Round 5 – Gold Coast v Brisbane: Kicked Around, Knocked to the Ground – The Suns Get to Their Feet and They Scream – We’re Going All the Way to the G!

Well there’s the boys in red waiting in the bottom half of the draw

They’ve been waiting down there, waiting for the champ

His shoulder never, ever seems to repair

They get kicked around

Knocked to the ground

They get to their feet and they scream

We’re going all the way to the G!


Well we’ve been pushed around by both Saints and Demons; knocked to the ground and mauled by Cats; and sledged and slammed by Giants . We’ve been imprisoned in the bottom half of the ladder, waiting like Branch Davidians for the Messiah to save us, but his shoulder problems never, ever, seemed to stop. But today, like the kid at the counter of the corner shop, we tired of waiting.  Our patience was at an end. We leapt to our feet and we screamed – WE’RE GOIN ALL THE WAY TO THE G!


The Suns were dead. The Suns have risen. The Suns will come again.


And so the revival begins.


Next a murder of Crows. Then we slay a congregation of Eagles; destroy of a tribe of Magpies; and boil a kettle of Hawks.


Like Genghis Khan we march relentlessly up the ladder, vanquishing all who dare to try stop our march. And as we advance, our General returns to the Starship; healed in body, strong in mind, pure in soul. He is singing, we are all singing:


We can build this thing forever; Gaz’s shoulders strong forever; nothing’s gonna stop us now.”


The darkness is over. The prodigal Sun has returned. We have killed the fatted calf; we have feasted on Lions: our strength is restored. The blazing Suns are scorching the earth, burning an unstoppable path to September at the G.


We’ve been pushed around, we’ve been knocked to the ground. But we kept the faith. The Sun of God told us that blessed are the persecuted, for the kingdom of footy is theirs. We believed him.


Gaz is the truth, the way, and the light.


The rocket is lit, and has been launched.


Nothing’s gonna stop us now.



About Archie Butterfly

Archie's decided to follow the dream and try become the next great Aussie bush poet. They all think he's mad. He's out to prove them right!

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