Re-recordings of team songs by the AFL

Re-recording club songs; Dalby gives us his view and invites your opinion.

Play the NTFL Club Songs

Jackson Clark reveals that Palmerston FC have adopted the Handicapper’s most popular theme song: “When Johnny Comes Marching Home.”

Footy Club songs: The Geelong one is crap (A potentially career limiting article)

Sean Curtain says the Geelong song is bland, plain and uninteresting. (Who cares what he thinks, he barracks for Richmond – Ed.)

A Good Mean Club Song.

Fengal rock up to play us. Their reserves have three men as old as me. At one stage, one of them fair bowls me over, then helps me up. “You’re my vintage.” he says. Later, I try to run through him, as he would me. In play, it’s all respect and fair.