Round 7 – Richmond v Collingwood: Dr Hooke’s Collingwood life (Dr or not, it has a nice ring to it!)

True Believers, another week, another game, another test….

Believe; I do.

This week, Richmond, that powerhouse of the 60’s (after the Wooden Spoon in 1960) and 70’s (through to 1980; remember our 81 point GF loss to them that year?), with Club legends named Jack Dyer and Kevin Bartlett, Ian Stewart, Tommy Hafey, Royce Hart, and Kevin Sheedy (that well-known Back Pocket defender and occasional coach), Francis Bourke and Matthew Richardson.  Still a very strongly supported Club.

Weather?  Sunny, 16 deg top; low chance of rain.  Which in Melbourne means what?  Yep – ‘four seasons in a day’.  Could be anything.  And for a comparison, I’m sort of glad the boys aren’t playing on Friday night given what is on the way –  Enjoy, Victorians.

Them & Us?

  • Them. I worked for a Richmond supporter a few years back.  Fortunately he had the very good sense to marry a Pies supporter. As the Federal Government Minister for Small Business he’s been a bit busy lately.  Congratulations to him for the recognition and support he has prompted for small businesses across Australia – the big winner in the Budget. Well done.  Back to the Footy. A couple of comments, only.  Watch for a different Richmond this week.  I still think that Richmond are competitive – all it takes is the opposition to lose a quality player or two (like we did late last year).  They are one of what I term “a running team” that don’t have “star” players (probably Cotchin?) but play, collectively as a team, and can run an opposition down.  A great example was their game against Geelong a couple of weeks ago – they were very unlucky not to catch Geelong (that team that seriously destroyed us a week ago) from a deficit of six goals early in the Last Quarter.  They didn’t stop running for an instant.  Watch for Cotchin, Riewoldt and Maric.  Also watch for Martin (Mid), Miles (all over) and Grigg (Mid). Their focus on the Midfield means we will be challenged.  They also have a few youngsters performing well in their Two’s side who might make an appearance – McBean, Vickery, Arnot?  Implications for us – controlling Riewoldt is important – Frost?, controlling the Centre is critical, particularly against such a talented ruck and Midfield – Witts and ‘the Midfield gang’? and tagging Cotchin – Adams?
  • Us.  Okay, what was missing last week?  Ferocity. The character, application and endeavour that has, so far this season (apart from last week (and maybe Round 2)) typified our performances.  The newbies need to make it as hard as possible for the Match Committee to drop them from the team to make places available for the ‘names’ waiting to return from injury.  They need to grab their opportunity with both hands and chase, and tackle, and chase some more, and tackle some more, and keep chasing.  There are a couple who might return this week – Seedsman, straight back (after the BOG, Essendon game, who would criticise that) and (maybe) Sidebottom – bit surprised he’s not going via the VFL side.  And De Goey and Fasolo have both been performing well in the Twos.  And, yes, I’d keep Karnezis in the run-on side and Witts in the ruck.  Richmond have Maric – one of the older, wiser, sneakier, traditional ruckmen playing. We cannot allow the clear control of the Centre bounce, again. I’m pleased to see Bucks recognising this at and so Witts should stay in the middle; Grundy around the ground.  Who to drop?  I’m not happy with White – he and Trav were right next to each other a couple of times last week.  Who else?  Your thoughts?


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TV?  7mate from 3.00pm.

Predictions.  Well, I took a (probably justified) hammering on the Footy Almanac site at from Mr Zampatti for my unquestioning support for the Pies.   He was quite correct, as demonstrated by what happened, that we were getting ahead of ourselves; that we had only confronted (and beaten) less capable teams.  And we had, but the thing that had excited me (and still does) was how we went about playing – our ferocity.  And that’s what was missing last week.  Still, there’s four points for a win, and none for a loss.  And I am more than willing (not happy) to acknowledge a better team on the day.  They were.  Predictions this week? Pies win by 29, BOG – Seedsman, Trav – 2, Karnezis – 5.  How about you?


Anyone going to the game?  Ground Reports pls?

Guys, don’t forget to check out the email on the Footy Almanac website at  And comment – supportive or otherwise – Reply to All, here or on the FA site.  And, yes, I am not a Doctor contrary to what FA site would have you believe (most medical Doctors have a pair of Bachelor’s degrees; I’m sorry, I only have one Bachelor’s degree, but two Master’s).


Go Pies.


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