Bowie Stereo Story: growing up and The Jean Genie

Lorraine Pink grew up in The Netherlands, then England, then Australia, accompanied by the music of David Bowie. My father could not understand why a boy wanted to look like a girl, and was very confused that his daughter now wanted to dress like a boy. Bowie had opened my eyes to the world of [Read more]

DK Lillee, the Jumbo Prince, and that Young Mum at the Checkout

Mickey Randall reminds us that the child is the father to the man, as he looks back at some of the sporting experiences that shaped him.

Kyrgios and The Cod

Dips O’Donnell meditates on the crumbling facades of old houses and ageing tennis champions.

Farting Through a Silk Kaftan

Phil Dimitriadis tries to interpret the signs that made Australia Day 2015 more significant than usual.

A Fly in the Pool

A moving piece from Dips O’Donnell about triumph and struggle and his daughter Kate.

60 Years Is A Long Time In Football

Neil Anderson goes on a journey to find how the Footscray Bulldogs was stamped into his DNA in the 1950’s. And in the process he reconnects with a school mate he hasn’t seen for 50 years.

A good choice, Dad.

Haje Halabi is coming home. After years abroad he wants his family to know the opportunity and tolerance that Australia gave his parents when they emigrated from Lebanon in the 50’s. And there’s footy and even the Tigers.

Lost and Found

A poignant memoir from Yvette Wroby about the passing of a beloved uncle, and how footy teams like people move from flakiness to triumph to gratitude. Her Saints turn will come.

Moving to Melbourne

Josh Barnstable has moved to the big smoke. You can take the boy out of the bush, but you can’t take the footy out of the boy.

Football Islands

Mickey Randall’s sons embark on their footy careers in a different time and in a different country. Past and present. Hope and loss. Mickey poignantly weaves the threads of memory.

Family and Footy Allegiances

  By rights I should be a Lion’s follower. My grandfather was Keith Parlon, from whom I take my second name. He was a tailor in Best Street Fitzroy. A fine man with a strong sense of civic duty, he was Mayor of Fitzroy, Vice President of Fitzroy Football Club and a Justice of the [Read more]