Season 2015 – Wanna Volunteer with the Almanac?

The 2015 calendar year is well underway and, with the pre-season challenge starting in the last week of February, that can only mean that the AFL home and away season is just around the corner.  

Thanks to the fantastic support of you, our writers and readers, The Footy Almanac continues to grow and we hope that the coming season is no exception.

As you may have noticed recently with our Foody and Music Almanacs appearing on the site, this year is going to be a pretty big year of writing, so we’re looking for additional hands to help our existing group of volunteer match report and contribution editors.

“One interesting side to editing is the feeling of reading a really nice piece before anyone else (sort of a guilty pleasure, if you like) and just knowing that it is going to get a good reaction on the site.”

Darren ‘Smokie’ Dawson

You don’t need to be a computer expert and you don’t need to have previous experience as some kind of editor or publisher. Enthusiasm and dedication are the kind of things we’re looking for in people who want to get involved helping us post contributions to the site.

While we can’t pay you for your time, we offer our assistants editors honorary KD Walters Gadabouts membership for the year, as well as free entry in the 2015 Footy Almanac Tipping comp and our internationally-renowned Tip the Top Eight comp. No doubt there will be other perks. The editors’ Christmas lunch around the Harms 18-seat western Queensland farmer’s table makes the work worthwhile.

Whether you can spend as little as an hour a week or an entire day, it’s up to you. Whether you want to lend a hand all year ’round or just during the footy months, it’s up to you. No matter whether you’re looking to get some practical experience on your CV, or you’re just looking for something to do, drop us a line.

“What I like about editing the Almanac site: One – Sense of responsibility for helping the site. I greatly enjoy reading various contributions to the site and having my words published. It makes sense to me to help give others the opportunity to feel that enjoyment. Two – Editing as a privilege. Doors are opened to the backstage world of the Almanac. The words of authors are before you to edit and publish. Three – Sense of community with other editors and contributors, I know what tasks the other editors face and I enjoy the backstage communications around those tasks. I enjoy watching the comments grow on a piece that I’ve “published,” for instance.”

David ‘E.regnans’ Wilson

If you’d like to be involved, or if you want to know more, email [email protected] 


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