1916 – The remarkable tale of when Australian football last faced a massive disruption

2020 isn’t the the only time VFL/AFL footy has been seriously disrupted. Sean Mortell refers to the modified VFL season in war time 1916 as an example.

The Almanac Oracle Challenge, 2019

Want to be the Almanac Oracle for 2019? Edward P Olsen has come up with a cracker of a concept. Correctly predict the questions presented by him, and you may be the lucky recipient of the AO come season end.

Almanac Footy Teams – The proudest Dicks!

Some great Dicks here that could handle a ball or two according to Phil Dimitriadis. Can you enter a few more Dicks into the play?

A walk through History on the Collingwood Footy Tour

The fates finally coalesced for Luke Reynolds as he and his family spent an engrossing couple of hours walking the Collingwood Footy Tour, seven months after a gifted opportunity and 176 years in the making.

Almanac Teams: Three-letter surnames

Three, it’s the magic number. Here’s Phil Dimitriadis’ side filled with players whose surnames contain fewer than four letters and more than two. Let us know your suggested additions.

Friday the 13th!: A team of number 13’s

A team of number 13’s, what do you think?

 Almanac Teams: Dick Lee Medalists – A Team of 13s

With Friday the 13th looming this week, Phil Dimitriadis has assembled a spooky team of 13’s. What do you make of it Almanackers?

Almanac History: George Goninon and the “punt drop” kick

Jim Johnson creator of the Stab Punt presents research evidence of George Goninon’s use of a Drop Punt in his success at goal kicking.

The First Drop Punt? Recent research from a kick historian

Jim Johnson is fascinated by kicking styles in Australian football. Here is some of his research.