what happened the day before that? Stephen Milne kicked 11 goals and the Saints won by 147 points over Brisbane. That game was a shocker lol

  70. Josh Barnstable says

    Yesterday i did what every kid does:

    “Mum can we get a pool?” and fully expecting her to say no, she said “Yeah we’ve been considering it, i think we’ll get one around Christmas time”

    Lol i was shocked

  71. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I was at that game too, I think the roofc was open.
    Yeah that’s right, I think Brisbane needed to win that game to have any chance of making the finals.
    What about that infamous game at Subiaco were Adelaide took the minor premiership away from the Eagles in an upset. But Ricciuto got done for a week and I think that effectively cost the Crows in the finals.

  72. Damian Watson says

    I just take advantage of the pool at my friends house LOL

  73. Yeah i hate the roof being open when im at the Dome/Stadium. Really takes the atmosphere out of the game.

    Sydney also smashed Hawthorn that round, and Geelong’s Steve Johnson kicked a freakish goal off his back on the boundary line at Skilled Stadium

  74. Damian Watson says

    Oh yeah that was Wayne Campbell’s last game.

    I’m still wondering why you were considering changing teams after that match against Hawthorn.
    You didn’t lose by all that much, the Blues were in a worse position at that time, we were lucky to win four games each year. LOL

  75. Coz we were on our knees, almost certain to relocate to the Gold Coast and we were set for a horror year. Luckily they turned it around, funnily enough at Carrara with a big win against Brisbane.

  76. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think it was by a couple of goals, while Carlton kicked only four goals against the Eagles and were smashed. LOL

    Collingwood seem interested in Fev, they’re not ruling out a trade.

  77. We won by 4 goals, thanks to 2 goals in the final 30 seconds lol.

    Yeah i remember that match, it was wet and at Subiaco. Ash Hansen kicked a ripper goal from the boundary line.

    Sydney, Brisbane and the Dogs have ruled out picking up Fev, so i don’t know what’s happening. We’ll find out though.

  78. Bloody hell its frustrating when msn doesn’t work!

  79. Damian Watson says

    My mistake LOL Yeah North had a great season, too bad you were smashed by Port in the prelim final in that twighlight game. I think that was the match where Treadrea and Cornes made arrogant celebrations to the crowd and it was Archers last game.

    Looks like Jimmy Stynes’ cancer battle has taken a bad turn, they found a couple more tumors in his brain.

  80. Damian Watson says

    Has your broadband run out?
    I used to have the same problem but we now have the unlimited broadband.

  81. What? Oh that’s so bad. Poor Jim, he’ll make it through though.

    Nah my broadband is fine, its just MSN not working lol so i tried it on the other computer and it didn’t work either so i’m downloading another version of it. Currently 97% complete.

    Unlimited broadband? How much does that cost?

  82. Damian Watson says

    Around $50, I don’t know whether we are getting ripped off or not LOL
    I think I still have the old version of msn, but like yours it doen’t really work.

  83. I got the newest version of it, but the only brings its provided so far is problems lol.

    Doesn’t look like it’s gonna work, i might go for the old version…

  84. Hey Damo what’s your opinion on Andrew Walker? Should he be traded?

  85. Haha this is the current ladder positions after 8 rounds of Steve’s fixture:

    1st St Kilda (pts 32 )
    2nd West Coast (pts 24 )
    3rd Geelong (pts 22 )
    4th Melbourne (pts 20 )
    5th Western Bulldogs (pts 16 )
    6th Collingwood (pts 16 )
    7th Adelaide (pts 16 )
    8th Brisbane (pts 16 )

    9th Hawthorn (pts 16 )
    10th Port Adelaide (pts 14 )
    11th North Melbourne (pts 12 )
    12th Richmond (pts 12 )
    13th Fremantle (pts 12 )
    14th Essendon (pts 12 )
    15th Carlton (pts 8 )
    16th Sydney (pts 8 )

    i bet Steve is happy with that lol

  86. Damian Watson says

    Well he has had recurring shoulder injuries over the past few years and to be honest he isn’t as valuable as once was ( I think he was pick 4 in the draft a few years ago) so I wouldn’t mind if he is traded, the question is which club would want him?

    I know this sounds random but I’m looking for footy vision of Ryan Fitzgerald, the comedian from Before the Game, apparently he was a great forward in his time at the Swans and Crows, I think he booted five goals in his first game.

  87. Damian Watson says

    Carlton in 15th? Melbourne in 4th? West Coast 2nd? tell him he needs to come back into the real world.

  88. Damian Watson says

    Wait is that your ladder? LOL who is going to beat Carlton in the first 8 rounds?

  89. I’ve got Carlton beating the Dogs by 15 points in Round 2 and then a 12 point win over Essendon in Round 3. The rest are losses lol. And so far your leading goalkicker is Yarran.

    Josh Gibson has not been invited to the B&F tonight, which is sad because he will probably win it, or come second.

  90. Damian Watson says

    Yeah I think Gibson is certain to travel over to the Hawks.

    So does that mean Melbourne are going to beat us in Round 6?

  91. Damian Watson says

    We can easily dfeat Brisbane and Port Adelaide as well.
    Anyway I’m off to the dentist.

  92. I just gave the Blues a big win over Richmond.

    Good luck.

  93. Gibson got barred from Norths award night.
    they told him not to come LOL

  94. Steve Healy says

    Just got back from the pool.

    My little sisters had a swimming lesson there, so I tagged along and played with the soft footy in the toddler pool with my brother and got told off by one of the robots who work there.

    The roof open at the Dome is brilliant, but only if you’re not sitting in the sun. If the roof’s open sit in the top level on the wing (where I always sit at the Dome anyway)

    I remember that game where Milne kicked 11 goals. It was 186-47 I think.


  96. Steve Healy says

    Danni, no life guards are hot. They were put on the earth to annoy the crap out of people, and tell people they are too old to play on the seesaw in the toddler pool. (like me)

  97. Steve, trust me.
    when my school had the swimming carnival i wanted to jump into the pool and drown!
    it was so funny cos wed stand near the lifegaurds and be like:

  98. We had a pool party for the end of season break up for Waaia and we were at the indoor pool splashing around and playing British Bulldogs, and the lifeguard told us off!

  99. Steve Healy says

    Hahahahah. The life guard told me to stop kicking the footy but I kept kicking it.

    I don’t know why anyone would want to be a life guard. You’d get paid about $1 for every person you save lol. Imagine that.

  100. MY Dads not talking to me anymore.
    i told him that if Fev is traded for Superman and/or nathan brown that im leaving collingwood.
    hes really upset.

  101. I was going to apply for a summer job as a lifeguard at the local pool but they only welcomed applications while i was away on camp.

  102. Steve Healy says

    Were you being serious. I would still go for the Dees even if they traded all their team.

  103. Sorry to tell you Danni but my trustworthy radio says that the Pies are the front-runner for Fev, along with the Lions but i don’t see why they need him. Maybe trade Presti for Fev? LOL

  104. steve, Superman and Nathan are my favourite players and i CANT STAND FEV!
    I have no idea what im gonna do if that happens. im considering Geelong or North because i could never go for Carlton.

  105. My passion for North will damper a bit when Harvey and Rawlings retire.

  106. Don’t go to Geelong, they are on a steady decline while the Roos are on the up. You wanna be apart of a team that’s gonna win a premiership don’t you Danni?

  107. i really hope we dont take him.
    i dont want to change teams :(
    you guys have no idea how upset my dad is.
    he hardly spoke last night.

  108. Steve Healy says

    Just stick with your team, even though you barrack for Collingwood. That’s my advice.

    I couldn’t imagine switching teams because my passion for the Dees is so huge.

  109. James Sellar is up to 23 goals so far Steve, he’s gunning for All-Australian selection in my fixture :)

  110. arggg hes such an idiot that Fevola.
    Dads reaction couldnt have been worse, i might as well could have said that i was getting married or running away to Vegas!

  111. Steve Healy says

    Hahahah Josh. I call Sellar the 5-possession specialist.

  112. Well he’s the 3 goal specialist to me!

    Funny how Carlton sacking Fevola has brought Danni’s family down. Well not funny, just interesting to note.

  113. Steve Healy says

    I reckon Sellar will improve. I feel sorry for Danni, but I think if Fevola goes to the Pies and kicks 10 goals to drown Carlton she’ll be happy.

  114. you guys, this sucks :(
    its not fair but im just being loyal to the Collingwood I KNOW AND LOVE, not the one that trades young talents to secure a boof head jst because he kicks goals.

  115. As long as Fev keeps his hissy fits to North Melbourne games, i’ll continue to like him

  116. Hey settle down Danni they havent done anything yet

  117. i know, but everyone on the news and stuff is making it seem like we have taken him in already.

  118. Damian Watson says

    Just got back from the dentist, I’m starting to get used to the braces.

    i’m guessing there would have been the ten people at the pool Steve? LOL I remember having swimming lessons, good times.

    James Sellar played a fair game against the Blues in Round 22, more of a reciever.

  119. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, he got 19 touches in that game (15 of them handballs). But apart from that he’s highest is about 8. I watched Carlton V Adelaide on the internet recently.

    There were a fair few at the pool.

  120. IMO the best ruckman in the game is McIntosh.

  121. looks like its gonna rain. YAY

  122. Really Josh?

  123. Steve Healy says

    Nah, I think Sanilands is easily, Josh. You’re right Danni, it is quite cloudy.

  124. Its already been raining here since 11 lol.

    He’s really mobile, and he might not get as much touches as Clark and Fraser and Sandilands but he kicks goals.

  125. Damian Watson says

    What about Dean Cox? can he return to his All Australian form?

  126. He will but i think McIntosh is better

  127. Steve Healy says

    Mark Jamar is up there with the best as well. He’s a great over head mark, he’s very strong and he wins quite a few possessions and has the power to go forward and kick goals (like he did against Carlton in Round 21)

  128. Steve Healy says

    By the way, happy birthday Austin Wonaeamirri. 21 today.

  129. wow only 21

  130. Damian Watson says

    Yeah Jamar kicked about five in that game, Aussie should be right to go next year you would think.

  131. Random comment- i feel like chocolate. :)

  132. Random comment-I’m freezing!

  133. LOL Im not.
    we have ducted heating and im still in my pjs! :)

  134. OMG we just lost Caracella to Geelong!
    are you kidding me?
    is that supposed to be a sign or something????

  135. Damian Watson says

    Hahaha, no Buckley had to replace someone and that person happened to be Caracella, I think he went to the Cats to replace Ken Hinkley.

  136. Caracella has lost the colour of his hair.

    My aunty is having Jimmy Platten at her house tonight LOL

  137. Damian Watson says

    How does she know ‘The Rat’?

  138. They’re mates apparantly lol

  139. LOL thats all Josh had to say…
    who cares about his hair! LOL
    Cant u see everyones leaving!
    we lost Marty Clarke and the other hot irish dude. we loast Brad Scott ( to a good cause though) and now Caracella.

  140. And soon Anthony and Brown haha.

  141. ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!]

  142. Oh i went there

  143. Damian Watson says

    It appears that Port Adelaide has ruled the trade out, so Collingwood may be the path for Fev.



    dissolves into tears**

  145. Steve Healy says

    The other irish guy is Kevin Dyas.

    Caracella isn’t a huge loss.

  146. …..yeah i know and he was soo pretty.

  147. Oh got a quiz for you guys:

    What do Blake Caracella and Mal Michael have in common?

  148. …..a lot?

  149. Steve Healy says

    They’ve both played for Essendon, Brisbane and Collingwood and they were both born in 1977

  150. ohhh they are covering the Collingwood award night live on the website!! NATHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!

  151. Yes good Steve, but my answer was actually gonna be the only two AFL players ever to play with Michael Voss, Nathan Buckley and James Hird.

  152. omg *gasps for air* Nathan and Superman..wil BE WEARING TIES!!!!!!!!

  153. Oh and Danni, tell that Herald Sun of yours to not print photos like the one they did on the front page today.

  154. Steve Healy says

    Is Collingwood’s BF tonight? I didn’t know that. It’s also Adelaide’s I think

  155. Damian Watson says

    Here is an easy question: Who made the swap with Mal Michael in the Collingwood Brisbane trade?
    By the way I think one of my former school teachers is a waitress at the Copeland Trophy.

  156. Josh i didnt see it.
    do i even want to know about it?

    Yes steve and they are covering it live!

  157. Steve Healy says

    Sorry Josh, I have no idea what the Herald Sun’s picture was because I get the Age delivered to my house every morning.

  158. And North’s.

  159. Damian Watson says

    I think Dane Swan should win the B&F.

  160. yeah it should be Swan OR Pendals.

  161. Norths too?
    This is just too good! :)

  162. It was a picture of one of the Samoians holding a dead baby found in the ruins of the tsunami. Brb getting my hair coloured!

  163. well they are just showing the reality of whats happened.

    blond tips ehhyy Joshy??

  164. Syd Barker Medal:

    1: Adam Simpson
    2: Andrew Swallow
    3: Josh Gibson
    4: Scott Thompson
    5: Hamish McIntosh
    6: Brady Rawlings
    7: Drew Petrie
    8: Michael Firrito
    9: Brent Harvey
    10: Scott McMahon

  165. Yep lol

  166. Damian Watson says

    Does this mean I am the only one with plain brown hair?

  167. mines pitch black!
    used to be the darkest brown u could get, naturally but i got bored so now its black.

  168. Steve Healy says

    Sorry guys couldn’t get onto this for a few minutes.

    Swan will win for Collingwood, I reckon Petrie for the Roos.

  169. Steve Healy says

    Mines just normal blond

  170. Damian Watson says

    I’m tipping Swallow for North and if the Crows are on tonight I’d be betting on Scott Thompson.

  171. yup same here: Swallow for north!
    Pendals or Swan for a Clsoe one at Collingwood.
    Tippet for Crows? i dunno maybe Burton.

  172. Knights for Crows

  173. Nathan has a girlfriend…my life is over!

  174. Steve Healy says

    Burton? lol Danni he only came back from injury in Round 16.

    Hahaha your life it’s been a bad day for you hasn’t it?

  175. really bad!
    and HES WEARING A TIE!!!!
    seriously its not fair

  176. Steve Burton only needs like 2 rounds to get all the votes anyways! LOL

    Im gona eat a tub of ice cream.

  177. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha how much food is kept in your house?

  178. Steve im a girl with a broken heart, let me eat what i what!

  179. that should be HOW MUCH I WANT! lol

  180. i swear im a tragic.
    listening to sad music and eating ice-cream isnt helping…


  181. Steve Healy says

    Um, I’ll try and think of advice:

    Think of things that make you happy?

  182. ohh like Nathan Brown? WAIT
    THATS RIGHT..he has a girlfriend….



  183. Copeland Trophy voting leaderboard after Round 10
    22 – Dane Swan
    21 – Scott Pendlebury
    17 – Tarkyn Lockyer
    Leon Davis
    Simon Prestigiacomo
    15 – Nick Maxwell
    Harry O’Brien
    Josh Fraser
    14 – Shane O’Bree
    13 – John Anthony

  184. Yeah we can’t all get what we want. Is Lily Allen single?

  185. Steve Healy says

    Thanks for that update Danni.

    It seems to be as expected so far. Lockyer’s doing well though.

  186. josh Lilly Allen is like married.

  187. Jonathon Bernard: Copeland Trophy leaderboard after Round 20
    51 – Dane Swan
    39 – Scott Pendlebury
    37 – Nick Maxwell
    Harry O’Brien
    36 – Alan Didak
    33 – Leon Davis
    32 – Tarkyn Lockyer
    Simon Prestigiacomo
    Heath Shaw
    30 – Shane O’Bree

    VFL- Ryan Cook
    Best Clubman- Harry Obrien
    Harry Collier- Dayne Beams
    Gordon Coventry- Jack Anthony (wearing a sling on his left arm)

  188. Re 155 – Jarrod Molloy

  189. Married? She’s like 21??

    Hair is done, but not as colourful as expected. Should be better tomorrow though.

  190. well josh, how fast can u turn 45?
    Lilly Allen is in a relationship with the 45 year old Jay Jopling.

    see im not the only one who likes the older dude!

  191. WHAT?? 45? Jeezus

  192. Adam Simpsons speech at tonights B&F:

    (Talking about Jack Ziebell)

    Jack, I don’t know if you want it mate…but my number seven is yours.”

  193. Didak: Congrats to Swan and thanks to the drinks guy who hasn’t supplied too many to Shaw so we will get home safe tonight.

    lmaooo!! I LOVE DIDS!

  194. Shaw: Thanking Didak for driving him around because he doesn’t have a license

    then cos all the players said shout-outs to their table number he goes.

    “Shoutout to my boys on table one, no wait, table two, tbale one has all the single guys cos there ugly!”

    OMG LMAOO Jaxon.B and Dayne Beams were on that Table and BEAMS AINT UGLY! lmao

  195. Jack Regan- Alan Didak (pendals tied but didnt win cos he played less games or something)
    JJ Joyce- Heath Shaw
    RT Rush- Nick Maxwell
    2009 Copeland medal winner- Dane Swan.

    I so wish i was there!! :)

  196. Steve go on msn! lol

  197. Steve Healy says

    I’m on now Josh- if you’re there. Well done Dane Swan. Has North’s B and F been decided yet?

  198. Im on that ebuddy thing, so try startin a conversation with me. Nah not yet i dont think, last i heard McIntosh was leading. I’ll check for the leaders now.

  199. yd Barker Medal – top 10
    Andrew Swallow: 487
    Scott Thompson: 477
    Brady Rawlings: 476
    Drew Petrie: 469
    Josh Gibson: 452
    Hamish McIntosh: 448
    Scott McMahon: 418
    Michael Firrito: 406
    Adam Simpson: 358
    Leigh Harding: 337

  200. Steve Healy says

    How long to go?

    I can’t start a conversation with you because I’m using an old version

  201. It’s finished, so Swallow won.

    Nah i cant work it out haha i need to catch up on all this technology stuff

  202. For anyone who’s still up, do we go back an hour or forward an hour when it hits 12 tonight?

  203. ..ohh is that now??
    i have no idea.
    im watching Pride and Prejudice (Colin firth) to make me feel better.
    its working!

  204. OMG Swallow WON!!
    OHHH MY BABY!! Im so Proud!!
    hes deff a future Captain.

  205. False alarm, that starts tonight for anyone who changed there clock haha

  206. Steve Healy says

    Hahah Josh I don’t think anyone believed you. Daylight savings starts too early. It should be late october like it used to be

  207. Well just in case lol.

    I don’t see why so many people complain about daylights saving, it just means to me more time i can spend outside practising goalkicking and running

  208. hows the hair looking now?

  209. Steve Healy says

    Yeah, same. It’s especially good in the summer, I play cricket in the back yard with my brother until 9 and there’s still enough light.

  210. Hmm i wish i had someone to play cricket with.

    It’s better, the blonde is starting to show some more. I bleached my eyebrows too :P they gone from jet black to light now haha

  211. lol kools.
    i didnt even have to touch my eyebrows when i dyed my hair cos that how dark my hair is naturally!

  212. ohh and i dont do cricket.

  213. Steve Healy says

    Yes we know Danni lol.

    Everyone in my family tells me I don’t have eyebrows. I do but they’re really thin and blond.

  214. Yeah i noticed in your myspace picture Steve haha i was like “where’s his eyebrows??” lol but i saw em. What’s the weather like in Melbourne?

  215. its kinda cloudy, bit of wind.
    its nice, hopefully its gonna rain.

  216. You sound like a real weathergirl Danni haha.

    Well at the moment, ol’ Waaia is a wreck. Looking outside my window now, i could easily think it’s 7 in the morning there’s that much dew on the grass and its so dark and cloudy. Been raining all day, not heavy just lightly.

  217. Steve Healy says

    My myspace picture in about a year old, so my eyebrows might have changed!

    Hahaha. I can’t believe it, if you search my name on google my picture is on the first page. It used to be the 5th page or something I don’t know how it went to the first.

  218. Haha funny how you say that Steve, i googled myself last night, not an image search just a normal one, and apparantly theres another Josh Barnstable out there who specilizes in credit and balance stuff that i don’t understand.

    Update your picture Steve! If your able to get on myspace that is LOL

  219. lol..maybe there is another career in my domain then?
    Weather girl?
    yes i can report that when Nathan Brown enters a room the temperature drastically flies to 10000 degrees! yes i repeat, hot hot HOT!

    lol, how did i do?

  220. Word of advice Danni: Don’t quit your dayjob lol

  221. ..what day job!
    i dont have a day job!
    i thought i did a good job :)
    dont worry theres no way im leaving Jon Ralph and the Herald Sun Crew. :)

  222. Do you think about Mark Robinson the same you think about Ralphy? LOL

  223. Steve Healy says

    Yeah Josh I’m finding it hard to get onto this website let alone MySpace. I’ve only been on it a few times in about a year.

    I reckon the weather would be a great job. Although it reguires too much pointing at blue screens.

  224. Update your facebook then lol. When will your broadband be working again? I just uploaded about 1000 pictures from my school camp lol.

    Daniel Gibson does a good job of it on Seven

  225. lmaoo NAWWW Ralphy!!!! :) Hehe!! :)
    ummmm, no not really. lol
    Collingwood is After Darren Jolly!
    we need a ruckman!

  226. Jolly? Don’t you think he’s too old and has already moved clubs once. He started at Melbourne.

  227. i dunno, i jst want a ruckman!

  228. Hmm well keep your dirty hands off McIntosh.

    Grr school monday!

  229. McIntosh..hmnmm thats not a bad idea.
    hes not ugly ethier.

    Yeah i know, but for some reason i want to go back!

  230. Hmm same. The last term is always the best lol.

    I only have about 7 weeks of school this term. I got surgery next week sometime so i’ll be on crutches for about two weeks and i aint goin to school on them haha so the next few weeks should be easy for me.

  231. Steve Healy says

    Yes! I go on to this thread!

    I start school on Tuesday. I heard the Pies want Jolly. Surely they don’t need him with three capable ruckmen on their list.

    My internet should be back tomorrow or Monday. My School camp is second week back, so if you notice I’ve been missing on this website for a week at least you know that I’m not dead (probably)

  232. Oh that’s cool Steve, where you going?

  233. nawww joshy? so your on the injured list at North then? :P

    lol dont get lost Steve!

  234. Yeah but only 2-3 weeks and it won’t turn into 20 weeks like it did with Brad Ottens haha

  235. ive never broken anything (knock on wood)
    im not much of a risk taker and i never managed to sprain anything in my netball days.

  236. I’ve broken my leg when i was younger, and i’ve broken many fingers playing footy and basketball lol and broke my index finger in a fight haha. Also broken many ribs and punctured my lung. thats a good effort! :)

  237. Steve Healy says

    I’ve never broken anything playing footy or basketball.

    Just heaps of minor and on going injuries in my feet, ankles and knees.

  238. Yeah i had that Oschgood Schlatters and Severes Disease (perhaps not the right spelling) and its hell. It seems to be gone now though.

  239. Steve Healy says

    And Josh I think the camp’s in Mansfield- where ever that is.

    Danni I’ll delibrately get lost and then a bear will find me and tear me to shreds.

  240. Steve Healy says

    Yeah I saw one of your old facebook photos and you were on crutches lol.

    What’s the surgery you’re having on?

  241. noooo stevey!!! :(
    seriously you know that story about hanging rock?
    creepy stuff!

  242. Steve Healy says

    Nah I haven’t, what’s the story?

  243. Mansfield? That’s near me Steve! Lol

    I didnt really need crutches that day, but i was still weak on my legs and it was ANZAC Day so i didnt want to risk not being able to walk a lot.

    Im just having clean-up surgery on my ankle, fix a few loose-ends.

  244. I havent heard this story either. Gather round children its story time!!

  245. well, a group of schoolgirls and one teacher who on Valentines Day 1900 went to hanging rock for a picnic. even after being warned some girls climbed through and disappeared up on Hanging Rock, never to be seen again.

    if you get the chance theres a trailor of the movie on utube.

    i went there for camp in grade six.
    i was so bloody scared and one of the boys cried.

  246. Michael Allan says

    Josh did you hear Ziebell’s been given simpson’s 7. Good choice i think.

  247. Steve Healy says

    How far away from you Josh?

    Thanks for that story Danni, what’s so dangerous about the rock? Did you go in there?

  248. lol no way!
    nah the rock is HUGE.
    we went near it to the musuem thingo, where they played the movie and had statues of the girls that went ‘missing’
    In the movie when the girls go in the rock one of them is a tad weird like..she knows stuffs going to happen. she told one of the other girls who didnt get lost that she wasnt going to come back and they dissapeard the next day.
    its really cool myth but no one got any sleep when we got back to the camp that night!

  249. Steve Healy says

    Hahaha that’s so weird. Maybe the teacher set it up to make a movie out of it lol. The teacher probably filmed the footage.

  250. well to thsi day no one knows if it really happened or not, or what happened to the missing girls.
    my theory is that the wierd one killed the girls taht followed her in the rock, although, they were supposed to be her friends and they never found the bodies.
    hmmmm i dunno, still its so cool!

    If your going to Joshy’s town you cant take your straightener steve! :P

  251. Its about 1 and a bit hours away from me Steve.

    Yeah i heard that last night Michael, i thought Liam Anthony would have gotten it because he is a high number (44) but i suppose he’ll move into number 19 now.

  252. Michael Allan says

    Hey Danni since you do Lit and everything, have you read death of a salesman? that’s what I’ve got to read at the moment.

  253. Have you guys ever read Tomorrow, When the War Began? Awesome book, and has like 7 follow-up books.

    Status: Writing up a footy report, gonna take ages!

  254. Death of a salesman? No sorry Michael i havent read that one.
    where would you place it in language?
    is it old english or is it a modern novel?

  255. Michael i just found out its written by Arthur Miller!
    Ive have read one of his books.
    ‘The Crucible’ in lit last year
    its about Witchcraft and affairs.
    its not too bad, the movie is good.

  256. Michael Allan says

    It was a play written in 1949. My sister had to read it at her school as weel so I thought it must be a common book to study.

    I’ve read the first two Josh. I have all of them and the ellie chronichles but my sister reads them not me.

  257. I read the first 3 but the school library didnt have the 4th one so i stopped. You should keep reading them, the third one is good.

    Steve i just got your message on msn, but you went offline haha

  258. Michael Allan says

    Yeah we watched abit of that movie in American History because it is about the whitchhunts in Salhem I think the towns called. I think we do that next year in Lit. I remember the first whiches name was Tituba.

    Were their naked girls at the start of the film? Because my teachewr skipped like the first scene and told us what happened so I thought that was why. lol

  259. Lol, yeah i think so cos they were doing evil witch dancing in the forest or sumoning the dead or something!
    Yer Abigail and John Proctor are the main characters, the whole class got so pissed off at Abigail b/c of what she does to Proctor’s wife.
    good movie overall.

  260. Our genius stats man Steve can’t get to the bottom of this thread because of his internet haha but he wishes you all the best.

  261. lol should we move out, again?

  262. Steve Healy says

    17- Josh, I see that Nick Stevens and Danny Stanley feature in this Collingwood V Carlton clash

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