Round 4 – St Kilda v Richmond: MRV Match in 2020 is more attacking footy that is all entertainment and festival


Saturday 27 June 2020
4:35 pm
Marvel Stadium, Melbourne


The annual MRV Match is back at Marvel Stadium as the sixth occasion to honour Nick Riewoldt’s late sister Maddie and to fundraise for further research on Bone Marrow Failure that cost her life. Normally purple is displayed at Docklands Stadium but due to COVID-19, no spectator is allowed to attend the game, therefore only purple socks are worn by St Kilda players. And Maddie’s favourite You will never walk alone is not played or lights are not waved. It is an unusual MRV Match.


Firstly can I argue that fundraising is humanity because it is donated to a charity in order to save people? And I would like to talk about humanity before talking about footy…


The COVID-19 pandemic would be a good opportunity to appreciate essential workers and what we have in our lives as well as to be nice to others (show humanity). And it could turn over the career because some industries have been affected by the scary virus.


While some people are more appreciative during the pandemic, unfortunately others get stressed a lot and even some behave aggressively towards health workers, delivery drivers, etc. Why do some people hurt others? Why don’t we help each other more?


St Kilda Football Club have implemented the pledge campaign and many members stay with the club. And despite the downhill in the economy, some fans fund more towards the club. Once again I realise that St Kilda Football Club have a strong fan community with generosity and humanity. And having an annual MRV Match is a reflection on humanity too.


In Japan, all households have been given two washable cloth masks in order to avoid spreading the virus, but they are too small for many people. It’s not helpful and the Government has been criticised for inefficient work. Then I have heard that trade unions placed donation posts in Sapporo and took research where I could donate. No donation post was found in Kyoto but the Amagasaki City Council’s webpage hit the Google search, therefore I decided to donate there.


I was supposed to do so on the day St Kilda played against Collingwood but the unexpected huge loss depressed me so I forgot. On Friday, I went to a job agency in Osaka to register for a future job. And then I had an extra train trip to get back there. I left the masks at a convenience store in Amagasaki and then a lady held the door for me when I was leaving the shop. Her action was humanity and made me feel warm.


Opposed to the kind and warm woman in Amagasaki, I was disgusted with a remarkable comment made on You Cannot be Serious podcast towards our legend Nicky Winmar. It’s against humanity and hurts Winmar and his mate Gilbert McAdam as well as St Kilda supporters. It’s good that the footy club backs the indigenous legend with Matt Finns’ response.


Back to the footy, and secondly let’s see the history of MRV Match so far.


2015 – St Kilda 10.13 (73) d by Richmond 13.11 (89)
St Kilda lead by two points at first quarter, but struggle with kicking goals at second and third quarter one each while Richmond kick six and five goals. The home side bounces back scoring six goals at the last quarter and silences the visitor with the goalless quarter but it is not enough to win.


2016 – St Kilda 5.6 (36) d by Western Bulldogs 13.15 (93)
Rather than Nick Riewoldt’s cousin Jack’s Tigers, St Kilda play against the Doggies and he shakes hands with his close friend Bob Murphy at the coin toss. He kicks two goals but can’t win his 300th game for his late sister.


2017 – St Kilda 21.12 (138) d Richmond 10.11 (71)
It is the biggest upset in the 2017 AFL season, and starts with Saint Nick’s goal and ends with Jack’s goal. St Kilda dominate the entire match with fast ball uses and the forwards boot goals. Tim Membrey kicks five goals, Nick Riewoldt follows with three and Leigh Montagna ends up kicking two goals. Richmond have a quiet first half with one and no goals, and shooting six goals at last quarter is too late.


2018 – St Kilda 8.9 (57) d by Richmond 16.15 (111)
My first AFL game to attend is unfortunately a losing match but it is a great experience to sense the atmosphere. Kicking is an issue with missing opportunities and we are unable to put much pressures on the opponent. Without Nick who retires at the end of 2017 season, his cousin Jack kicks the most goals at four.


2019 – St Kilda 10.10 (70) d by Richmond 16.7 (103)
St Kilda lead in the first half with great efforts to fight for then coach Alan Richardson. But having gone downhill since the loss to Adelaide Crows in the end of April, Saints cannot keep their energy up and allow Richmond to boot 10 goals in the last half while St Kilda only manages three goals. The fifth MRV Match shows the difference between the top eight (who eventually wins the premiership) and out of top eight.


Then here is the 2020 MRV match. Actually it is overlapping with my Osaka Dingoes training, so I just train hard while cheering my boys inside my mind. Our training is decent even if only four players turn up for the afternoon session. Later Matt tells me that I needed to run entirely between spots. It is reasonable and I should not have excused myself with humidity or soreness on my top of the leg.


And I have no time to post a photo of wearing purple gear while the game is on, therefore I dance for the festival and post on the club’s Facebook before travelling to Osaka. I watch the replay twice on Sunday and Wednesday. Thanks to drinks on Saturday, my first session is just for fun and I take notes on the latter session. Now I present match highlights below.


The reigning premiership team put pressures on Zak Jones and make turn over after the new Saint’s possession. Edwards completes his job only in the first 12 seconds.


Saints stop Richmond’s perfect start, make a turn over, squeeze and find space. Former Tiger picks a fumbled ball and boots a goal. And the host team keeps dominating and spends more time in their forward half. With good numbers and good handpasses on the left wing, our main ruckman Rowan Marshall picks fumbling footy and scores a goal.


Richmond puts much pressure but St Kilda delivers balls accurately. Josh Battle is laid a high tackle and awarded a free kick. A young multitasking forward scores the Saints’ third goal.


Saints don’t stop going marching in. Jones picks up the footy, finds space between two Tigers and runs swiftly. And footy is delivered to Membrey via handballs and Butler’s kick. Jones’ fast action with beating pressures is one of the positive talking points for St Kilda.* The strong forward kicks a goal – that is four in a row for the Saints.


Tigers change the tide kicking two goals and put good pressures on St Kilda. Long holding a ball too long is the reflection of Richmond putting pressures and turn the dominant to them from the Saints.


Kent picking up flying ball and kicking a goal and Lynch winning a contested mark and scoring a goal are what happen at the rest of the first term. In the latter, Carlisle doesn’t run fast or chase the footy properly. First quarter ends with Riewoldt missing an opportunity with a set shot. Saints lead by seven points.


Jack finally kicking a goal and narrows the margin to one at the beginning of the second quarter. But Saints start accelerating again. Lonie finds the right timing to run and ends his job and the margin backs to seven.


Then Hill demonstrates his fast running and collecting the footy. The new Saint picks footy delivered by Kent at the goal square and pushes to the goal post. And his following performance is another point the footy club features.* Hill picks Billings’ handpass and handballs. He runs further while the footy is delivered and Hannerbery handpasses long and accurately that Kent collects. Then it is handpassed to the hard runner Hill and extends to Jones who kicks to the forward pocket. Butler finds the footy in open space and kicks another goal.


But the rest of the second quarter is dominated by Richmond with a lot of pressure. St Kilda cannot break the tough lines or numbers. Bolton’s goal and two behinds are scored by the visitors. St Kilda lead by 11 points at the main break.


Richmond’s high pressures are still applied at the third quarter with numbers and many stoppages. Finally Lonie is awarded a free kick thanks to Cotchin laying a tackle on the arm. The small Saint forward scores a goal. Tigers try hard with putting on pressure but Lynch misses an opportunity and even it’s no score. And Membrey jumps, takes a mark with measuring the distance accurately, and kicks just outside 50 with a good angle. It’s no worries. Then three players each try to go for a contested mark, and Marsh gets into the right spot, grabbing the ball and scores a goal. Saints’ first three goals at the third quarter extend the margin to 28.


After three goals in a row, Richmond hit back hard with turnovers and kick two goals by Stack and Higgins. Once again St Kilda get a good opportunity thanks to Grimes who pushes Lonie after his kick around 50 metres. Butler is awarded a free kick and shoots a set shot. His goal brings his former coach Damien Hardwick a headache.


Afterwards Riewoldt had a minor score and Nankervis scoring a goal to narrow the margin to 15 points. The latter is the result of a 50-metre penalty given to Astbury whose mark is crossed by Marshall.


The last term starts with both teams putting pressure on each other and one minor score is given to each. Then Marshall taps the ball up and Kent picks and scores a goal. The main St Kilda ruckman leads Clark for his kick and marking is crossed. It’s Marshall’s turn to be awarded a 50-metre penalty and he finishes his job easily. After Bolton’s high kick goal for Richmond, Marshall is allowed to move 50 metres ahead for the second time and kicks towards Membrey. He leads, is running to the right spot and jumps for a mark. He scores his third goal for the evening.


Two points are scored by Richmond and the final siren sounds. Saints win by 26 points and go marching in for the second time in 2020 and at MRV matches.


Richmond put a lot of pressure on St Kilda but Saints found space well for efficient handpasses and kicks. And their set shots are accurate. Such good performances are done thanks to new recruits and the development of young players, as well as appointing Brett Ratten as a senior coach. Plus we have got a great leader from Hawthorn, Jarryd Roughead who is sitting on the bench.


On Monday, Queensland Government set new COVID-19 restrictions for Victorians so the footy fixture is amended and our Round 5 game against Carlton is moved from Saturday afternoon to Thursday night. And the venue is changed from MCG to Marvel Stadium. But I believe Saints will go marching in again.


*Please note that Jones and Hill’s performances are brilliant and St Kilda Football Club asks fans to vote on their Facebook page.


ST KILDA 5.2 8.2 12.2 15.3 (93)
RICHMOND 4.1 6.3 9.5 10.7 (67)

St Kilda: Butler 3, Membrey 3, Lonie 2, Kent 2, Marshall 2, Battle, Hill, Marsh
Richmond: Lynch 2, Bolton 2, Edwards, Castagna, Riewoldt, Stack, Higgins, Nankervis

St Kilda: Butler, Steele, Membrey, Lonie, Billings, Long, Battle
Richmond: Nankervis, Higgins, Prestia, Edwards, Lynch

3. Butler (STK); 2. Steele (STK); 1. Nankervis (RIC)


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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Saints are doing well, and I have a suggestion on how they may celebrate, Social notes, September 1977, footy record for….
    St Kilda..
    “Dinner Dance on train”..
    Saturday 12 November. Night with a difference. Train leaving Spencer Street at 6pm and arrives back at midnight.
    $16.00 a head, all inclusive. Only limited seats available.”
    I think it would have been interesting checking MYKIs on that train. Can imagine Trevor Barker, Jeff Sarau and Super Duper doing drop punts up and down the carriages.. Wonder if anyone got off the train sober..or alive..

  2. Hi paubai,

    Thanks for giving me details of interesting Dinner Dance on train. I’m sure Myki machines would be off and they would check printed tickets, or Myki machines will detect online tickets issued to smartphones…

    St Kilda supporters would marching in on train carriages and get drunk. All participants will get off the train and drunk.



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