Soccer: My love of Manchester United

By Domenic Favata

I play footy, but I have a strong interest in the game we call soccer. I follow Manchester United because they are a team of stars, they are a team of loyalty and, most importantly, a team of skill.

I don’t have Foxtel, so when I get a chance to watch a Manchester United Champions League match, I take it with both arms. Because of the insane TV rights, we non-pay TV watchers don’t get to watch any of the English Premier League matches. Even though this is the case, I am always on the computer following Manchester United’s scores and news. Manchester United is my second preference club in the world (Richmond Tigers are No.1)

Manchester United is one of the best soccer clubs in the world. They are lead by the Kevin Sheedy of AFL, Sir Alex Ferguson, who is probably the best coach in the world in my opinion. He has almost been sacked and people are asking for his head, because of the age factor. This man, in my view, should remain at the club for a long time. He has mentored stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Wayne Rooney. Look where they have gone to: the pinnacle of the sport.

Their starting backline consists of the speedy Frenchman Patrice Evra, the all-conquering centre back Rio Ferdinand, the big Serb Nermaja Vidic and the silky skilled Irishmen, John O’ Shea. This back four is renowned around the world as one of the toughest to score against. If the opposition do get through the back four, they face the Dutchman Edwin Van Der Sar. He is renowned as one of the top goalkeepers and, at 39 years old, he’s still going strong. It is a formidable backline; you have to be very good to get through them.

The midfield is the control centre. It is where matches are won and lost. United’s starting midfield consists of the speedy African Antonio Valencia, the sublime Scotsmen Darren Flecther, the controlling Englishmen Michael Carrick and the captain Ryan Giggs. This midfield is experienced, smart and skilful. They know when to pass and when to cross. They know how to win a game.

As we all know, you don’t win a game unless you get the ball in the back of the net. That’s where United’s strikers come into the game. Wayne Rooney has been on a scoring spree this season, scoring 25 goals in all competitions. He is in red-hot form and will spearhead England’s attack in the 2010 world cup. Dimitar Berbatov is the other man up front. He flies under the radar, as he is the one behind Wayne Rooney. But a lot of his work goes unnoticed, his assists and neat passes set up goals. He many not score too many, but he sure provides many. When either of these two men are down, Michael Owen steps in.  Some say he is too good to be a sub. He has scored more than 100 goals for England and he’s dominated at every club he’s been to.

As you can see, Manchester United is a great team, the Geelong of AFL. They are a team of sublime skill and status. Everyone should get on board and follow United. Australian footy is awesome, but soccer is a great game, too.


  1. Josh Barnstable says

    Good article Dom, I don’t follow Soccer but I can feel your passion in this piece.

    Oh and about the last line, Man U being the Geelong of AFL, well Geelong got toppled by North on the weekend so maybe that needs rephrasing :)

  2. Phil Dimitriadis says

    I follow United Domenic. Unfortunately it is Newcastle United ! At least I’ll always have the memory of the 5-0 against Man U in October 1996!

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