Round 9 – Collingwood v North Melbourne: Cam Hooke’s (ecstatic) Collingwood life

Ladies & Gentlemen, for once I’m at a loss for words.  OK, let’s try?


‘A Tale of Two Halves’ (with apologies to Dickens).  “It was the best of games; it was the worst of games.”


At Half Time, my text comment was: “Absolutely disgraceful. There should be wholesale changes if this doesn’t improve.”  Followed at Three Quarter Time: “Unbelievable. I was happy towards the end. Very messy early on. Now let’s see how we finish off.”  And even later: “I think we just watched something quite incredible.”


Match reports at and  You don’t need me to remind you to check the Statistics.  For this game I would be at some pains to point out the shortcomings of ‘the numbers,’ particularly in their definition ‘across a game’ – using Swanny as an example, his Disposal Efficiency for the game was 53.1%.  It was much lower early on (according to the commentators) but (without the breakdown by Quarter) it is difficult to be accurate – he was everywhere throughout the game, not just in the Second Half, and well deserved his inclusion amongst the Best. I broadly agree the selected Best, though it’s difficult to be too hard and fast – players were good (even critical ) at different times throughout the game. I would add Blair.  His contribution was critical at some of those critical times. And some worked hard throughout the game in terrible conditions, note Trav was very effective much further ‘up the ground’.  Another warmer –


Elizabeth’s reports (noting her inclusion of the VFL game):


Well, that was fun – after half time. If you didn’t see today’s game, and have access to a recording, skip the first half.

But, let me start earlier in the weekend.

Yesterday (Saturday) I went to Coburg Oval (for some reason called Piranha Park) where our VFL team played the Coburg Lions. It was real old style footy. About 2000 people on a suburban oval, manual score board, beer and pies, kick to kick not just at the end of the game but at half time, and the chance to go out on the ground at quarter and three quarter time to hear the coach.

Reid played 3 quarters, as did Young. Scott Pendlebury was there to see brother Ryan play, Jake Blair must be Jarryd’s identical twin; Ben Kennedy had a great game as did Tim Broomhead. Karnezis, Gault and Armstrong put in strong performances. The surprise for me was Mason Cox, the American learning to be a ruckman. He showed that he might just make it. He went forward and kicked a goal showing great agility for a big man (211cm I think). Nathan Buckley was there keeping an eye on his charges and providing subtle advice at the breaks.

It was fun. The Pies won by 38. Every time the Lions scored a goal, a noise that was meant to be a lion roaring sounded out, but it was more like water going down a drain.

So, that was Saturday. Now to Sunday at the G.

It had started to rain before the game and the temperature was about 13. At the last minute a friend invited me to join him and about 30 Indonesian guests in the members. Since my friend is a Collingwood member, they quickly cottoned on that there was only 1 team to barrack for. By half time they were probably questioning their judgment but were too polite to say. Once the Pies came back, they got into the spirit of the day and really barracked for the Pies.

I won’t say any more about the first half. We had no run, and no intensity.

Whatever Bucks did at half time, worked. Nine unanswered goals and much better focus and intensity. Elliott kicked 5 goals. I thought that Sidebottom was best on ground after a very good performance last week.

What was really pleasing that, having lost the lead in the last quarter, we worked hard to get it back and finished off well in heavy rain which started again in the last quarter.

Great way to start another week. Now for the Dees next Monday.


  • Good?  Fantastic to “come back”; not once, but twice. Showed heart, commitment and ferocity.  The leaders stood up, when needed.  Great demonstration of team confidence; and
  • Bad.  The First Half was a shocker – not entirely sure why. Your thoughts?  I thought North’s talls ‘beat us’ throughout the game.  It appeared we were mismatched.  Brownie did some good things, but was not at his best at times.  I’d probably also add Frost to the Best List.  He ‘reads a game’ as well as anyone and much better than others of his experience.  I thought our avenue to goal was not great – helped by some fantastic crumbing and, in the end, good kicking.


Well, that was an incredible experience.  Let’s hope it is not repeated too often – less stressful if they played to their ability throughout rather than doing it in bits.  What does it mean?  It means that we can beat anyone if we put our mind to it and play to our potential.


Indigenous Round.  And as it was the Indigenous Round, go to:  Worth a read.  And do you think Goodes gets booed based on race?  I might suggest he is occasionally booed because he gets such soft treatment by the Umps.


Thank you Elizabeth for your comments and observations.  Next week?  Melbourne (Queens Birthday Monday).  More on this later in the week.  Onward and upward.


Go Pies.



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